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Jitters Mount Over Prospect of Catalonian Independence

“You’re making a grave mistake,” the CEO of Catalonia’s megabank La Caixa allegedly told Catalonian President Artur Mas. Like many big shots, he’s fretting over the prospect of independence from Spain – an existential threat to the region’s banks.

Attitudes Harden in Spain as Catalonian Independence Referendum Looms

By Don Quijones, Spain: Since last year’s unprecedented protests to mark Catalonia’s national day of independence on September 11th, relations between Rajoy’s administration and Catalonia’s coalition government have soured to the point of curdling. Catalonia’s leader called it a “war of cultures” between the two “countries.”

Spain Is Losing Its People, Catalonia Fights For Independence, And The EU Gets Pushed Into The Conflict

“Do you want Catalonia to become a new state within the European Union?” That may be the question on the referendum that is causing a constitutional crisis in Spain even before the final wording has been decided. Efforts by Artur Mas, President of Catalonia, to pry his region loose from Spain are not only shaking up Spain but are pushing the European Union deeper into the conflict—just as Spain is plunging into a demographic nightmare.

Catalonia Cries for Independence, Spain Might Break Apart, And Its Military Threatens To “Crush” The “Vultures”

Spain has enough problems: a debt crisis, a hangover from a housing bubble, unemployment of over 25%, youth unemployment of over 50%, massive demonstrations against “structural reforms” that the government is trying to implement in its desperate effort to keep its chin above water…. And now it has a new one: the possible breakup of the country. The military has already chosen sides.