The Global Corporatocracy Is Nearing Completion

Quietly, the rules governing global trade and financial markets are being changed. Despite the enormous impact they have on our lives, the public is not consulted. Most people are not even aware it is happening.

Corporate Colonialism: Winners and Losers of Global ‘Free’ Trade

By Don Quijones: The new trade agreements have little to do with promoting free trade. They’re about extending the power and control of the world’s largest corporations.

Obama Furiously Pushes Secret Trade Deal, Opposition Grows

By Maira Sutton, Electronic Frontier Foundation: Under pressure from multinational corporations, the White House wants authority from Congress to run over Congress’ constitutional powers. The zany, secretive power play of trade deals.

Coming Soon: Corporate Tools To Hollow Out National Sovereignty

Now “trade agreements” are negotiated behind sealed doors, without public oversight, beyond the reach of Congress. The text of the Trans-Pacific Partnership is secret, but some sections were leaked. It deals with trade only on the margins. Corporate interests dominate. It mocks democracy, establishes kangaroo courts, and taxpayers are on the hook.

The Global Corporatocracy is Almost Fully Operational

By Don Quijones: 58% of the world’s biggest 150 economic entities aren’t countries but corporations. Royal Dutch Shell’s revenues exceed the GDPs of 171 countries, making it the 26th largest economic entity in the world. And the balance of power is shifting rapidly.