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In Search Of Russia’s Lost Fracking Boom

Gazprom’s mega-deal with China sent shockwaves around the world. But Gazprom might not be able to honor the deal if shale reserves are not tapped soon. And that might not happen because capitalism à la russe is a harsh mistress.

Even The Record Stock-Market Bullishness Is Fake

Record bullishness about the S&P 500! But beneath the largest stocks, volatility has taken over ruthlessly, the market is in turmoil, people are dumping stocks wholesale, dreams and hopes are drowning in red ink, and Wall Street doesn’t want you to see it.

The Fracking Shakeout

By Nick Cunningham: The US shale oil and gas industry is in trouble. Drillers have to borrow more and more just to stay on the fracking treadmill, even as production and revenues disappoint. And some of them could be heading toward bankruptcy.