Obama’s Refi: Special Tax For People Who Can’t Do Math

President Obama’s expansion of a mortgage refinancing program is a way for underwater homeowners to reduce their monthly payments. That would save them some money, he said, “…and it gets those families spending again.” But there is an insidious hook buried inside….

Tough Day For Our Calamity Economy

The ugly numbers speak volumes on how the Fed’s policies hurt the real economy. But those policies enable Congress and the White House to run up ruinous budget deficits that make those of the Eurozone look benign.

That’s inflation—not jobs, wages, or GDP.

US Housing Hangover Or 20-Year Japanese Nightmare

In its schizophrenic manner, the media lamented the ugly housing-starts number. But for the market to heal, that number should be near zero. In Japan, 20 years after the housing bubble burst, land prices are still declining, and even the Yakuza, who’re heavily invested in the construction trade, are complaining.

Snapshot Of Our Calamity Economy

The economy is going back to hell, but stock markets are surging. Nothing new. It always ends in tears. But this time, the Fed’s money-printing strategy will make things only worse. Today’s horrid numbers show us why.

The Bailout Continues

Fannie Mae—you already forgot all about it, didn’t you?—well, it just reared its ugly head again with its Q2 earnings report. Here is the most important number:
$5.1 billion in new bailout money from the U.S. Treasury—the eleventh quarter in a row it has received bailout money. That brings the total bailout money it received so far to $104.8 billion, with no end in sight.

Schizophrenia in the Housing Market

Everyone and his dog reported the numbers on housing starts—up 14.6% to a seasonally adjusted annual rate of 629,000, the highest since January, plus or minus 10%. So that’s good, right?