The Art of Deception in Advertising

By Alex Hillsberg and David Adelman: The tricks that ads use to fools us would be hilarious, if it weren’t so serious. These photos of ads and reality will make you laugh, squirm, and gnash your teeth all at the same time.

Argentina Fesses Up: Price of Milk Doesn’t Lie, But Politicians Do

By Sam Pothecary, Argentina: It said the economy shrank for the first time since 2012. This is confusing to us who live here: Does that mean it had been growing for years of peso devaluations, soaring inflation, unemployment, strikes, rising poverty and crime?

Doctor’s Perspective: Perils and Pitfalls of Corporatized Medicine

“Professional bullying from administrators to run both a pill mill and a needle jockey business was tremendous. I resisted the entire time. But god, it wore me out.”

The Very Brief Phenomenon Of The Gold Standard

By Dr. Bryan Taylor: Europe was on a bimetallic standard, not a Gold Standard, from the Middle Ages until World War I. Gold triumphed in the 19th century because bimetallism had failed. This should have been taken as a sign that the gold standard too would inevitably fail.

‘People Don’t Grasp Yet What European Unification Will Cost Them’

By Cassandra: In the South of the Eurozone, people feel crushed, their future sacrificed on the altar of the Holy Euro. I’m in the Netherlands, so north of the Great Divide. We’re not suffering as much as the people in Greece, Spain, and Portugal. Not yet.

From Now On, No Compromises Are Possible For Russia

By Valentin Mândrăşescu: Washington’s defaulting on an agreement with Russia about Ukraine’s future, and the prospect of NATO troops in Ukraine, convinced Putin and much of the Russian elite that there’s no point in negotiating with the US. Big risks lie ahead.

Tearing Venezuelan Society Apart: A Personal Account

By Mariana Belisario-Blaksley, The Bubble: Government policies have destroyed the economy, sovereignty, and security of our once rich nation. They led to preposterous exchange controls, persecution, expropriation in the private sector, and impunity regarding corruption. Reading the media has turned into masochism….

How the BBC Over-Egged UK Retail Sales … And The World Soaked Up Every Word

By John Ward, The Slog: The BCC misread and misreported UK’s so-so December retail sales as “the fastest annual sales growth in more than nine years.” It was picked up by Bloomberg, CNBC, Reuters…. everywhere. Actual retail recovery? Not so much.