San Francisco WOLF STREET Meetup, April 30: Last Details

And pics of beautiful hand-created name tags some people will get.

Dear Readers,

Well over 100 readers indicated via comments or email that they will join us at the WOLF STREET meetup in San Francisco. So this is going to be a blast – if slightly chaotic.

If you’re a WOLF STREET reader and this is the first time you see this: We rented a large place, there is still room, so join the rest of us. It’s free. The purpose is to meet each other, mingle, get a little face time, chat, connect, and have a great time.

There won’t be a presentation or anything else useful. Just enjoy. The original idea was to meet in a bar, but way too many people expressed their interest, so now I rented a cool “maker space” for this purpose.

The meetup details:

  • Day: Tuesday, April 30
  • Time: 6 PM until 8 PM
  • Location: “SHARED,” on 739 Bryant Street, between 5th and 6th Street, in the South of Market area, San Francisco.
  • BYOB. But gracious volunteers have indicated that they will bring some cases of beer and some wine. There will also be plastic cups.
  • If you prefer non-alcoholic beverages, make sure to bring your favorites. Otherwise there may not be anything to drink for you.
  • There will be no food! Don’t come hungry; because you’ll leave even hungrier.

You can get all the details here, including about the venue, links to maps, etc.

Be prudent.

When the meetup is over at 8 PM, the sun is about to set and it will still be light outside for 15 or so minutes. But it’s always a good idea to pair up with someone to walk to your car, bus stop, BART or Caltrain station. Don’t walk through the alleys. Please don’t drink-and-drive.


It would be great to have a few more volunteers to help disassemble and move the work tables and chairs and help set up. If you can come at 5:30 PM and help, awesome!

Also, if you come by car and can bring some non-alcoholic beverages and/or a cooler with ice, that would be awesome too.

Guest Book.

Bernadette (you will meet her) created a beautiful WOLF STREET guest book. Please make sure to sign it with the name of your choice – the range goes from full name to commenting handle. I’d like to have a record for all eternity of who all was there.

Name tags.

Some lucky ones will get a name tag artfully hand-created by Kitten Lopez, an iconic WOLF STREET commenter. See pics below. Kitten Lopez may also create somewhat less fancy name tags on the spot at the name-tag table. So there will be more lucky ones. There will also be blank name tags; if you don’t get a name tag from Kitten Lopez, please use one of these and write on it the name by which you want to be known during that evening and clip the name tag to your clothing.

I’m so looking forward to meeting you all there.

And here is a sample of the name tags Kitten Lopez had created:

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  54 comments for “San Francisco WOLF STREET Meetup, April 30: Last Details

  1. Chicken says:

    Those are really cool, someone’s got real talent! So ah Ren, where’s MY custom nametag?

    SF traffic gets under my skin, are there any available helipads in the vicinity? (joking)

    • Bernadette says:

      Public parking structure on 5th and Mission. Then walk vigilantly to Bryant Street. 2 – 3 blocks.

      • kitten lopez says:

        GORGEOUS beautiful elegant Bernadette… i feel all these rays of light morning after directly from hanging with you. we will plot and scheme…


    • alex in san jose AKA digital Detroit says:

      Chicken – the key to SF is to not bring your car. Take the train, take a cab or an Uber, take a bus or the light rail or one of those vintage street cars, but once you leave your car behind the traffic is no longer your problem – it’s the driver’s or the conductor’s problem.

  2. dan barrett says:

    Those name tags are collectable….check ebay next week to hopefully buy “one of the original name tags from WOLFSTREET TM first get together!”

  3. Lemko says:

    Haha! Take a shot for me from Canada

    • Paulo says:

      Yeah, and I have to live in the boonies. Oh well, Oregon coast this fall provided no tsunamis.

  4. Will the name tags have the individuals comment moniker as well?

    • Wolf Richter says:

      Yes. If you requested a name tag, you can specify what name you want on it. Most of the tags shown are commenters’ handles as they appear in the comments.

  5. Nasty Edwin says:

    Wish I could come but going camping.

  6. Bette Holtman says:

    We want pictures, please post some pictures and handles, so that we can link names to their owners !

    Have Fun, wish I could join. Here in Winnipeg, Canada, was – 1 C this morning.

  7. GrassRanger says:

    I am envious of those who can attend. It would be nice to be in some “coastal” weather for a few days. After yesterday’s blizzard, we had to shovel the walks this morning in Great Falls. Sixteen degrees F at sunrise. Spring will be here one of these days.

  8. Hobbes says:

    Would love to be there and hope y’all have a great time. Maybe an east coast meetup can be done at some point?
    I’m not on enough to know the active commenters from over here, but have really enjoyed the site for a year or so now and would enjoy a chance to connect more.
    Thanks Wolf

  9. Kasadour says:

    That came up fast. I wanted to come but I can’t. My little pug doggy hurt his back and I have to take care of him but I wish you all the best! I hope there is a way to post pictures.

  10. alex in san jose AKA digital Detroit says:

    I don’t even belong here, being about 10 years too young and a half-million $’s un-wealthy, but I see others here speaking up for some other view than the far right wing, and I feel that while you’ve got a nice bubble going here it needs the odd little pinhole to keep the internal pressure in moderation, so here I am posting.

    There is no way I’d go to an in-person gathering though. I’d be treated like the hired help, possibly accused of taking someone’s purse, etc. No. Way.

    • Squarepeg says:


    • CrazyCooter says:

      Don’t let cynicism deter you from meeing real people. We don’t have to agree on everything, particularly politics (or religion or motor oil). A well thought out and contrary perspective is always more enlightening than just hearing what you want to hear.

      Was Michaleangleo 10 years too young and a half mil short? Frankly I don’t care – would love to hear him chit chat about something he was interested in and knowledgable about.



    • RagnarD says:

      I live in a pretty prosperous area of NC, lots of Porsches, Mercedes, multi million dollar lake homes, etc. But when I’m out and about around town, bars and restaurants, at the gym, shopping, I have no idea which people are extremely wealthy and which are not. YOU may know that you don’t have a million dollars socked away, but why should anyone else have any idea of your financial situation.

      A friend at work just told me about a guy who did some work for.
      The guy was pretty redneck, had a small house, didn’t seem to have much in the way of a change of clothes. But was a very successful software entreprenur who drove a $250k car.

      But if you think you are a doormat, ppl will probably treat you like a doormat.

      • alex in san jose AKA digital Detroit says:

        Ragnar – The rich are quite adept at sniffing out the non-rich. The fact that I’m at least 10 years younger than the crowd here will make me stick out like a sore thumb.

        Plus, even if I wanted to inhale the noisome air of the bubble you guys live in, frankly, I really can’t afford to go. I had to pay my taxes, $2200 on a gross income of $15600, had to have my bike worked on, etc., my boss didn’t pay me for a week (don’t go into electronics, kids) and as I sit and type here, my bank balance is about $20.

        My boss did come through with a check last night, and I’m going to pawn a couple pairs of Doc Martens I don’t need today as well as depositing the check, and these days I’m even more spooked, financially, than ever.

        I’m also selling off everything else I can, but Craig’s List seems to have died. Apparently these days you need a several hundred dollar smart phone and $600 a year to keep it alive, to sell anything online. Craig’s List was low-bandwidth and open to pretty much anyone. Now it’s Offer Up and Let Go etc which require smartphones.

        So for people like me, in the bottom 90%, it’s back to printing up flyers and tacking them to telephone poles, or word-of-mouth, etc.

        • SaltyGolden says:

          The rich may be good at sniffing out the non-rich, as you say. Are they good at sniffing out frauds? Clearly no. Is Bernie Madoff rich? Not by any reasonable definition. Are the former heads of Enron? Maybe… though I doubt it.

          Sometimes “Rich” is “having a just bit more than a pot to piss in”, and I’ve been there, I’ll concede on that.

          Point is, sustainability matters, and I suspect it’s always less sustainable than we realize.

        • RagnarD says:

          Well, how about this spin on it…
          You can work two jobs, both have the same pay, same takes, etc.
          But in one you rub shoulders/serve the lowest 10% (of whatever u want that to mean), and the other u rub shoulders/serve the top 10% of the same. Which job will likey offer better future growth/job potential?

          Meaning, if the WolfStreet set is really as properous as you surmise, and you share interests with them, I would assume they might be one of groups best able and most willing to help you go where you want to go.

          Watch Caddyshack…. I can’t totally recall, but I think the caddy makes good for hanging with the wealthy and showing off his goods. :)

        • RagnarD says:

          @ Alex,
          and another example
          Back in the 90s I was a subscriber to Cato Institute publications, and I paid $100 to go to one of their events at which Bill Weld, Massachusets Libertarian governor, recent Libertarian VP Candidate, was going to speak. At <25 years old, I was probably 20 years younger than most, except for interns. I was surprised at this, as I assumed there would be other younger people interested in this stuff too.

          It got me thinking about maybe doing an internship, which I didn't pursue.

          Anyway, it was a great experience. Folks were nice to me, i got to meet some pretty big name people and hear some inside jokes, etc.

          Anyway, long story short, if I had anticipated I'd be the odd man out, like you suspect you would be, I might not have gone. And that would have been a big, foolish mistake.

          Most folks don't spend too much time thinking bad things about other people. And the one's that do, are usually losers.

    • Dave Chapman says:

      Dear Alex,
      We still want to hear what you have to say.

  11. ALWAYS HIGH says:

    “Its a pleasure to meet you Mr. 42069YOLO”

  12. Jason says:

    8pm? That’s a bloody early finish!
    Shoulda done it on a Friday, then peeps could have carried on drinking until whenever.

  13. James R says:

    Shoots! I’m gonna miss it. Had to pick up extra hours at my night job. Hope you all have a great time!

    • AlamedaRenter says:

      Depending on how the Warriors are doing I’d imagine plenty of us will be will to continue at a watering hole with TVs.

      • kitten lopez says:

        yo- i LOVED how you laid it down with your first question to Wolf. next time we’ll all have to talk more.

  14. CrazyCooter says:

    If I knew about this a few weeks ahead of time – it would be a good excuse to get out of town. Just saw it today – and its tomorrow. Put me on a mail list for next year maybe!



    • Wolf Richter says:

      Sorry we can’t meet, after all these years. Sign up for the email updates (the link is at the bottom of every article), and you’ll get links to all articles in your email, and never miss another one, including the next meetup :-]

  15. philm says:

    Wolf, wish I could be there. I get to the Bay Area a couple times a year. Unfortunately not on my agenda till mid-Summer. Would love to host you for an adult beverage or 2 next time.
    Hope everyone has a great time.

  16. Clete says:

    And just in time – This morning Sorkin mentioned that Bay Area home prices dropped (by like .1%, but still) for the first time since ’12. Wolf, you called it.

  17. Brian says:

    I will be there. Looking forward to it!

  18. Dave Chapman says:

    Not going to be able to attend.
    You will have to drink for me. ;-)

  19. NARmageddon says:

    I’m going to try and make it. Will contribute small bribe Wolf to get in if necessary.

  20. Mark Nugent says:

    Looking forward to it!

    Attendees should note that Oracle Park (née AT&T Park) is about a mile away from the meetup venue, and there’s a Giants vs Dodgers game starting at 6:45PM, so that could affect the parking and transportation situation.

  21. cienfuegos says:

    Wish I could make it…enjoy!

  22. Leo says:

    I enjoy Mr. Wolf’s columns and find him intelligent and knowledgeable in his field. Then, I often make the mistake of reading past the end of Wolf’s writings and reading the comments. OMG!, is my usual reaction. The idea of being in the same room with the heartless people who laugh at the misery of others all the time in this comment page would fill me with horror. But I do hope Mr. Wolf enjoys the evening.

    • Wolf Richter says:

      Just got back from it. It was a HUGE amount of fun. The best bunch of people you could imagine. You missed out :-]

    • kitten lopez says:

      don’t scare yourself with made up horror stories! you’ll miss SO much. i first got there to Bernadette yelling for joy and telling me she felt like i was her SISTER. it was the nicest gathering of people i’ve been to in a long ass time. all different, no pretentions, down to earth folks relaxing and being themselves.

      • Susan K says:

        Kitten Lopez, I think you may be my spirit animal! Thank you for the super awesome name tag! I sort of want to wear it out today, just because. I agree with you that the people couldn’t have been nicer. And what a friendly bunch too.
        Wolf, aside from being a wealth of knowledge, you are warm and kind and genuine. Thank you for putting this together! (I’m not just saying that because you thought I was the youngest person there. ;))

        • kitten lopez says:

          SUSAN K!!!
          i was just talking to James about how even though i’m in “super duper underground art chick creation mode” i wish i’d exchanged info with YOU even though it’s so hard to meet and make friends because we’re all busy and James said, “that’s the acid that kills friendships in this culture.”

          but James was cranky and wanted to leave and Wolf was speaking and i didn’t wanna be ruder than i already had been so i tried to leave politely and stealthily.

          BUT i am admitting that i have regret that i didn’t at least reach out and leave you my info because i’d like to know you more and figure out how to hang with you SOMEHOW. i had no way to explain i wasn’t trying to have sex with you but that i have all men in my life and i crave bad girl energy and i think you’re in town and i MUST know you more!

          so if you feel the same way:


        • kitten lopez says:

          and about Wolf… i know. and he’s so HANDSOME with those intense BLUES and suave hair. much MUCH PERTIER than that other actor guy whose name i kid you not, has very much escaped me…

          he was in Last Temptation of Christ. THAT cat.

        • kitten lopez says:

          SUSAN K…

          if you get this (i don’t have it set to let me know if someone replies to me because i can’t so i have to check on a fluke… i’ve stopped technology circa the ’80s around here and i actually run into people i’ve merely been THINKING of now. trippy stuff i tell you.. 9 times already in last 3 months.)…

          anyhow if you get this, i’m responding below in a new post so it’s not skinny and long…

  23. Angel_Bay says:

    Enjoy! I wish I could join too.

  24. NARmageddon says:

    It was great fun, indeed. Kitten was wild and charming and an excellent illustrator (no slight intended toward anyone else, ladies nor gentlemen, but y’all know she can’t be denied :)). Wolf was very pleasant and well-spoken as one would expect. Met and talked with a dozen or more people and wanted to speak with more. Some serious life experience and insights to be garnered. Had a good conversation with all. Thanks, Norm NARmageddon.

    • Wolf Richter says:

      It was great meeting you, Norm. Glad you could make it.

    • kitten lopez says:

      NORM! what a love you are and you didn’t clear the room with your PUNS after all! this could’ve easily gone on another two hours and i never wanted to leave but James came to pick me up and was excruciatingly exhausted from work BUT WOLF WAS UP ON THE STOOL AND ALAMEDA RENTER STARTED THE GOOD QUESTIONS and it was ON!

      we MUST do this again before too, too long. i wanted to actually talk to people, too. but i figure this is just the beginning of a mass love affair. there were so many wonderful wonderful people.


  25. Brian says:

    Wolf, I didn’t get a chance to say hi but enjoyed the event and conversations. Look forward to the next one! Btw, Kitten was awesome…

  26. kitten lopez says:

    p.s. whoever brought that Hawaiian beer? Alex??? was that YOU??? Wow… thank you. we’d gotten a 12-pack of same many months before and i was “whatever” about it… til our Wolf Meet… it was hot inside and i didn’t care at first..but then had two different kinds and i STILL CRAVED THAT AFTERTASTE AT 10AM THE NEXT MORNING like when i first tasted CHIPOTLE SAUCE down in San Antonio at some diner and spent years up here in sf trying to reconstitute all sorts of different kinds of chipotles to make something somewhat like i remembered and would make me feel inner peace again.

    and James went and got a 12-pack for our suppers that very afternoon.

    thanks. maybe coors light would’ve tasted equally as surprisingly invigorating and life affirming in the midst of such company, but for whatever it’s worth, that beer is now forever linked to this event for me and adds to that long lingering aftertaste of “Fxck YEAH….”


  27. Just Jon says:

    Couldn’t leave this post without saying how much I enjoyed the meetup. Very glad I made the trek from Lodi, and hated that I sort of sneaked out before it was over. It was great to meet you Wolf, and Kitten, and many more of Wolf’s merry band of followers! Hope we can do this again!

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