I Call them “Drunken Sailors,” But Are They? Can We Finally Get a Deal on a New or Used Vehicle? Is Inflation Moving in the Right Direction? And Other Stuff

Wolf Richter interviewed on This Week in Money, a podcast by Howestreet.com

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  14 comments for “I Call them “Drunken Sailors,” But Are They? Can We Finally Get a Deal on a New or Used Vehicle? Is Inflation Moving in the Right Direction? And Other Stuff

  1. Debt-Free-Bubba says:

    Howdy Lone Wolf…. Listened and loved it. THANKS

  2. Freewary says:

    Funny. I’m such a reader, but today was the first time I clicked on your podcast and heard your voice. You’re the best, Wolf.

    • Wolf Richter says:

      Thank you. But this is not my podcast, its the podcast of Howestreet, and I was interviewed. I call in on the host’s phone system (Skype on my end, to telephone on their end, which is not great), so the sound quality is not great, and they control everything.

      My own podcast is THE WOLF STREET REPORT, where I talk just by myself to the listeners. I record it and edit it, I control everything. Sounds a lot better since I record it directly.

      Give it a try, here is one from October 1:

      • CCCB says:

        Thanks Wolf. This is a Great summary of the last few years of economic activity!!!

        Everyone should defiitely listen to this episode at least once and take notes.

        It’s so easy to get distracted by the mountains of economic statistics that then get spun by all the wall street shills in the media.

        he forest gets lost in the trees

  3. Hi Wolf,

    Would it be accurate to say the drunken sailors supporting our economy are the top 10-20% of Americans whose incomes are actually beating inflation?
    They sure as F**K are spending a lot of money in Naples, Fl.

    • Wolf Richter says:

      “Would it be accurate to say…”

      No, that would be highly inaccurate. In fact, it falls into my category of “BS.” Listen to the podcast. It tells you. I’m not repeating it here.

  4. Thomas Curtis says:

    Thanks Wolf!

  5. Bruce says:

    Thanks Wolf, nice to hear your voice.
    Have you seen any data for student loan missed-payments since the start of the payments last month?

    • Wolf Richter says:

      I haven’t even looked. I don’t consider them loans anymore until I see large amounts of payments being made, but what I heard in my email, so to speak, is that there is a huge amount of student loan fraud in that nearly everyone is now showing either no income or a very low income so that they don’t have to make payments, and NO ONE is verifying incomes 🤣

      • Glen says:

        PSLF is good for many too as during pandemic when payments suspended the time still counted.

  6. MM says:

    As someone who worked and drank on a boat all summer, I agree with the drunken sailor label.

  7. Glen says:

    Admittedly I don’t listen a lot to external predictions but many banks/ equity firms, like WF, don’t see a lot of growth for 2024. Seems like there is potential for growth unless they are factoring in and communicating concerns like congressional challenges and middle east to name a few.

  8. Shiloh1 says:

    So about 35 years ago one of my friends was in the navy living in SoCal. He was bombed out of his skull and went to a c-store late at night for a snack. He came upon a familiar celebrity.

    “Are you Don Knotts?”

    “Yeah, whatdoyouwant?”

    “I really liked the movie where you were a fish.”


    “You ARE Don Knotts!”

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