John McNellis

Silicon Valley: Supply in Need of Demand

Landlords failed to disclose how much they had to fork over to office tenants to get even these reduced rents. Since we have holdings on the Peninsula, we know the real numbers first-hand.

The Flight of the Techies

New York City, San Francisco Bay Area are the big losers. The great 2020 exodus raises the question: Will the techies ever return?

A Vaccine for Retail? My View from the Trenches

Every city is confronted with dying malls and vacancy-pocked shopping districts. Is there a cure? No. The failing retailers were already on their way to the morgue. Is there a vaccine that will help? Yes.

Plagued Retail: My View from the Trenches

We’ve lost half-dozen retailers — restaurants, clothing, massage… Tenants who in effect said, sue me, I’m taking a hike. And replacement shop tenants are just behind spotted owls on the endangered species list.