Foreign Buyers Splurge On US Homes, Drive Up Prices

Buyers from China are the most prolific, spending 72% more than a year ago! On expensive homes. They benefit from the devaluation of the dollar – according to the NAR – and are desperate to get their money out of China.

How Wall Street Manipulates The Buy-to-Rent Housing Racket

The smart money had a goal, which it now reached via the “multiplier effect” by which a small number of sales can have extreme consequences in price for the rest.

Housing Hit the Wall of Wall Street in May

It always starts with a toxic mix: Home sales plunged and inventories jumped in May. The housing market is buckling under its own inflated weight.

The untimely end of San Francisco’s Tech and Housing Bubbles

“Recently, the billionaire venture capitalist Vinod Khosla went hunting for one-bedroom apartments in San Francisco….” And then he opened his mouth.

Real Economy Bites Housing Bubble 2

When the home-sales curve kinked south last fall, soothsayers had some handy reasons. And it would be temporary. Month after month, they came up with new reasons. Now they’ve used up all the good ones, but sales are still tanking.

Housing Bubble 2 Already Collapsing for the 99%

This is precisely what shouldn’t have happened but was destined to happen: as prices are soaring, only luxury home sales are growing … 1% of the market! Something has to give.

Momentum Stock Fiasco Pricks San Francisco Housing Bubble

Home prices in San Francisco hit $945,000 in February, 16% above the prior peak. But momentum stocks, which the city is addicted to, are crashing. With terrible results.

Implosion of Housing Bubble 2 Hits Six Cities in the West

That’s how it always starts: with a deadly mix. Home sales are collapsing while inventories are soaring in six housing markets that had been white-hot just a few months ago.