How to Donate to WOLF STREET?

Dear Friends and Readers:

Many of you have already donated to support WOLF STREET. Thank you so much. This site depends on you. Here is the donate button. Click it, it takes you to WOLF STREET’s PayPal page where you can use your credit card. Tip: Once that page, enter the amount you wish to donate before you click the “Debit or Credit Card” button, or else it doesn’t work:

Or you also can mail a check to:

Wolf Street Corp
1288 Columbus Ave. #196
San Francisco, CA 94133

Thank-you gift: a WOLF STREET beer mug if you donate $100 or more. Now that I have some WOLF STREET beer mugs (see photo below) at my media mogul empire headquarters, I will personally send you a beer mug to thank you for any donation of $100 or more, as long as your “ship-to” address is in the US, and as long as my limited supply lasts. You can also buy the WOLF STREET beer mug here for $25. Please write in the PayPal message box — or in a note if you send a check: “Ship the mug to [your address in the US]. Please add your phone number — FedEx won’t ship without it.

I appreciate your support immensely. It tells me that you like what we’re doing and that it matters to you!

Wolf Richter