Bay Area WOLF STREET Readers: Meetup in San Francisco?

Update: March 28, 2019: Thank you for all the suggestions about a venue for this gathering. So far about 70 people have expressed their interest via comments and email. It will be a wonderful bunch of awesome people. Looking seriously forward to meeting you all. I will post the next update about 2 weeks before the meetup, with more details about the venue.

Please let me know if you’re interested, and if this would work for you.

Dear readers,

In this internet-of-things world, it would be fun and all around awesome for me to actually meet you, and I think it would be interesting for you to meet other readers: real conversations with a fascinating smart and diverse bunch of people, inverted-yield-curve liquidity in hand. So I’m thinking about planning a meetup in San Francisco.

Where: Something like a bar that will have us. Not too noisy so we can talk. It should be within walking distance of a BART station and not too much of a slog from the Caltrain station. So South of Market, but not too far from Market St.

When: I’m thinking Tuesday, April 30. Start time: 5 PM or 6 PM, early enough to stake our claim to the real estate.

Are you interested and would you be able to join us?

To get a feel for how many people might be able to make it, whether there would be just four of us or 50 of us, please express your interest in the comment section below.

Suggestions about the venue? If you can think of an ideal place for this, please let me know in the comment section.

Never commented? If you would like to join us, I would like to hear from you. You can log in with an alias and any email address. Those are the only two things you need. Your comment will automatically go into moderation, so please be patient. If push comes to shove, you can also reach me by email (via the “Contact us” tab in the menu bar; or on a smartphone, via the hamburger icon top left above the logo).

It would be awesome if we could get together for a couple of hours. Let me know your thoughts below.

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  128 comments for “Bay Area WOLF STREET Readers: Meetup in San Francisco?

  1. Howard Fritz says:

    Sounds like a great opportunity if I had more time I would definitely make the cross country treck, heck I’d even bring the cigars.

    • Ppp says:

      The choice is obvious: Local Edition at 691 Market by Montgomery BART. Am I right? I am dying to find out when we are going to overthrow the Constitution, since that is now our only option.

      • George says:

        Great idea! Sadly i have to work that night but everyone please come by and see me if you can. I bartend at the W Hotel on third and Howard.

    • Hubert H. Bergmans says:


      If I would life somewhere in the USA I would be there! I life in Belgium (native Dutch).
      I like to read your articles so I can feel The World sensation about Politics / Finance and compare them with out view on The World. This is also very importent for our Asset Holdings!
      Keep on the good work! See you Maybe once somewhere?!
      With Respect, Anne & Hubert.

      • Hubert H. Bergmans says:

        Hi Wolf,

        If a life meeting isn’t possible I would suggestie a sort of ‘webinar’. So every body who is interested can directly give comment by internet. Just an Idea?!

    • Mark says:

      I wish I live there so I can join. Living in TX.

    • Brian says:

      Yes count me in.

  2. NativeNYer says:

    Hope this is a success and you do this in other locales .

  3. Joe says:

    I would love to do that. But, GA just a little far.

    Perhaps toy could stream it for those of us across the country or around the world.

    I bet the conversations would be insightful.

  4. Ralf says:

    Great idea, I would be coming up from the South Bay.

  5. AlamoBob says:

    What a nice gesture. I would head in from Diablo Valley.

  6. Venkat says:

    Very interested . It would be great meeting you in person.

    • Bernadette says:

      Wolff, how about using the dining or community lounges of any of the new SOMA condo?

      Does anyone live or know of anyone who lives in the Rincon Hill, The famous Millenium Tower, or Lumina, or any SOMA new condos — and ASK permission to use their condo dining or community lounge? We will bring our own booze, cigars and gourmet, vegan and vegetarian finger foods. Real plates, utensils and fresh flowers.

      The host or hostess will Soulfully and Intellectually benefit by the Eclectic Worldly minds of the Wolfstreet aficionados.

      Contact Wolff directly.

      PS: Wolff, you have San Francisco angels behind you to pull this together.

  7. Bill says:

    Wolf… I would be up for it! I don’t know SOM that well as I live in the east bay and don’t get to the City much. I’ll ask around and let you know.

  8. Robert says:

    I would come, depending on the day. Some of the hotels have an open lobby/bar area.

  9. Fox says:

    Would really enjoy doing it, but somewhere nearer the other coast, or maybe in between. Vegas anyone?

  10. John Roulac says:

    If I am around the bay would love to meet talk Economic cycles and more

    • alex in san jose AKA digital Detroit says:

      I’m about 10 years too young and a quarter-mil too poor to fit in, but I’ll cheer from the sidelines.

      • kitten lopez says:

        OH NO YOU DON’T!

        [okay, so it got long in spite of my best efforts to be short, but i’m sooo excited this is happening!– so i moved response to a new post below…]

      • Dave Chapman says:

        The drinks are not THAT expensive. :-)

  11. Cohn says:

    What is the BART station nearest the planned venue

    • Wolf Richter says:

      Once we know what venue we will use, I will post directions, a map, and other details. This will be about a week or two before the meetup.

      • Sam says:

        How about Spark Social in Mission Bay? Lots of food trucks and lots of space to accommodate 4 or 100 people. Open till 9 pm, and not terribly crowded on weekday nights.

        Also doesn’t play obnoxious loud music to drown out conversations.

  12. Panamabob says:

    I wish that I was within a couple hundred miles instead of a couple thousand. I would come for sure and share some conversation and a few IPA’s.
    Maybe you initiate the formation of phyles, a word often used by Doug Casey, in other Metro locations.
    I’m located in the Toledo, Detroit and Ann Arbor locale and would love to meet some of your wonderful commenters.

  13. Graham Page says:

    Dang, will be on the east coast that week.

    • andy says:

      Hi Wolf,
      Great idea. I’m in. There is a really nice place called ‘Americano’, just south of Market, on Embarcadero and Mission, near Ferry building. So ferry right there, near Bart, and tram from Caltrain. It has big pateo with big tables; patio big enough for 50 people. We had office parties there. Bay views and great drinks. Patio should be open in April. Just a thought.

  14. Greg says:

    Definitely Interested since I live in SF

    -The W hotel has a good lobby bar with space
    -Schroeders is a great place but could be crowded/loud after work
    -Local Edition (on Market st)
    -Press Club (right off Market)

  15. Derek says:

    I am in. I would come from Cupertino so close to Cal train almost a requirement.

  16. Scott Fleming says:


    I could make the long hard trip from the mean streets of Danville. Sounds like a nice outing!

  17. kitten lopez says:


  18. alberta says:

    Cool idea Wolf
    I’m in besto Mendo ;-)
    If cabin fever strikes I’ll be there.

  19. Vic says:


  20. Christina says:

    Yes, I am definitely interested. I live in SF and am flexible on the location. There is a slight chance I will be out of town, but if I am here, I am in.

  21. Paul Goldman says:

    Definitely! I would love to do this

  22. AlamedaRenter says:

    SOMA Restaurant and Bar Mission and 5th has happy hour everyday from 3 to 7 and reasonable bar food.

    Or Murphys in Kearny.

  23. bungee says:

    I’m in

    • Norna says:

      I’m in

      Question: does our name tag has to have our online name?

    • Chet heenan says:

      Yes I’m in. I would find it really interesting. I’d be coming from the wine country area.

  24. Sparx 832 says:

    Not sure if you still live “near the bottom of Russian Hill facing Fisherman’s Wharf”…

    “Is San Francisco Housing Suddenly Going on Sale?”:

    …but as a neighbor who lives “near the bottom of Russian Hill facing” North Beach, count me in!


  25. PC says:

    Yes, if I’m not traveling that week. I live down the Peninsula and it’s a short drive up to the Millbrae BART station.

  26. GuiriCateto says:

    Is bit of balancing acts for me to go there Wolfie

    but I say I be thinkin happy of yous alls havin fine times an maybe I sing some poor slave song for cheering ups too.

  27. benton seeley says:

    Great idea,wood love to go but your area due for the big one,i`ll pass this time.Auburn Ca is home,Looking forward to ocean front property ,thanks ,ben,,

  28. Chance Smith says:

    My first comment.

    Follow your stuff all the time…

    You’re actually my home page…

    Great idea…

    Very familiar with SOM… used to live in SF/Marin/East Bay.. but currently in Paris… so I won’t be making it…

    but I wish…

  29. Nathan L says:

    Wolf, that’d be super cool. Count me in! How do we know where to show?

  30. Steven Lux says:

    So far it looks like I might win the contest of “who traveled the furthest to attend.” I’ve been planning a cross-country motorcycle trip and now I have a target date for the Bay Area. I plan to leave Philly on Monday, April 8th so I should have plenty of time to get there.

    • kitten lopez says:

      YAY! Wolf, i TOLD you something like this might happen because it used to happen when i’d tour. Thank god for motorcyclists… always up for an adventure.

      have a fantastic adventure, Mr Lux. i can’t wait to hear what it’s like now.


      • Steven Lux says:

        Thanks Kitten for your enthusiastic comment. Looking forward to meeting you.

        • kitten lopez says:

          you be VERRRY careful out there with the texting people never looking up!!!


  31. Dan says:

    that would be great. i am in Oakland, so somewhere near bart would be perfect.
    thank you for doing this.

  32. Sporkfed says:

    Wish I could go but I’ll have to hoist one from here.

  33. PM says:

    Sure I’d be interested

  34. Ron says:

    I live in the East Bay so I would take the Ferry to the Ferry building and Uber to the site. Keep us posted hopefully its something I can do.

  35. VAM says:

    Do you have an India meet-up. I’m a a close follower of all your updates.

    Would be a great opportunity to build an Asia community.

  36. ifly153 says:

    I’m in Daly City and would love to join, thanks Wolf!

  37. SocalJim says:

    In the future, you should do one in LA. After all, the only world class cities in the US are LA and NYC.

    • JZ says:

      This is just my personal opinion. There is NO comparing of LA to NYC. LA is flat out ugly. NYC has its charm and SF has its charm. LA? It is big for sure and world famous for its size and hollywood, but I never felt anything likeable about it.

      • SocalJim says:

        LA and NYC are truly international cities. Major trends originate in them. Others in the international league include London, Toyko. SF is a major US city, but it is not in the big international league. SF, Seattle, and Boston are comparable cities.

    • Wisdom Seeker says:

      LA and NYC are only world-class in the arrogance of their elites, divorced from the national reality and suffering massive cognitive dissonance,
      who think that “trends originate there” just because they are media centers able to hype whatever makes them feel special. It’s a pity they can’t see beyond their own propaganda.

      Been to both in the past 12 months and wouldn’t want to go again unless I got paid for the suffering. NYC in particular is unclean, expensive and overly-obsessed with exsanguinating the rest of the country via financial gimmicks that do nothing to promote general welfare.

      Now, the people of those cities, are generally good people, and I hope they join the populist wave (in either party) to elect less corrupt governments and get their hometowns back up to par.

  38. Brian says:

    Definitely interested. I’d be coming up from the south bay and the timing is such that I’d need to take time off to travel, but I could make it there by 6ish. Any chance you’d want to do it on a weekend?

    • Angel bay says:

      I’m in the same boat. A Saturday or Sunday brunch meetup would be a good option, too.

  39. Javert Chip says:

    If I was in the vicinity, I’d go, but it’s a long hike from Florida…

    The minutes from this gathering should be interesting.

    • Mark says:

      You’re right JC about that hike from Florida, especially for me here in Eustis, FL. But I’m seriously considering using some Southwest frequent flyer miles to attend this meetup.

  40. Jonathan says:

    Would definitely be interested in joining. Executive Order on Mission might be a good candidate. Recently opened, they have a lot of space and good drinks. Pretty close to Montgomery and Powell Bart stations.

  41. Old dog says:

    Bummer. I’m in WA till June. If this gathering becomes an annual celebration I’ll make sure to be in the Bay Area for the next one. Enjoy!

  42. Steppenwolf says:

    Interested. Need to get back to South Bay.

  43. Michael says:

    Great idea Wolf!! I’ll head up from Silicon Valley. Looking forward to meeting you and other kindred spirits.

  44. Pinot Noir says:

    I’m interested as well. Local Edition and Schroeder’s noted above are both good suggestions. Schroeders does get crowded later in the week but shouldn’t be too bad on a Tuesday unless there is a big football match. Another place worth considering is Barrell Room. They have some spaces you could reserve depending on the size of the group.

  45. Toms says:

    Interested. How about the SF Italian Atheltic Club in North Beach. Great venue and location

  46. SaltyGolden says:

    Great idea! I’m in.

    • SaltyGolden says:


      Also, any thoughts about a weekend meet up instead? Heading in from South Bay so the weekend might be a bit more pleasant.

  47. Nasty Edwin says:

    I’m in

  48. Aaron says:

    When and Where!

    I owe you a beer!

  49. Susan says:

    Coming out of lurk mode for my first comment. I’m interested and would be coming on cal train so the close to the station or even near MOMA (I could make a day of it.) would be great.

  50. Sandi kinghorn says:

    I am an avid reader of your blog and also Don Quiones but I live in Valencia spain so it would be hard to attend. Please publish any interesting revelations …

  51. Plumas One says:

    Excellent idea. A weekend would be more convenient
    for those of us who must travel from a distance.

  52. Contractor Curt says:

    I’m in. Always read you but never comment. Thanks for all of your insightful work!

    Regards, Contractor Curt

  53. Jason Matthews says:

    I would be interested. I am booked on Tuesdays though

  54. steelhead says:

    I’m flying into SF on 5/1 but I’ll be there in spirit.

  55. JFP says:

    I would definitely attend

  56. ron says:

    For those in the East Bay looking for an alternative to auto here is the Oakland- Alameda ferry schedule to SF use Uber or walk to meet up.

  57. w.c.l. says:

    Love to be there, meet some like-minded people, get some good sourdough bread, and go see the Redwoods, but I’m stuck out here in N.E. Texas. (sucks to be me). I’ll be there in thought just the same.

  58. MarkinSF says:

    I would go. So add me to the list.

  59. Jeff says:

    Let me know the time and place and I will be there.

  60. Greg says:

    Sounds like you should do a road show to at least 10major cities. Congrats on developing such an impressive following.

  61. Kasadour says:

    I’m from Portland Oregon and would love to road trip it! In.

  62. JZ says:

    Can’t go Wolf, needs to pick up my kid and my wife will neuter me if I fail.

  63. In the truck says:

    Regular reader. First time comment.
    Looking forward to it.

  64. kitten lopez says:

    [response for ALEX continued from above…]

    ALEX!–you get off this thing and talk to us in real life or i will think that you are one of those bored eternally online living trolly guys with an agenda! NO! i’m more romantic and idealistic to think anyone who knows it’s a good idea to leave a contractor hat in a van you’re living in to be left alone?…. REAL LIFE! come ON! it’s sooo much better, Alex. not in the bad smelling way.. in the FXCK YEAH WAY! don’t let these scrawny internet asexual neutralized dystopian visionaries of tech be our constant intermediaries as they kill and drain the life juice out of all the free and best things in humanity already—REAL LIFE! fight for the connections! don’t you REMEMBER???

    so risk embarrassment and social faux pas just like we used to when we’d hit on each other spontaneously and mess up …and come wear your Docs and say hello. you’re just down the street for crissakes! don’t let this internet thing kill real life for you, Alex. hold on tight… i’ve got you… come BACK… things are about to get good and interesting in all the BEST ways. don’t fear it. go to the bathroom and get your game face back on.

    but we ALL need this. the internet has taken our GRRRR away… we need to drink and sing Viking songs together again.

    besides I was figuring i’d totally get to see you up here. with Petunia “somewhere down south” and Bankers said he figures “Unamused” is in Australia and RD Blakeslee’s in West Virginia, i think… come ON, Alex! step up! don’t leave me there to bring down the averages on my own. (smile)

    (although i’m used to it. money has always been so… abstract to me. but i love business –or rather, ENTREPRENEURSHIP because it is the closest thing you can get to “fxck you” in this world by my measure. “employees” at the whims of others always look faintly nauseous no matter how high the pay. so come on Alex… you’re the same. screw the money, it’s nada. you BUSK. that’s like taking a punch on a routine basis just to share your soft underbelly as an artist. come on…. besides, it’s time we all talk directly from now on. NEW IDEAS. not old hackneyed ones because no one’s got an attention span for a real actual conversation anymore.

    last week, James and i spent 5-1/2 hours talking about religion and philosophy with our two entrepreneurial white guy gay couple friends who voted for trump who also did profit sharing with their employees so they could ALL have lives… i felt positively post-coital the next morning, JUST FROM A CONVERSATION UNBROKEN BY CHECKING MAGIC PHONES FOR TEXTS OR OTHER WORLDS OR BETTER CONVERSATIONS OR PRETTIER PEOPLE….

    so come on Alex… conversations are BACK. don’t miss out, Alex… i’m for real… things ARE changing and this is something verrrrry special that is starting. i won’t go on here because even this now fat column will get ridiculously small in comparison. but you know how i can go so YOU fill in the rest and just come on out and i won’t let you feel po’ alone. and who CARES how much all the other guys have. if you’ve gotta fight over something change the GAME or you can go back to basics… YOU do it your way. change the GAME. that’s what this site is all about. understanding the stitching underneath the now ridiculously padded suit… but come out. it’s good for you and a point toward us humans all able to get together from different backgrounds and beyond the hype small talk pseudo realities of any goddamn DIFFERENCES… we’re all the SAME.. it’s time we talk directly to each other to remember…)

    more than a money site, Wolf… waaaaay more.



    P.S. Wolf, i think you and your wife could plan a fun cross country tour under the guise of some sport or adventures you wanna try, and set up some meet ups in local breweries… i’ve always seen this as an annual even bi-annual or quarterly local thing. ideas are too good and OPEN here. radical. in all the best ways. not the “get up old man before i fxck you right there” ways.

    • alex in san jose AKA digital Detroit says:

      Kitten – I’m not going.

      I am, as I said, 10 years too young and at the very *least* a quarter-million not wealthy enough to attend and be treated like anything but someone who got lost looking for some other group, or as worse. Realistically, I am surely a good half-million not wealthy enough.

      You guys are having a good time and why not? You’re winners. You’re surfing the last of the wealthy boomer wave and it’s a good ride indeed.

      But as has been gone over to the point of satiety on here, I am just about as alien as a fluorine-based life form, to the crowd here. I may be a boomer as far as having been born into the aptly named baby boom, but as a post-1960 model, my life experiences are pure Gen-X.

      I can sort of put up with the complacent and well-fed online. I can’t stand to listen to them on the radio and as soon as “Prairie Home Companion” comes on I switch that smug shit right off. It would take a very large appearance fee, for as little appearance as I could get away with, to show up at a whole table of the smugerati, and I’d probably be accused to stealing the tips off of the table in the end.

      No. Way.

      • Petunia says:


        I can’t go, but I would if I could. I would love to meet you all, especially you, Kitten and Wolf. Don’t deprive the world of your company we all appreciate the little we get.

        BTW, I could never dislike you as much as some Yalie I worked with who thought hardship was his maid showing up too late to make him breakfast. That’s a real A$$Hole.

        • Wolf Richter says:


          Sorry you live so far and that you can’t make it. Would have been great to meet you after all these years of meeting in the comment section.

        • Petunia says:


          How about a Livestream or utube live stream, look into it. I would get my hair done for that!

        • kitten lopez says:

          yeah… i was thinking the same thing about skyping or something even though i’m technologically clawing myself back to the ’80s.


          p.s. i wanted to say a few weeks back that when i compliment you enough that you feel it’s an avalanche, just take it like a MAN! we women get itchy about compliments and have to foist one back onto someone else instead of relishing the sunshine and taking it IN.

          men take it IN and are usually QUIET because they’re also not USED TO errant unexpected compliments out of nowhere for nothing. so you don’t have to say a THING in the future. just feel it. i don’t need or even WANT a response as they are shotguns of love that make ME feel good for the observing.


      • kitten lopez says:

        wow… talk about waking up to farts! Alex – you’re making up stories so go ahead and stay where you are; that’s fine. i now think Wolf was right after all. so be it. i believed in you and defended you. i still believe in you but right now you’re in a little seething isolating golem mode. i understand.

        but i’m about to turn 52 (gen x label if you’re needing tons more labels) and James is supporting me as a former engineer working a retail type of job for $20/hr. we live in a rent control situation. but we’re artists and i don’t believe in anyone being better than anyone over money. i think artists, thinkers, creative people and people who LOVE are worth traipsing long, long distances for. others apparently do, too.

        so i’m sorry that you are taking this old belabored internet separation tact.

        that was a particularly cruel and bitchy tirade you went on about others who you don’t even know.

        no. stay where you are, Alex. we need NEW THOUGHT. not old hackneyed separatist crap. i get enough of that myself with the new crowd in town and i’m tired of even scowling at “gentrifiers.” it’s making me feel UGLY and i’m too vain to wear a scowl.

        sorry you feel that way, though. if you ever change your mind, dare to show up and i know i KNOW these people here are the kind who’ll blow off everything you said. even ME! i’ll be the first to give you a bear hug; no lie, Alex.



  65. arcadia says:

    I’ve only commented a few times, but I’m a regular reader and live in SF. Great idea–I would love to come (if I’m not consumed with paper grading–I’m a college prof).

  66. Kamal says:

    Definitely interested. Thanks!

  67. Ben McCracken says:

    Yes! I would be interested in attending. Have a place to stay, about an hour North from SF. A days drive from Wash. State for me, but not impossible. Your site is is on my daily internet crawl list. Thanks! Will try to be there.

  68. Not me says:

    Interested: Yes.

    Venue? My first thought if it is 50 or so would be to ask Gaumenkitzl to open for lunch for your gathering, or do off hours on weekend. Parking or BART to SF is a major pain.
    In Walnut Creek, Il Fornaio has rooms that can be blocked off and there is a free shuttle from BART.
    Rockridge has Merica with a private room for 50.

  69. cienfuegos says:

    Yes, if the day works. Great idea.

  70. RD Blakeslee says:

    At my age and location, I can’t make it, Wolf. Any chance you could set up a a call-in number so us absentees can say “hello” and listen to the conversation there? Even a screen which could “see” your crowd and display our picture during the time we say “hello”.

  71. Judy Lawson says:

    Cannot attend as it is too far away. Love all these great comments and would love to meet the people that go with them. Maybe next time.

  72. James says:

    Long time reader (from the Testosterone Pit days even… found from, I think, first time in the comments, though I did once have the chance to be “featured” in one of your articles Wolf (you’d used an article from I sent your way about Brazil’s huge Olympic structures going fallow once the games were over).

    I rarely venture out of the avenues to “that side” of the city, but would make the journey to come commiserate w/ y’all… as long as it didn’t conflict w/ any of my 3 jobs… I’d try to make it happen though. Great idea!

  73. Michael G says:

    Yes Wolf, I would be there

  74. Phil says:

    I’d make the trek over the Golden Gate, even with the excessive toll, just to shout you a beer for all the wisdom shared here of the years…

  75. LooseChange says:

    Definitely count me in, Wolf!

    Please let me know where I can help too with coordinating venue/logistics.

  76. Henri says:

    Im in

  77. Eric says:

    I am a long time reader from your TP days and a 50 year Bay Area Resident who would love to have the opportunity to attend. Best regards, Eric

  78. Jarhead says:

    I have maybe commented once, but am interested in attending.

  79. San Francynic says:

    I’m in.

  80. Daxx says:

    McCormicks has nice rooms with exterior private patio. Maybe not the best food (not bad either) but great location (old Maxwells Plum)

  81. RagnarD says:

    I live in North Carolina, so I Can’t make it.

    That said,
    IMO, if I was gojng in person I wouldn’t want the meeting to be affected by video / external people .

    If you do that, which I’m not against and would attend, I Think it should be for a different type of event / setting.

  82. Sam CK says:

    It would be great to meet fellow readers. It’s a pity i can’t attend because i am from Malaysia. Anyway have a blast you people.

  83. Wolf Richter says:

    Update: March 28, 2019: Thank you for all the suggestions about a venue for this gathering. So far about 70 people have expressed their interest via comments and email. It will be a wonderful bunch of awesome people. Looking seriously forward to meeting you all. I will post the next update about 2 weeks before the meetup, with more details about the venue.

  84. SciNerd75 says:

    I’d like to attend.

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