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Your donations make it possible for WOLF STREET to remain free and open to all, without paywall, and without adblocker-blockers. I want the site to be free and open so anyone can read it. More and more websites are hiding behind paywalls, and many sites, big ones too, have already vanished or are in the process of vanishing, because advertising for publishers has become a race to the bottom.

Your support has allowed me to become less reliant on ads. I’ve cut the number of ads and reduced the intrusiveness of the ads to make it easier, more fun, and less distracting to read the articles and comments.

Your donations are also uplifting and heart-warming because they tell me that what I’m doing here in my little corner between the boots of giants matters to you. I appreciate each donation immensely. Your donations have become crucial to the site.

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The wraparound art on the mug – created by San Francisco artist Erika “Kitten” Lopez – shows a funny wolf, me, howling the WOLF STREET dictum, “Nothing goes to Heck in a Straight Line.”

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Wolf Richter

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  55 comments for “Dear Readers, Please Donate to WOLF STREET: Spring 2023 Reminder

  1. Jonathan says:

    How much should I send if I want you to have $100 to after the price of mug +shipping? I.e. if mug plus shipping is $20 then I’d send you $120 so you still get the $100. Thanks

    • Wolf Richter says:

      Thank you! That is very generous! Total cost of the mug, including the mug, three-color precision printing, packaging materials, the beautiful hang tag you get with it, plus shipping on a pallet to me, and by FedEx to you is a little over $20 after all the recent price hikes, LOL, but $120 would be very generous.

      Make sure to send me your shipping address in the US and your phone number.

      • VintageVNvet says:

        Money order is ”In the Mail.”
        Certainly, some of us think that is the 3rd most told ”lie” in history, but in this case, just delivered to the PO!
        (Along with care pkgs for family who really don’t need it, but I enjoy it, similar to enjoy reading every article on Wolfstreet…
        Thanks again for all you do to help us ”financially challenged” get over it, at least somewhat.

      • Tankster says:

        Wolf, I send $5 a month, easy peasy, like Substack. Maybe better monetization there?

        • Wolf Richter says:

          Thank you!

          In terms of Substack, it is a startup company that is losing a ton of money, they already laid off a bunch of people. I’m not at all interested in their platform. It can run out of cash and shut down any time. I have my own platform that I control and that is NOT losing money, it’s, it’s growing, and it’s thriving thanks to the many generous supporters.

          I love having Wolf Street on my own platform ( which runs on a dedicated server); having my own platform makes it much harder to deplatform Wolf Street.

    • Lucca says:

      Thanks Wolf for all that you do. I’ll mail in my donation this week.

  2. rojogrande says:

    Thank you for keeping the site open to all. Zelle doesn’t allow automatic recurring donations, but I can set them up on PayPal. Are the fees on PayPal significant for the vendor such that logging into Zelle periodically is the better option?

    • Wolf Richter says:

      If you can make one or two payments per year via Zelle, that would save me some money. PayPal fees depend on a number of factors. They include a fixed fee that applies no matter how small the amount.

      If PayPal is easier for you, set it up on PayPal, no problem. PayPal is very convenient for me too.

  3. polistra says:

    Incidentally, the UI/UX on your donate button seems a bit weird this time. I tried to select plain debit card but the button for that choice didn’t work, and somehow routed the donation through Paypal anyway. Doesn’t matter much, I’m just trying to steer away from Paypal when possible.

    • Wolf Richter says:

      Yes, whether it’s debit or credit card, I use PayPal as payment platform, and so it’s PayPal that collects your credit/debit card data and is processing the payment.

      Zelle is direct, between your bank account and Wolf Street’s bank account.

  4. Appletrader says:

    Why no bitcoin address wolf :) best way for entrepreneurial internet gods to receive small, easy donations!

    Also off topic but is there a way to receive notifications on comment replies?

  5. JWB says:

    Hi Wolf,
    $100 sent just now as I do two to three times a year. Compared to the WSJ, which takes almost that much a month, you are the best value on the street…especially your often critical heads up on financial moves. We have made much more money from you than from them, and probably more meaningfully, we have lost way less money because of you.
    Thank you and smiles!

  6. Uffish Thought says:

    Thanks for all the great content, Wolf!

  7. bulfinch says:

    Donation sent — thanks for offering your insight and the tightest ship I’ve ever seen where comments sections go.

  8. POOH says:

    Donated. Thank you for the excellent website

  9. Bret says:

    Just donated what I can. I appreciate your site.

  10. w.c.l. says:

    Donation on the way by mail! (I’m old school).

  11. shangtr0n says:

    Any chance you still have some Testosterone Pit merch laying around?

  12. Jon says:

    Thanks WR
    Id PayPal you later.

  13. Khowdung Flunghi says:

    On it’s way! Wolfstreet is much appreciated – one of the few sane voices around. I rarely comment, but very much appreciate the thoughtful, non-confrontational remarks from others.

  14. Cold in the Midwest says:

    Done. Keep punching Wolf. Your content is well worth the investment.

  15. Whitney says:

    This is my first comment but I read your site daily! Will donate

  16. jbs200 says:

    Thanks, Wolf. Sent via paypal.

  17. jerry says:

    thank you for your work Mr Wolf.

  18. Kenny Logins says:

    $10 donation inbound.

    Or $120 if you can send a mug to the UK.

  19. Paul says:

    The content truly is outstanding, made all the more impressive by the fact that it’s free! Hope the business model continues working for you.


  20. dougzero says:

    ‘Donated’ and felt good about doing so. For me it is more like ‘Paid for’ past brilliant insights, and hoping for more.
    Thank you for all the hard work(week after week after week) to make this site one of the best.

  21. Slick Willy says:

    Grateful for you Wolf – Zelle coming your way!!

  22. Ervin says:

    There are issues that we could not be further apart, but, the hard work you do and the important information you provide the public must be supported. Donation done !!

  23. Santosh says:

    Sent through PayPal. Hope you are able to keep the content free for everyone.

  24. OutWest says:

    Paypal donation- done. The quality of your content is off charts. Crisp, consise, and not too political. Bravo!

  25. Nemo300BLK says:

    I mailed you a check for $100. Keep up the good work!

  26. Rudolf says:

    I just put a check in the mail.
    Thanks so much for all you do!

  27. TimmyOToole says:

    Thanks, Wolf! I trust your blog more than the finance “news”

  28. Rob says:

    Thank you, Wolf.

  29. Jos Oskam says:

    I am not a person of means but have made a modest contribution to express my appreciation for one of the few serious and uncompromised financial websites left standing.
    Thanks Wolf, keep up the good work and your independence!

    • Wolf Richter says:

      Thank you! And thank you to everyone. Your donations are a huge factor in making Wolf Street a thriving and growing site that is open to all.

  30. Doubting Thomas says:

    Wolf – I just made a donation. Thank you for your outstanding analysis and your ability to communicate complex topics in an easy-to-follow fashion. When I finish reading news updates in the Wall Street Journal and elsewhere, I wait for your latest article to find out what really happened and why it matters. Keep up the great work.

    • Doubting Thomas says:

      Wolf – No need to send me a mug. I already have one that works just fine. Thanks.

  31. Swamp Creature says:

    We use Wolf’s data in our Swamp residential property Appraisal reports. The data is accurate and right on the money. Well worth a modest donation every quarter.

  32. Richway says:

    Done; thanks for all the great info you share.

  33. Ron says:

    I really enjoy your columns. I will place a check in the mail this week.

  34. JeffD says:

    What is Wolf Richter’s opinion on the Federal Reserve?

    Bard AI:

    “Wolf Richter is a financial blogger and author who is known for his bearish views on the economy and markets. He has been a vocal critic of the Federal Reserve for many years, and he believes that the central bank is responsible for many of the problems that we are facing today.

    Richter believes that the Federal Reserve has been too quick to print money and that this has led to asset bubbles and inflation. He also believes that the Fed has been too accommodating to Wall Street and that this has led to reckless risk-taking.

    Richter has been particularly critical of the Fed’s decision to keep interest rates near zero for an extended period of time. He believes that this policy has created a moral hazard and that it has encouraged banks to take on too much risk.

    Richter is not alone in his criticism of the Federal Reserve. Many economists and policymakers have expressed concerns about the central bank’s policies in recent years. However, the Fed has defended its actions, arguing that they have been necessary to prevent a deeper recession.”

    Not sure I completely agree with the bearish assessment. Maybe when the AI gets better, it will realize how often you stick up for Fed credibility where it is due.

    • JeffD says:

      PS Bard AI:


      * He is a well-informed and experienced financial analyst.
      * He is not afraid to challenge the status quo.
      * He provides a valuable perspective on the economy and markets.”

    • Wolf Richter says:

      LOL, AI will continue to amuse us all.

      Bard hasn’t read my articles about retail spending, consumer spending, employment, multifamily construction, GDP, etc., etc., which I said a gazillion times continue to grow despite everything. The whole no-landing topic. And it hasn’t read my articles about EVs which are a huge boost to industrial America, etc. etc.

      Is it “bearish” now to point out that the economy is still growing just fine despite 5% rates?

      And it hasn’t read 15 months’ worth of articles that are supportive of the Fed’s rate hikes and QT.

      So another AI piece of fluent bullshit – humans can do that too, LOL

      My experience with AI, which has been everywhere for years, has been atrocious every single time, from advertising via the Google machinery to the chatbot at Comcast which caused me to blast my computer to smithereens with my double-barrel 10-gauge goose gun that I normally only use to shoot down high-flying comments.

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