Wolf Richter

Any “Government Is Evil To A Certain Extent” – Russian Deputy Prime Minister Shuvalov About The Troubled Economy

Global investors, whose money Russia needs to develop its economy, are staying away in droves. They have lots of reasons to just say no – political risks, judicial nightmares, legal bogs, corruption, an economy spiraling into a slowdown…. “There are questions about the future stability of the Russian economy,” said First Deputy PM Shuvalov. But he has a plan.

Whose Capital Will Get Destroyed? Wall Street Tries To Cash Out Of Newfangled “Asset Class”

Oaktree Capital and Carrington Mortgage are trying to dump a portfolio of 500 single-family homes they’d bought out of foreclosure. They’re trying to get the heck out of the once hot buy-to-rent trade. Blackstone, which gobbled up 32,000 of these homes, is trying to get its money out. They all are. That trade is turning sour. Trouble in the housing market!

iPhone 5nSa

“Introducing the new iPhone 5nSa, the best surveillance device to date. Aiming to put your freedom… in the cross hairs.” Hilarious, but also very serious video.

Mostly Cloudy With Occasional Drones In The Afternoon

Marseille has a problem: “account settlements” – a guy machine-gunned at close range for a drug deal gone awry. So the city is getting drones to keep an eye on hot neighborhoods. It’s not the only city. One more element in how privacy is traded in for corporate profits, governmental controls, spookily personalized ads, and harebrained hype about security.

Was The Fed Scared Of This Graph?

When the Fed shied away from tapering its $85 billion a month in asset purchases, while simultaneously downgrading the economy for the third time this year, it gave the impression of being mired in fear. It has many reasons to be afraid. But one in particular.

Trade Is Supposed To Save Japan, According To The Gospel Of Abenomics, But In Reality…

Trade is one of the aspects that Abenomics designated as critical. So the Bank of Japan has embarked on a radical money-printing program to devalue the yen and make exports more competitive. It would also render imports so expensive that buyers would cut back. The resulting trade surplus would save Japan. In theory. In reality, the opposite is happening.

Just Replace The Whole Kit And Caboodle With Asset Bubbles

Fed digs in its heels, refuses to taper, though it could still start later this year, soon-to-be-ex Chairman Bernanke said. It would continue doing exactly what hasn’t worked for five years, in the hope that even more of the same might finally do the trick, rather than admitting, tail between its legs, that all QE has done is create asset bubbles.

The Other Reason Why IBM Throws A Billion At Linux (With NSA- Designed Backdoor)

IBM announced today that it would throw another billion at Linux, the open-source operating system, to run its Power System servers. It may be making hay of the revelations that the NSA has roped in American tech companies to perfect a seamless spy network. Linux, being free of NSA influence, would be a huge competitive advantage for IBM. Or so it would seem.

Revenge of the Japanese Zombie Banks

Japanese banks, which should know a thing or two about banking crises, have once again clawed their way to the top of the heap of overseas lenders. And with their knack for impeccable timing, they’ve once again become the largest force in emerging market economies – just as financial turmoil there is coming to a boil.

US Stocks Blind To Crashing Earnings Estimates (For Now)

Corporate revenues have been crummy all year, and earnings estimates for Q3 have come crashing down. A year ago, they were still expected to grow 15.9%, a sign of blind optimism. By Friday, they’d plunged to 4.7%. During that time, the S&P 500 soared 16.8% and the NASDAQ 19.6%. The Fed’s greatest accomplishment. But there is a corollary.