California Daydreaming

Dang, The Wine Bubble Implodes (It’s China’s Fault)

Many in the industry believe that in China, 90% of the high-profile wines, like certain Bordeaux, are fake. Devastating thought if you keep wine in a refrigerated vault as an asset class. And prices have collapsed. But it’s not all doom and gloom, not with California wines.

The Big Losers in the California Shale-Oil Fiasco

Executive Report with ISA Intel: Slashing the smoke-and-mirrors hype of the Monterey shale by 96% socked not only oil companies but also the state of California that was dreaming of $24.6 billion a year in revenues and 2.8 million jobs, now dissipated into thin air.

Housing Bubble 2.0 Veers Elegantly Toward Housing Bust 2.0

They’re not even trying to blame the weather this time. “Housing affordability is really taking a bite out of the market,” is how the chief economist for the California Association of Realtors explained the March home sales fiasco. “We haven’t seen this issue since 2007.”

Boss, We Got a Situation in Natural Gas

This winter, polar vortices sent the price of natural gas into dizzying spikes and plunges, head fakes, and whiplash-inducing turnarounds. But now winter is petering out, and we’re left with a peculiar situation.