Dear Readers, Please Donate to Support WOLF STREET: Fall 2022 Reminder

Your donations have become crucial in keeping the site free and open to all. Thank you!!

Your support is crucial for WOLF STREET. It is also uplifting and heart-warming because donations tell me that what I’m doing matters to you. And I appreciate each donation immensely.

Many of you donate throughout the year. Thank you!!!

WOLF STREET is free and open to all. Anyone can read all of it. Nothing is behind a paywall. And that’s how it will always be because I want it that way; I want everyone to be able to read the articles and our illustrious comments.

As you know, donations have become crucial in making this site work and keeping it open to all. Thanks to your generous support, I have been able to reduce not only the number of ads, but also the intrusiveness of the ads, to make the site more enjoyable to read.

Many websites don’t function when you use an ad blocker. For free websites, this is a matter of survival because when ads are blocked, revenues are blocked. But I completely understand why readers use ad blockers; it makes total sense, given how some sites bombard readers with ads. But if you block ads, please support WOLF STREET with a donation!

Three ways to donate:

  1. Zelle (if you use it): preferred method; it’s fast and free. Please contact me at to get my Zelle info.
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The wraparound art on the mug – created by San Francisco artist Erika “Kitten” Lopez – shows a funny wolf, me, howling, “Nothing goes to Heck in a Straight Line.”

If you would like a mug, please email me; include your shipping address in the US (I cannot ship outside the US) and phone number (FedEx will not deliver without it). Send the email to:

Thank you, Dear Readers, for your support, for coming to WOLF STREET, and for your many comments!!

Wolf Richter

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  38 comments for “Dear Readers, Please Donate to Support WOLF STREET: Fall 2022 Reminder

  1. Bob says:

    Great articles. I just donated.

  2. Beardawg says:

    Will send my annual donation around Turkey Day. :-)

  3. Top Gun says:

    I always send cash…

  4. Michael Donahue says:

    Check is in the mail. Thank you!

  5. Brooks says:

    A coffee mug would be awesome.

    • Wolf Richter says:

      The mug is absolutely perfect for iced coffee, iced tea, ice water, and even sodas.

      • Lisa_Hooker says:

        The mug is fantastic for bourbon.
        Just 3/4 of a mug can last all night.

        • DawnsEarlyLight says:


        • NoPrep says:

          Apparently you’ve something in common with our senior Senator from Kentucky, as far as a preferred beverage. I just sort of hope you don’t have too much in common with that guy.

    • NBay says:

      Yeah. That’s what I’m waiting on. The mug is nice but not handy for coffee and would get cold too fast. Guess you’d need new art…don’t think present one would shrink well. Kitten? Plus another fun group discussion of non-heavy subjects. I bet coffee cups aren’t hard to get….not big ones, just standard restaurant or “been there” size like in gift shops.

      • NBay says:

        And like I always say, ads don’t “intrude” on me at all, and I even check out a lot of them and have learned some things, too. It also tells me a bit about the readership. They seem tuned more by article than following me, but a couple did, like an in house elevator ad from Al-jazeera….I was just wondering about the mechanicals, which they didn’t show or even describe, but many go into specs in detail, and one was about making practically every off grid device I made, just a different approach. I think I know which ones to stay away from, like the little guy you can torture with lava or make rich. Guess most chose to torture him, so now it’s sort of a nasty-meter.

      • NBay says:

        In fact, gift shop size would be best..squarish, stable…can’t even read where sister got mine now.

  6. Rob says:

    Donated. Thanks for your work, Wolf.

  7. SG says:

    Donated. Keep up the good work.

  8. lewis says:

    Excellent analysis, you are a voice of reason. It is my pleasure to send a check for this hard work. Thank you again.

  9. Eferg says:

    I am on the record about detesting the formerly intrusive ads on Wolf Street past. But now I am now a regular donor.

    Several months ago I had a malware problem that only happened on Wolf’s site. I emailed him about it. He suggested it was related to browser settings. It was not. He continued to work with me on the problem and eventually traced it to one of his ad sources. He took prompt action and put a stop to that. Subsequently, the intrusiveness of the ads went way down.

    I also subscribe to another monthly economic newsletter. I looked at the latest issue and said to myself, I get this stuff and more from Wolf almost every day. Why am I paying for this newsletter?

    With service like that and great content, how can I not be a regular donor?

  10. polistra says:

    Done. Gotta feed my graph addiction.

  11. Swamp Creature says:

    Donation on the way

    By the way I just heard Musk just fired 50% of his Twitter employees. Many were WFH (Working From Home). He didn’t even give them the courtesy of a call or letter telling them what a great job they had done, like I thought he would do. Instead, they found out they were fired when they went to log on and their log in was terminated. All their company e-mail was confiscated. I bet he will sell the Company’s e-mail contents of the fired employees to third parties for advertising revenues.

  12. MDavis says:


    Thank you so much

  13. Rosarito Dave says:

    After finding this sites several months ago, I became enamored with Wolf’s manner of breaking things down and his insights, his participation w/us and the e(mainly) high quality of the comments…. I donated shortly after. This is the only site I make comments and engage with Wolf and You…

    Maybe it’s time to show your donator gallery photos Wolf?

  14. Sea Creature says:

    Donated $100! Great work each day Wolf!

  15. dougzero says:

    Just donated and looking forward to adding to mug collection. thanks for this place, and your allowing and monitoring comments. I have and continue to learn a lot. Much appreciated.

  16. Phoenix_Ikki says:

    Done and Done….thanks for all the coverage you provide Wolf. In a functioning, less corporate dominated world, the stuff you cover should be readily available in mainstream media but that’s not the kind of world we live in sadly.

  17. Softtail Rider says:

    Finally gotten it in the mail today. Enjoy reading and learning every article.

  18. inko says:

    Thank you for your hard working!

  19. w.c.l. says:

    Snail mail donation on the way.

  20. Jan says:

    Made a donation too. Thanks for your dedication and for sharing your expertise.

  21. Ricky says:

    Heck yea, Wolf!

    I hear the catapults cranking the baskets down, nice and tight, on some of my plays – now that the FTX blow up happened. Liquidity is getting sucked like air rushing out a hole in an airplane cruising at 30,000 ft. Tick – tock.

    In other words, additional, larger donations incoming.
    However, I have a feeling you have some catapults of your own. Let’s go!

    Apologies, everyone. The FTX massacre was not on my list of potential liquidity evaporating events, but it works just fine. So, I’m a little excited and am blowing it all out on Wolf’s donation thread.

    How many days until the Blue Chips are getting called in due to no cash? Looks like the timeline is speeding up.

    Outburst over. Donation sent. Looking forward to sending the next, larger one, in a couple months!

    Keep it up Wolf and keep peeling the curtain back on some of these complex and twisted arrangements these greed addicts get off on, as much as you can. OR, do as you wish lol. It’s your show.
    Thank you!

  22. NoPrep says:

    Small donation made. 30 second effort via the PayPal link. The reminder was welcome, it was time. Valuable, unique work based on reality and not delusions should be rewarded and appreciated!

  23. Zev says:

    Just donated. I’m a new reader, but so far very impressed.

  24. A number of these new craft beers are packed in 19 or 20 oz, and in the spirit of MOAR, I suggest you upsize the vessel.

  25. Phil says:

    I donated!

  26. Shandy says:

    Well how bout that?
    Just mixed a whiskey highball in a beer mug.
    Damn Yanks, never did care much.
    Prettiest beer mug I ever did see!
    Best place ever to say “I love you Mr. StreetWolf.
    I’m going to capture your mug, maybe two.

  27. BERT SADAO CHINA says:

    Wolf, my computer won’t allow me to donate. Help! It will only allow Pay Pal but I prefer using my card.

    • Wolf Richter says:

      Hi Bert,

      Thank you for your efforts, sorry for your troubles.

      I use PayPal as a payment processing service so I don’t have to take your credit card info. Click on the PayPal link I put in the article (yellow button), then put in the amount, and click on the WHITE button, “Donate with a Debit or Credit Card.” This takes you to the page where you can put in your credit card info. This should work.

      Also, I like Zelle. This service is owned by banks and its free. If your bank participates, it’s great to have this services available. You can send money to friends, etc. It’s based on email addresses or phone numbers.

  28. bulfinch says:

    Just chipped in my bit. I’ve tried to always remember to kick in ten bucks a month to show my appreciation ever since wandering into this place.

  29. Doubting Thomas says:


    I just donated. Thank you for your consistently insightful analysis. Please continue your great work.

    I already have my excellent Wolf Street mug, so no mug shipment necessary.



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