“Perfect Storm of Bubbles Now Forming in the US”

Here is my interview on X22Report Spotlight.


Central banks think they’re omnipotent – until they aren’t. Read… Why the Bank of Japan Can’t Stop a Sudden Collapse of the Yen

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  4 comments for ““Perfect Storm of Bubbles Now Forming in the US”

  1. hidflect says:

    I was screaming about this since 2009. Now I’ve joined Hugh Hendry, shrugged my shoulders and joined the equity set. Up 30%. It’s not the game our parents played and the King will not be denied.

  2. SgtMilstar says:

    Good program Wolf. To continue with your discussion of a slow burn economy, I think one has to only look at Japan. As I recall the big B, was constantly faulting the Japanese for its near zero interest rates. However, once he became the head of the Fed, his tune changed.

    When the tide rolls out, we will be able to see who has been swimming without their bathing suits. Any takers on seeing Yellen naked?

  3. Mark says:

    What I’ve been saying too. A slow burn. Worsening slowly over time year after year after year. To me though it will last for an extremely long time because of automation in the work place and a booming population. If the jobs are taken by robots and the population maxes out at 10 Billion, then what will it look like and how large will the poverty rate be all over the world? And how many people will be on Social assistance programs? And how long can the gov’t finance these social assistance programs when half the people are on it and not working or contributing in terms of a taxes? they will have to create new taxes and higher taxes I think. Like Bush said awhile ago. Voodoo economics.

    I think too they will just do more QE. Im waiting for China to start there QE round.

    Have you done any articles on the Credit Card debit bubble that is forming now as well?

    Good interview Wolf !

  4. Julian the Apostate says:

    It was good to put a voice with your words. Do more interviews!

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