Why WOLF STREET Won’t Hide Behind Paywall and Ad-Blocker Blockers: Dear Readers, Please Donate

It’s a rough business, but I love being in it, and your donations make it work.

By Wolf Richter for WOLF STREET.

WOLF STREET is likely my last gig. I’m having a total blast poking through things, and I’ll keep doing it until my brain freezes over. There is no exit strategy. I love not having to answer to anyone except to my readers. I love not being able to get fired or aged out by anyone except my readers. And I cannot imagine ever doing anything else.

But the free-content model of the internet is in trouble. Part of the problem is advertising. Layers of ad-tech companies have wedged themselves between the advertiser and the publisher and suck out much of the money out that the advertiser pays. The publisher ends up holding the bag.

These middlemen are dominated by a few giants. Google dominates the behind-the-scenes infrastructure that online advertisers, ad exchanges, ad agencies, and other ad-tech companies end up using to process ads and place ads on various websites. Even if a publisher tries to get around Google, they cannot.

This is shaking up the industry. You have seen the trend: Website after website is setting up a paywall for some or all of their content. And it makes financial sense.

But I will keep WOLF STREET free and without paywall. I want everyone to be able to read everything at any time. I love it that way.

You also have seen the trend that websites don’t function when you try to use an ad-blocker. These ad-blocker blockers make sense because without ads, a free website doesn’t earn revenues.

But I will continue to allow readers to use ad blockers because I totally get why people use them. The ad industry brought that onto itself.

Direct sponsorships are crucial, and I treasure them.

I occasionally can make a deal with a direct advertiser. You have seen the ads for metal roof shingles at the bottom of each post. They’re manufactured by Classic Metal Roofing. I know the owner, Todd Miller, who has been subscribing to the WOLF STREET Email Updates for a long time, and who has commented periodically.

Direct sponsorships are wonderful in many ways – including on a personal level. And they cut out Google entirely. If you have a product or service you would like to advertise across the US and Canada to the financially astute WOLF STREET crowd, please contact me.

Donations are crucial; WOLF STREET needs your support. Please donate.

Dear reader, your support for WOLF STREET has been crucial, and I’m immensely grateful. Many thousands of you have donated over the past few years. Many of you have donated multiple times. Donations have become a large part of what makes this site work. And I thank you!!!

Donations are special. They show me that what I’m doing matters. And I immensely appreciate each donation.

There are three ways to donate: Zelle; Credit Card via PayPal, and check via regular USPS mail.

1. Zelle. If you are set up with Zelle, this is the best solution. Please contact me at howlatwolfstreet@gmail.com to get my Zelle info.

2. Credit or debit card via PayPal. This donate button takes you directly to WOLF STREET’s PayPal page where you can use your debit or credit card. You do not need a PayPal account. If it asks you to set up a PayPal account, just back out.

Tip: On that initial PayPal page, enter the amount you wish to donate before clicking the white “Donate with a Debit or Credit Card”:

You can also mail a check to (very much appreciated):

Wolf Street Corp
1288 Columbus Ave. #196
San Francisco, CA 94133

Thank-you gesture: an infamous WOLF STREET glass-mug if you donate $100 or more.

As you know, the WOLF STREET glass mugs got hit by the glass shortage when I reordered them at the end of May. The 15-oz blank glass mug is not being produced at the moment. They said early next year maybe. I figured I would run out in November. That’s going to be true.

But I still have some in stock at my media mogul empire headquarters. [UPDATE Nov 16, 11 PM: I’ve just run OUT OF MUGS].They sport a wrap-around design by San Francisco artist Kitten Lopez: a hilarious wolf (of course) on one side, howling, “Nothing Goes to Heck in a Straight Line” on the other side:

If you donate a very generous $100 or more and would like a mug, please email me because many people do not want a mug, or another mug, and I already sent mugs to people who didn’t want one.

In your email, please include:

  • Your name
  • Your shipping address in the US (I cannot ship outside the US)
  • Your phone number (FedEx will not deliver without it).

Send the email to: howlatwolfstreet@gmail.com

If you would like a mug and I run out, I will put your name on a list, and as soon as the mug shipment arrives, I will send one to you. Some patience might be required. My apologies for the WOLF STREET beer mug shortage. [UPDATE Nov 16, 11 PM: I’ve just run OUT OF MUGS].

Thank you, Dear Readers, for coming to WOLF STREET, and thank you for your support!!


Enjoy reading WOLF STREET and want to support it? You can donate. I appreciate it immensely. Click on the beer and iced-tea mug to find out how:

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  117 comments for “Why WOLF STREET Won’t Hide Behind Paywall and Ad-Blocker Blockers: Dear Readers, Please Donate

  1. Pedro says:

    Why not just create a WolfCoin that automatically sheds 10% of the staking rewards to you?

    That’s the future of web publishing.

    • SpencerG says:

      I am not sure whether to laugh or to nod.

      • rostbif says:

        Nodding here Wolf, I’m afraid it’s time to bite the bullet and acknowledge that blockchain holds the key to your future. Time to open a CRO wallet and stick your QR next to the donate button, Fortune Favours The Brave!
        ps I’m in the EU and would love to hear more from Nick Corbishley too

  2. Mateu says:

    Have you looked into creating a 501(c)3? Would make it easier for some of us to donate.

  3. Doubting Thomas says:

    Wolf – I read every article that you write. I consume a ton of financial reporting, and you provide the best fact-based analysis available, by far. I am happy to donate. Thank you.

  4. Seattle Guy says:

    Thank you for an unbiased agenda….and seeing the obvious trends in a maze of complicated data confusion.

    I believe all your future cautions mentioned this year will be next year’s present tense…especially in housing and equity valuations.

    As a mortgage lender – I am restructuring my business to a niche I feel will expand and not shrink next year when rates rise and values drop and all the “A” paper now will now need an Alt-B paper lender.

    Donated and adblocker removed.

      • NBay says:

        I honestly DO NOT get the beef with ads!…just pictures on the side or spaces in the center “info column”…so what?….it’s not like they are interrupting the “program”…….I have even learned about some new tech of various kinds here…..Hell, much of my TV time is spent studying ad techniques/targets, etc….where they are approaching the learning value of the “content” in many cases.

        Or do you possess a such finely tuned brain that such distractions affect your superior thinking?

        • Harvey Mushman says:

          I like the ads with the sexy babes!!!

        • coboarts says:

          I agree, from the earliest B&W TVs, I’ve become accustomed to letting the ads pass by. Getting a little tighter here. This isn’t a good time for me, but sending in donations to those who make my world better makes me feel proud.

        • Clifton says:

          Actually I deliberately search for sexy bikinis so that ads for them then pop up on sites I look at……

  5. Carl Wilson says:

    In Wolf we trust.

  6. SpencerG says:

    Wolf… have you looked into the Substack model? I don’t know much about it but I do know that a lot of the better journalists are moving to it. Then again it is largely because they are tired of editors stifling them… which is not a concern that YOU have.

    • Wolf Richter says:

      I love having my own site, my own URL, my own revenues, and not getting deplatformed when I misbehave. Control over my little niche is hugely important to me these days.

      Substack is someone else’s platform. Mine is wolfstreet.com

      • Red says:

        I don’t think you need to remove your ad blocker. Go to your ad blocker settings, should be a way to white list a website to allow ads on just that website

      • Jim Gantz says:

        Mr. Wolf, Thank you for reaching out. Glad to help.

      • Dan Romig says:

        Being in control of one’s own destiny is one of the perks you get from being self employed.

        I too contribute to WOLF STREET Corp., and even raised my most recent contribution slightly due to inflation. Although I was somewhat sarcastic in my note to Wolf explaining a 5% increase in my bi-annual contribution, I will continue supporting Wolf as long as he keeps going, and I will match my contributions to inflation too.

        Thank you Wolf!

      • MiTurn says:

        “and not getting deplatformed when I misbehave.”

        That’s where we are today: telling the truth is misbehaving!

        We all turn to your site Wolf to learn the facts. Keep misbehavin’!

      • Ralph Hiesey says:

        Wolf, you are bringing up what I consider to be by far the most critical issue on the web.

        The news sites that have legitimate journalists need to be paid somehow for their work. With no other way, they are going behind paywalls.

        The propaganda outfits are being supported by organizations that are paying to provide the propaganda, so they are more than happy to supply their BS for free. The more the better. The worse for our Democracy.

        So now the more responsible reporting and commenting is less available without paying–and the propaganda is left for probably most that don’t pay.

        Very bad for our democracy, assuming that the preponderance of propaganda and lies are not helpful for Democracy.

        Possibly one way: have some easy way for readers to make small, easy to make, very secure voluntary contributions to sites–maybe $1-$5–that hopefully 1 to 10% of readers would volunteer to sites that publish things to try to balance things for other web followers away from only propaganda.

        A new definition of patriotism — without joining the military.

      • Michael slade says:

        Hi wolf, im in Australia and have tried to donate before. Its an Australian debit card and doesn’t seem to get recognised! I have been reading your content for quite a while amd would be happy to donate. I don’t have a check book but could do a bsb. Is that an option? No fees for you and only the exchange rate for me to consider. Thanks.

      • James says:

        It’s simple to have a paid private section of your site, with payments through Stripe / PayPal (or even crypto?). Some other financial newsletter sites take this approach, rather than being on substack.

        Also – I’m sure you’ve already considered this, but affiliate links for products you believe in may perhaps be an option.

        Lyn Alden takes both these approaches I believe.

        Long time visitor, first time commenter…

  7. Micheal Engel says:

    Capex in high tech server bit your cash flow, on top of SF high o/h cost. Donations are not the solution.

    • Michael Gorback says:

      If your content is worth something people will pay. When Paul Harrell was demonitized on youtube I opened a Patreon account that makes monthly donations. His content is worth it.

      I’d rather do that than have my bandwidth, time, and screen space eaten up by ads.

      I used to contribute to Charles Hughes Smith until he hooked up with some guys behind a pay wall who were peddling newsletters.

      If you can’t support an honest man who helps so many people what kind of person are you? He’s not selling $2,000 bullshit newsletters. He’s asking for some support.

      Donations may not be a permanent solution but it’s a damn good stopgap.

      Care to ante up? I’ll match you 1:1 with a $10,000 max.

      • Tom D from Canada says:

        I like this: I am going to the $5/month model and I encourage others to do the same. That’s recurring revenue for Wolf like a voluntary subscription. Hopefully PayPal will accomodate 😊

        • Tom D from Canada says:

          It worked. If you want to match my contribution please feel free to do so 😊

      • VintageVNvet says:

        GOOD one MG,,,
        Since I am trying my best for us to live on my SS only, not touching capital as did my grand father with his $100 per month in the mid 1950s,, and even though the ”official BLS inflation calculator” shows that my SS is approx double what his was worth — ( actually not very likely as WS regulars know full well,,,)
        I absolutely choose to donate as much as I feel safe to do, a couple times a year,, and would welcome your ”match”…
        Unfortunately, I cannot remember today how much it has been this year,, ( and do not care, as I am, these days, truly ”foot loose and fancy free”,,, and not keeping track of any expenditures after paying off the CC each and every month, etc. )
        Maybe the Wolf can tell you how much to match…
        And thanks again for your many many excellent and well thought out posts on here contributing to my education.

        • Wolf Richter says:


          I tallied your donations this year and let MG know.

        • Michael Gorback says:

          VintageVNvet I already sent more than that. I’m sending cash in increments as “gifts” which are not taxable and untraceable.

          Thank you for your kind remarks about my contributions to the discussions.

          Thank you for your service,if I have decoded your screen name correctly.

      • NBay says:

        “I’d rather do that than have MY bandwidth, time, and screen space eaten up by ads”……

        You keep bandwidth, time, and screen space books, I guess…..something to kill time in retirement?

        And that last line marks you as something…not sure what….

  8. Billy Halgat says:

    Hi Wolf!

    It has been a distinct honor to have read each and every article you’ve ever written on “Wolf Street” since the very first day you began your most gloriously enlightening financial/life site, indeed! You are the most Superior Monitor/Economist, which is so highlighted in your bolded boxed annotations in the Comments Sections.

    After living in Austin, Texas for over 25 years, my partner of 36 years and I moved to the “Heart of the Belly of the Beast ~ North Arlington, Virginia”–3 miles from the Capital and 5 miles from the Pentagon. As retired USA//USAF Veterans with a combined 75 years of high-level Fortune 500 Corporate careers, I still shake my mind, each and every day on how we came to live in the most hated region of the world. However, as I run through my daily circles of D.C. foreign diplomats, I make it my Mission to tell everyone about “Wolf Street;” the story of your most your gracious and loving wife; and, personally help them book-mark your web-site onto their devises–more than once–and almost daily, I’ve been amazed on how thrilled all of them have been with the education and informative information you’ve directly have provided (amplified) towards the spheres of their own influence, friends, families, and light-years beyond the ripples of their very own governmental echo-memories! Although they may not be quite able to thank-you directly, Wolf, it is so very comforting to know that you message is being conveyed all through the highest-circles of those who care–and they all know, that YOU do Care. . .

    Although I’ve only written once before to you regarding all the shadow listeners you have allowed, it is my Mission to try and round up some bucks for your tremendous efforts. I have my Christmas List of wealthy individuals and families from 1967 to 2020; so, I gonna be barking for some old Texas monied donation for you, Wolf. Personally? I’m BrokeButtBilly these days; but, I have been highly awarded (as a permanent disabled/dead person) for what I call “Bathrobe Activision.” Bathrobe Activision means that no matter how disabled or how poor or how disadvantaged anyone is, this Billy has had the tenacious ability to raise and personally donate “Chunks of Cash.” It’s amazing what an individual can do when they are comfortable with a telephone!!

    I will make sure I can donate as much as I can to you, Wolf–by EOY, Amen!

    You are One of the Most Honorable Souls upon this Planet of the Cross. I tell everyone I meet about you virtually daily, and of your tremendous efforts and attempts to education us all. . .

    When I grow up? I want to be You, Amen!

    Billy Halgat

    William Thayer Halgat
    1904 North Daniel Street
    Arlington, Virginia



    P.S. I have always loved your picture of that telephone transformer just outside your Empire’s Window. . .

    P.S.S. I’ll try to send you a donation by year’s end, okay?

  9. Michael Gorback says:

    How about Zelle? Couldn’t be easier.

    Also open accounts on sites like Patreon. When youtube started demonitizing accounts the fans used Patreon. You can set up recurring payments.

    • Wolf Richter says:

      I use Zelle, and it works, and it’s free for me, so that’s good, but I don’t want to publish the info needed to make a payment. I’ll send it to you if you wish.

  10. Thor's Hammer says:

    Wolf Street is that rare sight on the Internet. It is not a corporate dis-information platform pushing an agenda and selling a product or brainwashing its audience. Its followers and Wolf still believe in reference to fact and analysis. I often don’t agree with the political philosophy of posters, but almost always find them worthy of respectful consideration.

    Quite a contrast to the drivel and petty backbiting that fills the comments section of a place like ClusterFuck Nation no matter how good the lead article.

    Wolf, do whatever you can to preserve your freedom and independence.

    • VintageVNvet says:

      Thank you SO much for the very very clear and relevant comment TH!!!
      Like you,,, I find this website the ONLY place to get any and every kind of TRUST WORTHY information these days.

  11. Robert says:

    Thanks for your blog
    I like the Seeking Alpha site because I can get all of the comments that are made AFTER I have read your blog
    The little bell at the top right hand side will tell me if I have any further comments
    The Wolf Street Report is a must read for me
    Thanks again

  12. Micheal Engel says:

    The Global Wolfstreet spread it’s wings from Canada to UK, from Germany to Iran, but those readers don’t pay a dime. They aren’t customers.
    Charge quarterly, or like insurance co semi annually and annually, but
    protect your site with cyber.
    Grab your new server and move to a zero o/h zip code.

    • Wolf Richter says:

      I get quite a few donations from overseas. Thank you!

      Also the ads appear overseas in local languages such as Japanese, Chinese, German, etc.

  13. Hobby Farmer says:


    My first and perhaps only post. Found your site a couple of years ago. i enjoy it immensely. For the first time I made a donation (small unfortunately). We live on a tiny, tiny farm where we grow a wide variety of berries, mostly to supplement retirement income and to self consume. Part of our acreage is wild. Poaching has mushroomed over the past couple of years, perhaps because of the increasing price of meat. I routinely come across stripped and gutted deer and raccoon carcasses. Neighbors have lost sheep and even cattle. Poachers are now very high tech., using crossbows (to remain quiet) and hunting at night with night vision equipment. Though many of my neighbors appreciate the increasing price of meat, production by small producers will fall as insecurity increases. Higher meat prices will not necessarily bring higher production everywhere. Inflation is bringing chaos.

    • Paulo says:

      People are eating racoons where you live? Things must be tough around there. We have herds of protected Roosevelt Elk around here, but no one poaches them….at least not too often. Poachers usually get caught and then are forever known and vilified. Plus the fines are astronomical, you lose your guns and the right to hunt…..might even be lifetime ban.

      Anyone who can afford a crossbow and night vision has enough money for groceries. It isn’t about the food, it’s about something else….. and I won’t even get into it. Make an example of one and it will quit.

      Will donate now, in 5,4,3

      Thanks Wolf for the fine articles and your patience with many of us.

    • Michael Gorback says:

      Hang a string of fish hooks at face height along the paths they use. Let them explain it in the ER. Your story will be you were just drying your fish hooks.

      It’s also easy to make caltrops using nails and a garden hose.

      I haven’t had poachers but I’m damn sick of having my feeder motors stolen.

  14. Christian Friis Johansen says:

    Would love to show my appreciation with a donation, but I’m taken to Paypal directly when I push Donate. Could you send me bank details (IBAN) and I will make a direct transfer. Thanks in advance.

    • Wolf Richter says:

      Christian Friis Johansen,

      Thank you for trying. PayPal is just the payment platform I use. It allows you to make a contribution with pretty much any credit card from your country. The PayPal page you should see is the one I set up for WOLF STREET. I get donations from overseas that way, no problem. It works, and it’s cheaper than a wire transfer. So give it a try. If you run into problems, let me know via email.

      • Paddy Jim Baggot says:

        wolf you and your site are totally awesome
        your commentary insightful
        your commenters are insightful too

  15. MiTurn says:

    Gonna send a check. I don’t trust the interweb anymore.

    Keep it up!

    • Charlie says:

      MT – Thumbs up on doing a check, guess I’m just old school, or maybe a dinosaur.
      Wolf, the check is in the mail for the valuable information you provide.

    • Michael Gorback says:

      Send cash.

      1. No paper trail
      2. Enclose a note note stating it’s a gift.

      No taxes.

  16. Sheila Smith says:

    Thank you for your newsletter! I read everything you put out there and find it always perceptive and insightful, covering topics in a way that I find nowhere else. It is much appreciated!

  17. Tom says:

    Hi, I tried to donate via debit card. I hate using PayPal (very invasive, no value add, last time robbed me by forcing currency exchange I did not want). Anyway, after filling my card details, the system insisted on providing also my address and phone numbers. I do not think you plan to call me, 10 USD contribution is well below any treshold for KYC, so I see no reason why you need to make the database with contact details of your contributors. Surely you do not plan to sell them :-)

    • Wolf Richter says:


      Sorry for your troubles.

      I don’t get your payment info that you give to PayPal, including your credit card data. That’s why I use PayPal so I don’t have to deal with this data.

      It’s like when you use your credit card to buy something online, even a service that is not shipped. You end up having to give your billing address and phone number.

      But thank you for trying.

      • Tom says:


        most reputable payment gates in Europe work with card number and name on the card only. Only US based PayPal demands additional info, probably to force or “market” their other “services” on people. I have bad experience with PayPal and its invasiveness. As soon as you have other payment options, or option for wire transfer, I wil be happy to contribute. Do not get me wrong, I love your blog, I like how you can put data into context. That is very important and few sites have the right balance of data support and context. You do. But I will not use PayPal again. Sorry.

  18. Tminus1BlkSwan says:

    Just set up a monthly donation for your efforts Wolf! Won’t make you rich, but at least it is something reoccurring.

  19. Alex J. Pollock says:

    Will send a check, Wolf. Keep up the good work! Alex

  20. Kenn says:

    Quick question; Do you get paid by the advertisers when the ad is viewed, or only if it is clicked on?

    • Wolf Richter says:


      Please DO NOT click on ads just to help me out. I get penalized for that. AI figures this out :-]

      If you see something interesting that you want to check out, by all means, check it out. That’s great.

      I get paid in various ways. Google mostly pays per click (and in penalizes me for “invalid” clicks). Other ads pay per view (CPM). My direct sponsors pay fixed weekly or monthly rates.

  21. buda atum says:

    Your’s is my alternative to the over-expensive Economist. Not only do you educate me, your ‘commenters’ educate me too, and you wouldn’t believe the books I’ve read from recommendations here.

    Thank you immensely, and all you commenters too.

    Can you consider setting up a forum please?

    • JayLah says:

      Could you list some of those books? I’m interested and looking for a good read.

  22. Fluxite says:

    I sent what I had in paypal to you.

    I know its not much but by chance Paypal sent me a note today, saying I had to make a transaction of face a charge for inactivity.


    • Anthony A. says:

      Wow! I didn’t know PP would charge you for inactivity. Will they do that if you have an account with zero balance?

  23. Susana says:

    For a long time now Wolfstreet has been one of my go-to sites for a smart unbiased view of the economy and market trends. I love and appreciate all you do, and everyone in my household loves the Wolfie mug (;

  24. Swamp Creature says:

    I have a stupid question? I don’t have as blockers. I actually like looking at some of the ads. What happens when you installed ad blockers? Do all of these ads disappear? If so then the site would be all text except for graphs. Pretty boring in my book. I’ll keep the ads.

    • Anthony A. says:

      Yes, the ads don’t show except for the ones like the roof company at the top of the comments.

    • Wolf Richter says:

      Yes, sort of. You’d miss all the “busty women for mature men” ads and the bikini ads, and the bra ads. I don’t know how people live without them :-]

      But the ads from my direct sponsors cannot be blocked by ad blockers.

      • Tanstaafl says:

        Oh, you are so lucky, US of A.

        “Orthopedists/ mechanics/ used-car salesmen/ tapeworm breeders/ back-seat drivers/… hate this fantastic new gadget.”

        What a difference a bra ad makes…

        A small sum for the Wolf Street Media Mogul Empire and his head honcho (or was it top underling? I can’t remember…), but a big “Thank You” to you and your commenters.

      • Swamp Creature says:

        Yep, Mrs Swamp had some concerns I was looking at some questionable sites as some of these ads are borderline soft porn.

      • JFP says:

        Your ads from direct sponsors can be blocked, but someone has to add the pattern to recognize them to the ad blocker. You are probably too small for anyone to have bothered, but it just takes one anti-ad maximalist to do so. It has happened to sites I’ve worked on before.

    • Ads have no purpose other than promoting consumerism. The specific purpose of any ad is obscured by its macro purpose. I do like the glossy magazine fashion ads, but then I like to deconstruct them into David Lynch narratives. Film is meta-advertising and movies are the content of TV and internet. The smartphone is what the pack of cigarettes used to be, a means of social communication. Same health risks as well, but wait a few years.

  25. Micheal Engel says:

    I disabled Ad Remover on Wolfstreet.com

  26. Nemo 300 BLK says:

    I’m in for another $50. Keep up the good work!

  27. jo6pac says:

    I’m down for $5 all I have at this time

  28. Anthony A. says:

    Wolf, I just mailed you a check. I like writing occasional checks as it makes me feel like I am actually spending real money (LOL). I also asked for a mug in a separate email and in the letter with the check. If you are out, please add me to the list for later. Thanks!

    Thanks for all the work you do. A day doesn’t go by without me looking for a new article or continuing to finish reading another.

    • Wolf Richter says:

      Thank you! I set a mug aside for you until your check gets here. Mail is slow. So please be patient. But this mug has your name on it. Cheers.

      • Anthony A. says:

        Thank you! Yes, Texas to San Francisco mail may take a week to get there.

  29. Who Cares says:

    There is an added wrinkle to the whole blocking thing.
    I block 3rd party trackers not adds but that means that I automatically block 99.9999% of the adds since just about every add has a tracker (or ten) embedded.

    So that I see the adds on this site either means no trackers, tracker data is stored locally (before being sent out for processing) or I’ve white listed wolfstreet.com

    As to add-blocker blockers, that is an arms race. There are already add-blocker blocker blocker add-ons. Heck my 3rd party tracker blocker can handle some of them if you can handle the syntax it uses to hide empty elements that contain trackers.

    • Wolf Richter says:

      Yes, that’s why I treasure my direct sponsors. Those ads are basic images (jpg) with a link and maybe some html text. No scrips, no trackers. No third party anything. They reside on my server. And they load really fast.

  30. COWG says:

    So you’ve doubled the price from free to freefree…


    Best economic education ever… one student and 500 professors !

  31. Yort says:

    Wolf- is there any method to donate 100% anonymously (other than an envelope of cash mailed direct)?

    P.S. I do not use any ad-blockers, and in a weird way it almost helps me focus on the financial articles better having “visual fireworks” going off on the right hand 30% of my screen…HA

    • Wolf Richter says:


      You can try mailing a money order. I think that works. They allow you to leave the sender boxes blank, and then I wouldn’t see the sender’s name. Also make sure not to put a return address on the envelope. You can google this to verify.

      • Yort says:

        Thanks, I’ll go the M.O. route…

        P.S. For your second edition beer mugs, maybe print J-Pow’s goofy mug shot on it saying “Stagflation is Transitory, Half Full Beers for only $1000!”

    • Swamp Creature says:


      I donated the last two times using a gift card I bought at the local supermarket. Worked great.

      • Wolf Richter says:

        Swamp Creature,

        Please don’t send me gift cards. They’re difficult for me to deal with. If you don’t want you name to appear, send cash or money orders.

        BTW, Swamp Creature, you have not used gift cards here. I know that for sure. That was some other place.

        • Swamp Creature says:


          Let me clarify. I used the gift card to charge my donation. Kept it in my possession. I didn’t send you the gift card. It had $500 on it. I use it to buy stuff on Internet. Also use it to pay to rent bikes in the city or to pay parking meters. Works great for this kind of stuff.

        • Wolf Richter says:

          I see. Thanks for clarifying.

  32. Putter says:

    $100 M.O. on the way. Great insight here. Enjoy the commentators. We will celebrate your short cover next year at a profit!

  33. Urmas Grossthal says:

    Thanks for the reminder. I did donate $25 as I did about a year and a half ago, when the previous request came out. Great stuff, keep writing.

  34. Sh says:

    Hey Wolf, love what you are doing here.
    Dont know about your traffic numbers but you have a community and a fan base. There are lots of options to monetize thoughtfully.

    Paywall articles
    More merch (!)
    Encourage your community to activate ad blockers only for your site
    Micropayments for articles (check Iota)

    • drifterprof says:

      After hearing Wolf mention the bikini ads, and the bra ads, I’m trying to find a way to unblock ads on my Brave browser.

  35. drifterprof says:

    I started reading WS several months ago. For me it’s a solid source of learning and tracking fundamental macroeconomics.

    It’s interesting that Wolf takes the time to explain and clarify economic issues on a basic level (for uninformed, propagandized, and/or illogical posters, which can sometimes be me). Seems like teaching must be in Wolf’s genetics.

    I’ve lost interest in commenting on a major online news website I subscribe to, because I learn much more from reading WS commenters. There are more real people experiences and less time-waste polemic spewing.

    I only have a Paypal account because there are rare situations where it’s the only way to pay. So out of convenience I started using it to donate to WS. Also the vendor doesn’t get your card number or other info about you.

    Started out donating about $5 per month, but I liked some of Wolf’s comments so much it currently morphed onto $10 per month.

    Will start using one of my functional email aliases instead of the ignore-never-read I use to avoid unwanted communication

    • Wolf Richter says:

      “I started reading WS several months ago.”

      Hahahaha, oh my, how time flies when you’re having fun. I checked your first comment — that was on Nov 10, 2020, over a year ago 😍

      Thank you for the support!

  36. SG says:

    Long time reader this is my first post. Wolf, Appreciate the work you do. Made a small contribution. Hope it helps you to keep going.

  37. stan67 says:

    Greetings from London.

    Just popped a random amount down the PayPal pipe.

    2 steps, few seconds process.

    Grateful for all your reports and thoughts, and of course the priceless commentary!

  38. I will add my donation this week. Thanks for all the great economic reporting on the absurdities of our current upside down world.

    You know who my internet hero is? Craig Newmark, the founder of craigslist. He created an internet classified where the only revenue source is the revenue from employement ads, every other posting is free.

    We truly need some internet companies that create better plumbing for the internet that allows small business to take more of the profits. Amazon sucks the money out of the ecommerce area, google steals most of the clicks and pushes them to paid advertising, facebook makes it more difficult to create and market a business socially without paying for ads.

  39. Top-GUN says:

    Cash gift going out tomorrow… There are no taxes on gifts.
    It will include address for my stepson to send a gift mug to. He did 5 yrs in 75th Ranger regiment. Then 5 more with Blackwater type company.. Now doing his dream job….. US Marshall Service…

  40. MiTurn says:

    How about adding a WS baseball cap, in addition to the beer mug (which I have, by the way)? Especially with the glass supply issues.

    I’d buy one! And it’d give you advertisement in public with all those smart cats (your readers) sporting them.

  41. Beardawg says:


    Paid my annual donation via PayPal this time. Sending an email. You R A W K ! :-)

  42. George Wood says:

    Why is there a glass mug shortage?

    This makes no sense to me.
    Shipping large, heavy, low profit items like a glass mug across an ocean is extremely inefficient.

    Why is there a shortage of stupid items like “hot pockets” at Walmart?

    The USA is broken. The US is no longer a capitalistic nation.

    Fedex installed anti theft devices on all their vans.
    Fedex’s processes are so chaotic and inefficient, the package losses are likely staggering.

    The theft that is going on at Fedex is at the executive level.

    I often have to load my own truck as no one showed up for work or who really nows why??

    I have been driving a van with 427,000 miles on it and the only way to get the vehicle to go into reverse is to first put the transmission into forward drive gear and then reverse. Of course you have to be pressing the anti-theft button during the process or nothing happens.

    The US is a broken nation.

    • Wolf Richter says:

      “Why is there a glass mug shortage? This makes no sense to me.”

      It’s a GLASS shortage, and glass products are being prioritized to where high-margin glass products get produced and cheap ones with lots of glass, such as heavy mugs, do not. This glass shortage has caused glazing shortages to where builders cannot get windows to finish buildings, etc.

      “Fedex’s processes are so chaotic and inefficient, the package losses are likely staggering.”

      I have sent out hundreds of mugs with FedEx and nothing has gotten lost yet. If they lose 1% of their shipments — would you call that “staggering?” — well, then I would have to have lost at least 5 mugs. But I lost zero mugs.

  43. Ronnie says:

    I will say it one more time ? Your own web site.
    Looking like an old fashioned newspaper….individual STATIC ads…small.
    Like one…. press it and it’s a full page. The mob selling the stuff provides the material and graphics . You just load. Or a “normal kid” who’s dad knows you…pocket money or real resume building experience.
    Small monthly auto donation..$2.
    Even a pensioner can afford that..(USA maybe not.)
    Pennies make a pound. Raindrops make a rain depression. Streams, rivers etc. etc.
    The static ads get changed once a month. Advertise books on money, financial history and refer to Apple Books etc or publishers to purchase. Take a cut ..many small cuts make a meat sandwich..ie Small profit.
    It all ads up.
    KISS …keep it simple stupid. I’m ex army and proud of the education they smashed into me.
    Learning to march in a group and all in step was very hard concept to learn …it didn’t seem normal to me.

    Just recovering from open heart surgery…now waiting to find out if I have lung cancer ( non smoker). I could do with a few fucking beer mugs….(speaking as a non drinker…)

    The planet may be dead before me judging how America wants to fight, fake and fraud…EVERYONE AT ONCE.
    Maybe just advertise noodles! I need to sleep.

  44. JohnM says:

    Ad-blocker removed. Just for you.

    • Anthony A. says:

      I removed my ad blocker and all I see are big blank spaces between some of the comments. Go figure.

      • Wolf Richter says:

        Not all ads fill. Some get hung up somewhere or fail to display. But those blank spaces are fixed so that the comments don’t jump around when an ad fills or fails to fill. People hate jumpy comments.

  45. LK says:

    Donated. I may be a bit of an antagonizing element on here given my low tolerance for crazy talk, but the work you do is invaluable, and I’m guilty of sending links of pertinent articles to people, including my ex-military brother doing real estate.

    • LK says:

      To be clear, you haven’t said one thing crazy. If anything, the articles are sobering, and when people go over the line, you are a voice of reason.

      What’s crazy is how this fake economy persists, which I anticipate will be the case until the capitalist / ruling class can’t keep the charade going despite their best efforts.

      Wait, am I talking crazy? @_@

  46. Bob says:

    I haven’t commented before, but I’ve been reading the articles for a few months now. Great site.

    Just donated $50.

  47. Swamp Creature says:

    I’ve got nearly 2000 Wolf Posts in my Wolf e-mail folder since I signed up in 2018. I need to go through and clean out some of the dated material. But some of these posts are “gems” and I may want to keep them. Also some of the comments in the posts are priceless. Lets see, average of 100 comments per post, that means I’ve archived 200,000 comments!

  48. Gabby Cat says:

    I have decided to subscribe to you monthly. I figure I read you more then I would my local paper, so I am giving you their asking price. I did not share my address through PayPal. I don’t subscribe to much, but I think your worth it. I wish you the best in your campaign!

  49. Wolf Richter says:

    My apologies for the WOLF STREET beer mug shortage.

    I have now run OUT OF MUGS.

  50. Island Teal says:

    I’ve been kind of busy this week. Just now got to this thread. Will be tossing some Paypal $ towards one of favorite sources of information later this week 👍👍

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