What Should We Make of the Global Slowdown in Manufacturing?

Wolf Richter with Jim Goddard on This Week in Money by HoweStreet.com

The global slowdown in manufacturing and trade is not pretty. How will it impact the US and other major economies?

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  7 comments for “What Should We Make of the Global Slowdown in Manufacturing?

  1. Joe says:

    Really going to have to address all these hundreds of thousands non-profit companies and organizations that really don’t do much but Ingest vast sums of money.

    • Old Engineer says:

      I thought he was referring to companies like Uber, Sears, and GE. And the banks, kept profitable only by government support.

  2. Ivan says:

    When more and more people lose their jobs or increasing costs of services force them to default, then unemployment and losses will be spreaded out to service sector very fast

  3. Gershon says:

    The important thing here is that our oligarch overlords, thanks to their creatures at the Federal Reserve, are closing in on their objective of concentrating all wealth and power in their own sociopathic hands. Sure, the productive economy is being looted and asset-stripped, and millions of workers are being made redundant, but hey, to make an omelet ya gotta break some eggs, right?

  4. timbers says:

    Wages are rising faster than inflation?

    That’s like saying Boston real estate prices are falling.

    Reminder: The Fed’s inflation Fraud Reports are fraud. They do not include asset price inflation. The Fed is still in massive monetary expansion mode. It has never not been in massive monetary expansion mode for 10 years or so. But it reports fraudulent figures on inflation, which are fraudulent.

    • Gershon says:

      Ever since the first tech bubble bust, the Wall Street-Federal Reserve Looting Syndicate has engineered market pump & dumps every 8-10 years to loot and asset-strip what remains of the middle class. We’re about due for another Great Muppet Reaping, but given the tripling of public and private debt since 2008 (heckova job, Bernanke & Yellen), coupled with the Fed expending its ammo on ten years of “emergency measures,” it seems highly likely that we’re going to see cascading defaults culminating in thousands of bank failures, and possibly even bank runs. At that point the fraud of our “recovery” since 2008 is going to be laid bare, along with the epic incompetence and mendacity of our Keynesian central planners.

  5. Suppose the government nationalized healthcare using MMT? How would that affect the service economy? The basis of the service economy is the middle man, and modern economies are adept at eliminating excess layers, (like HC insurance). Isn’t that also the business advantage shadow banks have in providing services? I notice that the RE agent is also taking a smaller commission. Is there no inflation in services? Or what is Uber doing to people who used to drive cabs? Taking away their living?

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