David Stockman

Here Comes QE In Financial Drag: Draghi’s New Monetization Ploy

The ECB launches QE in financial drag by purchasing the kind of “toxic-waste” that took down the US financial system; but it proclaims it’s not “monetizing” any stinking sovereign debt! What it’s really up to is snookering the German sound-money camp.

The Hazardous Hunt For Carry – Why The EM Rebound Isn’t Real

The monetary plumbers keep banging money market rates to zero, thereby ignoring what the money market rate really is in a financialized, debt-ridden system: the price of hot money, the single most important price in all of capitalism.

The Growing Catastrophe Known as Abenomics

In a decade or two, nearly 40% of the Japanese population will be retired; and the single-risk it should never take is to induce a collapse of its currency, and the resulting sharp inflation of its import bill for virtually all its energy and industrial materials.

Wall Street’s “Escape Velocity” Hoax

Q1 GDP growth is trending at a tepid 1.5%. But don’t worry. It’s the weather! Wall Street is predicting “escape velocity” for the fifth spring-summer in a row. Why? Because it’s already priced into the stock market!

Paul “Contrafactual” Krugman: The Laureate of Keynesian Babble

The Fed prints $4 trillion and the national debt jumps $9 trillion in six years. We’re now in month 57 of the expansion, beyond the average 53 months – already on borrowed time. Now comes Professor Krugman proposing to “do something.”

Why The Wall Street Casino Lives On

David Stockman lashes out at the LBO of Extended Stay, a scam that made Blackstone billions, and saddled taxpayers with the detritus. It’s perhaps the most brilliant explanation ever as to why the Fed bailouts of Wall Street were an asinine idea that benefited the “0.0001%” but hurt everyone else, including taxpayers and the main-street economy.

David Stockman: Extended Stay And The Wall Street Meth Labs

Wachovia and other banks funded the $7.4 billion debt portion of the Extended Stay LBO, knowing the company was worth only $4.8 billion at the most. The loan was then rolled into structured finance securities – “designed to turn a sow’s ear into a silk purse,” David Stockman writes – and stuffed into the Wall Street meth labs until the very end.