David Stockman

Japan’s Fiscal Demise: A Cautionary Tale For Our Times

I remember well, the fiscal rectitude of the old Japan: In 1981, as the Reagan White House prepared its radical fiscal plan – famously called “riverboat gamble” – we were visited by high-ranking Japanese officials, in a state of shock.

The Wall Street ‘Escape Velocity’ Scam: GDP Forecasts Fizzles Again

Nothing is more predictable than Wall Street economists proclaiming early each year that money printing will finally work, that GDP growth will hit “escape velocity.” But this year, the markdowns are fast and furious.

The Crony Capitalist Corruption At GM

GM blamed a low-level engineer for its ignition switch fiasco. That doesn’t even merit an “oh puleese!” I speak from personal experience: I owned a supplier that was smashed to smithereens by GM’s engineering and purchasing bureaucracy. 

Canary In A Handbag: Why Coach Hit The Skids

Coach just had an earnings fiasco. Sales plunged 21%. Prospects are worse for the period ahead. Store closings are coming. That’s the payoff for playing the destructive game of the Wall Street casino.

Here Comes QE In Financial Drag: Draghi’s New Monetization Ploy

The ECB launches QE in financial drag by purchasing the kind of “toxic-waste” that took down the US financial system; but it proclaims it’s not “monetizing” any stinking sovereign debt! What it’s really up to is snookering the German sound-money camp.