Wolf Richter

Cloud Wars: Now Even the CIA Slams IBM’s Technology

Our spoiled American tech heroes yearn to get those big-fat contracts with the Intelligence Community. But it seems IBM is far better at financial engineering than actual engineering.

This Happened Twice Before, And Each Time Stocks Crashed

In 2000 and 2007. The consequences were spectacular. Now, it happened a third time in fifteen years. And it’s forming an increasingly terrifying chart.

Airbus CEO Calls For Currency War, Shoots Himself in Foot

Boeing got more orders in the first quarter than archrival Airbus. So at the ILA Berlin Air Show, Airbus CEO Fabrice Brégier spoke up against this ridiculous injustice. True to his Frenchness, he exhorted the ECB to do what central banks are supposed to do.

BlackRock: Russian Bond Market “Freezing Up”

“People thought sanctions were about visas for oligarchs wanting to visit Disneyland. But they are much more important.”

Momentum Stock Fiasco Pricks San Francisco Housing Bubble

Home prices in San Francisco hit $945,000 in February, 16% above the prior peak. But momentum stocks, which the city is addicted to, are crashing. With terrible results.

Russia Dumping US Treasuries? But Why the Heck in Belgium?

Belgium is known for its surprises. For example, it got by amazingly well for a couple of years without a national government, to the chagrin of a lot of people. Now that tiny country with a tiny economy is suddenly piling up a mountain of US Treasuries.

France Thumbs Nose at Obama Over Sanctions: Will Deliver Two Warships to Russia

The battle between the US and France has been brewing for months, but now it came to a head: the French government decided to spite the US and move forward with the contract to deliver two warships to Russia. To heck with those silly sanctions.