UK Pound Collapses, Nikkei, European Futures Crash, Oil Dives, Gold & Bonds Soar as Brits Choose “Leave”

Bookies turn into goofballs as financial carnage breaks out.

The omniscient bookies, who correctly predicted the vote in the Scottish independence referendum, have always favored the Remain campaign. Despite numerous polls to the contrary over the past few days, they upped the Remain vote’s chances of victory from 60% to 82% – near certainty!

And markets drank their Kool-Aid. All of it. And it tasted soooo good.

Based on an electorate of 46.5 million people, turnout at the referendum was 72.2%, a stunning figure by US standards. At 6:40 AM London time, the Leave vote wins with 51.9%, and the Remain vote loses with 48.2%.

As victory speeches of Leave campaigners ricochet across the UK and the world, it’s turning ugly for the financial markets.

The UK pound, as I’m writing this, plunged 10% against the dollar, now at $1.34!

Equity futures in Europe are getting creamed. The London FTSE futures and the German DAX futures are down about 9%. The euro falls 3.7% against the dollar.

The carnage instantly spread to Asia, particularly Japan. The Nikkei has crashed through the 15,000 level, and is now at 14,870 down a breathtaking 8.4%, which brings its year-to-date loss to over 25%! Companies that depend on exports are getting crushed.

Investors are seeking refuge in Japanese Government Bonds, which jumped, as yields dropped. The 10-year JGB yield fell to negative -0.19%, the lowest ever, and is still falling as I’m writing this. The 20-year yield is hanging on to a positive number by its fingernails, now at 0.15%, and the 30-year yield isn’t far behind at 0.16%. At this rate, they’ll all be negative soon. The yen soars 4% against the dollar.

Hong Kong’s Hang Seng is down 5%. In China, a concerted effort is underway to keep stocks from spiraling out of control. The Shanghai composite almost hit the heavily defended 2,800 level after the  mid-day break, down over 2%, but then bounced off and is currently down only 1.4%. The Indian Sensex, at mid-morning trading, is down 3.5%.

And what happened to the magnificent oil rally? WTI keeps skittering lower every time I look, now at $46.86, down 6.4%.

But gold spiked 6% to $1,338, but now appears to have second thoughts.

In the US, equity futures are turning uglier by the minute. The S&P 500 futures and Nasdaq futures are both down 4.7%. This is going to be a rough open for stocks. But Treasuries skyrocket, with the 10-year yield plunging to 1.44%!

Clearly, central banks are going to try to do their magic to manipulate markets back up. They’ve prepared for this for months. They’re going to try to make things bounce.  And bottom-fishers are already lining up to dive into the markets….

This is what happens when markets believe only those soothsayers that confirm their wishful thinking. Over the past five days, stocks had rallied. Everyone brandished the bets of the bookies as proof that Brexit was toast, that the Brits would come to their senses and let go of their dreams and frustrations, and instead prop up the global markets with a resounding Remain vote. But voters turned out to have a will of their own.

Other countries in the EU now will also want their chances at an in-out referendum. The Dutch might be next. And it seems the tranquility of the past few months, and the big stock market rally it entailed in the US, might be in for a rougher ride as the future of the EU gets sorted out.

But Daiwa Capital Markets, the international investment bank with a big stake in this, offers a cynical analysis that explains how things really work. Read…  Even if Brexit Vote Wins, there may be No Brexit: Daiwa

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  108 comments for “UK Pound Collapses, Nikkei, European Futures Crash, Oil Dives, Gold & Bonds Soar as Brits Choose “Leave”

  1. d'Cynic says:

    Now this is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end. But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning.

    • d says:


      I smell an early Election, as Camerons government Implodes.

      Preceded by a coup d’etat in the Labour party. which would make them Electable.

      EWither way the EU has just been served a “HUGE” WAKE UP call.

      And the EUR is now looking rockier than ever.

      A long period of FUD will now ensue (similar to the drawn out grexit, no grexit, then tipras debacle, of greek saga).

      The Big Girl is likely to put on a few more pound’s, before she is called for duty, on this alleged Brexit.

      • Paulo says:

        This is what happens when you don’t ‘share’ the wealth with regular citizens. The vote said, “You’re no important than I, you are no more deserving than I, and we don’t exist to simply serve corporations and enrich their owners. You have kept wages artificially low to enrich your profits by importing workers. “.

        America, the the rest of the World had better take notice and make a few reforms.

        Pitchforks by ballot, this time around.

        • d says:

          “This is what happens when you don’t ‘share’ the wealth with regular citizens. ”

          NO This has nothing to do with sharing the wealth.

          “You have kept wages artificially low to enrich your profits by importing workers. “

          This is close:

          Along with other EU immigration issues, such as EU DICTATED immigrant Quotas, in an England BURSTING with EU and non EU immigrant’s, the EU Said England had to keep taking. Is what brought England and the EU to this insane impasse.

          Germany has already said, this does, not make economic sense.

          And it dosent, as England is a net contributor of billions annually to the EU budget and Economy.

          The arrogance of EU Dictators in Brussels, has brought the EU and England to this.

          Look at the zones that voted leave, 2 types, the English who pay the Bills, and the English who are seeing their country and livelihoods destroyed by MASS EU DICTATED IMMIGRATION simply said ENOUGH. They will not vote UKIP or BNP Most of themn wont even vote labour, but they have just told Brussels “This is where you get off”.

          Right now Labour must really be regretting the Corbyn Descision.

        • retired says:

          I am not crying for these Gordon Gekko types,..maybe the small retail investors deserve some sympathy but not the big boys!

          The hardcore operators in the equity markets are not investors,..they are casino card sharps who play ‘Guess the Fed.
          ‘Real analysis is pointless!

          The financial sector,the F.I.R.E. industry of rentiers ,is sucking all of the wealth & credit out of the real economy that actually produces things.
          If these guys get killed in a deep correction it will be like a detoxification process that will clean out the garbage in the financial system!

    • EVENT HORIZON says:

      Never have 51% done so much for so many. This Island Nation shall not perish.

      • d'Cynic says:

        We shall defend our island, whatever the cost may be, we shall fight on the beaches, we shall fight on the landing grounds, we shall fight in the fields and in the streets, we shall fight in the hills; we shall never surrender.

    • nick kelly says:

      The words of Churchill spoken during WWII, when the Axis was cleared from North Africa.
      Later, he was an early proponent of the EU project, essentially a Franco- German agreement.
      Whether he would have agreed with its expansion to include Greece, I don’t know.
      But the EU project is bigger than money.

  2. Al Tinfoil says:

    The plans of The Powers That Be go aft aglae when the ordinary people are allowed to have a vote on their future. Democracy is too messy for Brussels to handle.

  3. Jonathan says:

    Glad to see the brave British showing the middle finger to that autocratic POS despite all the fearmongering. If the UK is gonna get screwed anyway they might as well eat the bullet now than later.

    • EVENT HORIZON says:

      A nation belongs to the people. Not the Bankers.

      BUT, England will have hell to pay. If 2 World Wars didn’t scare them enough into One Europe Government, One Bank, One Currency, then there will just be another.

      Eventually, the peasants will surrender.

      • Petunia says:

        If you know your history, you know the peasants always win, eventually. Never mess with people that have nothing to lose.

        • NotSoSure says:

          Ah, but the lords from prior years past didn’t have access to nuclear weapons, biological viruses, etc. And you know who built those? That’s right, the peasants.

          And we have next generations peasants pretty soon called robots.

        • nick kelly says:

          It sure didn’t turn out well for the Russian Peasant’s Party. one of a group of moderate socialists who overthrew the Czar in 1917.
          In the end a tiny but ruthless splinter, the Bolsheviks, overthrew them.
          This lead to Stalin who deported millions to Siberia, starved them or murdered them. Then the farms of the peasants (Kulaks) were seized and collectivized, leading to Russia’s first true Asiatic type famine.
          As for the mother of all revolutions, The French Revolution, after executing Citizen Capet ( the King) and wife, then came the Great Terror with about 70, 000 executed, including finally the instigators of the revolution. (as with the Bolsheviks, the revolution eats its young)
          Then came Napoleon’s military dictatorship, as the people wanted one thing- stability.
          It all ended up with France today being by a wide margin the least equal Western democracy- with only about a thousand people with power- none of whom are of humble birth.

        • TheBloomIsOffTheRose says:

          Never underestimate evil.

        • d'Cynic says:

          I am afraid that’s wishful thinking, the wolfs always will have their pound of flesh. You have to smear the brown stuff into the sheeps’ face for a long time before this happens. Have been saying this for years that as the train move ever more east, someone will start to fall off in the west.

      • retired says:

        You have your cause & effect backwards.
        If it wasn’t for the Central Reserve Banking pyramid swindle their would have been no wars in the 20th century.
        Modern wars are so expensive that they could never have been financed without huge leverage,the sort of leverage supplied by the Central Bankers.
        I have read authoritative statements that claimed that the antagonists in WW1 were near financial bankruptcy after a few months of warfare,the Central Bankers helped them extend the conflict till 1918 with debt based reserve banking.
        Debt based & leveraged borrowing which led to the Great Depression which led to totalitarian regimes. Totalitarian regimes which were in turn financed with heavy leverage in the equity markets during the 1930’s.This financing helped pay for the armies that fought for Italy & Germany during WW2.
        Now you are telling me that the EU,which is a front for the bankers,will prevent future wars?
        You have it backwards, they are the bankers that finance the wars!

        • nick kelly says:

          So after two million Germans stream across Belgium and are 30 miles from Paris in Sept. 1914, Britain should quit because its expensive?

  4. Davebee says:

    This is surely the time for three very long and resounding cheers for Nigel and UKIP. Plus the other millions of Brits who have finally had enough of the EU and waves of immigrants turning their country into Riyadh/Sharia on the Thames.
    Oh, and the new Mayor of London, remember him? You know, the number one IN campaigner. I bet he’s right off his cuppa this Black Friday. Or is that White Friday now?
    Hip Hip!!
    Me? I’m off to enjoy a rather large portion of fish and chips. Thanks Nige.

    • Lee says:

      Yep, a few people in the UK finally found a spine and voted to end the crap that was going on there.

      Maybe a few more in Europe will also find enough strength to do the same.

      The USA? Maybe this will wake up enough people there as well. always hoping………….

      As for the markets and the real world? “Much ado about nothing.”

      In the real world everything will be the same, the world isn’t ending, and tomorrow the sun will come up. It will take years for anything to really change on the economic side of things.

      A month or so from now the pound will be at the same level, gold will have fallen back or settled a little higher, Japan will be muddling through, and the market talking heads and pundits will be looking for the next made up crisis.

      We have our election in Oz a week from tomorrow and who knows which party will win. For the average person it means little: just which one’s policies will rake you over the coals you more.

      Too much PC going on here in all areas, too many people coming here that don’t speak English, and too many people from areas that have nothing in common with democracy and freedom.

    • nick kelly says:

      I watched the resignation speech of Cameron and was greatly impressed by his dignity- and his pledge to help make Brexit work, since it was the people’s choice.
      Then came the UKIP guy. What a nasty slimy little bit of work! Crowing about how the virtuous common folk had overthrown evil bankers- when almost half the country disagreed!
      Truly magnanimous.
      The sane Brexiters now have to sweep up the glass and figure out how to keep UKIP at a very long distance.

      • ML says:

        DC is our Prime Minister. One would expect him to resign with dignity.

        Nigel Farage is not. What you might think of him, fact is without his vision, there would not have been a referendum. Without DC’s support for one, NF’s dream might never have come true.

        It is said DC took a chance in agreeing for UK to have a referendum. It is quite possible remain would have come off had it not been for the EU’s handling of the refugee crisis.

        • nick kelly says:

          I kind of agree- showing compassion may have doomed the EU.
          But to quote the motto of the SS ( in a better way) ‘Loyalty is My Honor’- maybe it was a cause worth dying for.
          The million refugees, in the community of 350 million were as nothing.
          Ironically they were especially minimal to the UK, most of whose non- white immigrants were from the former Empire.
          The backlash against the migrants is a delayed reaction to the ‘Pakis’ who have no connection to the EU.
          But there is nothing like being against some folk to get elected.

          It’s in the blood.

        • nick kelly says:

          I was his duty to extend the olive branch to the losing side and to the majority who didn’t vote for Brexit. (The No number plus those who didn’t vote and now apparently, wish they had)

          A very bad portent for the stability of the country- the opposite of Cameron’s attempt to bridge the divide.

          There is already a petition of 1.5 million wanting a second referendum. I can’t wait for the comments if that comes off.

  5. Guido says:

    90% of the Indian Sensex volume is because of the entities from US using it as their play pen. The rest 10% are there to transfer their wealth. It is as if the (US) casino closed for the day, so the gamblers set up a table in some other place, which in this case happens to be India.

    I wouldn’t use the Sensex information for anything more than an indicator of what’s to come when market opens in US tomorrow morning.

  6. Kreditanstalt says:

    The “markets” will have to get used to uncertainty and volatility…years and years of it. And increasingly they will no longer be able to look to central authorities for help.

    Look at the map: this was a rather incoherent vote by the UK’s “red states” not just over immigration but against elite technocratic, managerial government, against ever more control, more power, more taxing and spending, against lower standards of living, against financialization, against “bigger is better” and every-larger blocs and entities…all the things the system NEEDS.

    RISK is getting re-priced.

  7. night-train says:

    Keep calm and carry on.

  8. In Singapore and laughing expat says:

    The Aston Martin CEO says they need tariff free trade LOL….buddy you just left it.

    Oh the Brit farmers got 3.5 BILLION Euro subsidy payments last year.

    Leave = ignorance.

    The Eastern Europeans working in Costa Coffee as in the US are the Mexican labor force. Simply put they do what Brits dont want to do. This was a very bad decision. Nationalism aside it was poor economics in action. Well done.

    Now that you have that in order the expats in Spain will be losing their status as well. You will need Visa’s and your health coverage is in doubt. More stupidity. The Leave fools are such. Boris? Oh please he coudnt tie his shoes if you paid him. Pathetic. Quitters one and all.

    • Markar says:

      Mario Draghi couldn’t have said it better(as he changes his Depends)

    • Alistair says:

      With incoherent “arguments” like that, it’s no wonder the Remain side lost. You mention the 3.5 bil the Brit farmers got in EU subsidies, but fail to mention that Britain pays far more than that to the EU. Call it cognitive dissonance. As for the expats in Spain, well, too bad. Spend some time at home I guess.

  9. Nicko says:

    CAD$ is dropping like a rock, could be a good time to invest. :)

  10. Richard says:

    Hang on, hang on, hang on… Cameron says he WILL resign (but not yet!) He says take plenty of time to find your successor. I can wait. He says, “but not for me to initiate separation proceedings with EU”

    Uh, excuse me, is this a stalling effort SO HE DOESN’T HAVE TO LEAVE THE EU AT ALL???

    • d says:

      “Uh, excuse me, is this a stalling effort SO HE DOESN’T HAVE TO LEAVE THE EU AT ALL???”

      I smell an early Election, as Camerons government Implodes.

      Preceded by a coup d’etat in the Labour party. which would make them Electable.

      The Big Girl is likely to put on a few more pound’s, before she is called for duty, on this alleged Brexit.

      • nick kelly says:

        Oh for God’s sake you children, he RESIGNED. The US President doesn’t stop being President the day after the election. He remains President until the new guy is inaugurated. As WR informed me Obama didn’t assume office until early 2009, not November 2008.

        The UK also needs continuity while a new guy is elected by the Party, the position can’t be vacant. It will happen quickly.

        Now go and do some coloring or something.

    • Alistair says:

      He announced his resignation. It’s a done deal.

  11. Silly Me says:

    Unfortunately, the whole western financial world is geared towards manipulative practices. Millions die every year on the altar of Mammon.

  12. Spencer says:

    What are these bonds people speak of?

  13. Chris from Dallas says:

    Germany says it would be extremely foolish economically to deny the UK Most Favored Nation trading status. France, Italy, and Netherlands want referendums.

    Texit here we come (g)

  14. Meme Imfurst says:

    If the world can not handle the idea that a single player has had enough and wished to remove his chips from the table, then indeed we are in for a major reset that the Central Banks and the Pretend G-20 leaders can not control. They messed with the Middle East thinking they could reshape it into their ‘own image’ and that didn’t work out so well, why would this? When the elite only listen to the elite, the result is bastards running the show.

    Latter that day…………….NATO said…….now what do we do……

  15. Mike R. says:

    It’s not over by a longshot. While a majority voted for exit, it was a slim majority. The PTB will work overtime to make life extermely uncomfortable for the Brits in every shape and manner they can.

    Cameron is leaving because he doesn’t want to be a party to this mischief and knows it’s coming.

    2 years is a long time to unwind. We’ll see what happens.

    But I am excited the Brits demonstrated the will to withdraw. Hope it really happens.

    • bead says:

      I expect the Germans will make it quite a bit more uncomfortable than you think. I don’t expect the Brits to grovel back.

  16. wholy1 says:

    Ya gotta love it every once in awhile when the globalist, investors, traders, gov agents/thugs and other parasites get margin calls and sobering notices!

    • Nicko says:

      Soros made a lot of money today. ;)

      • Alistair says:

        Soros is quite rightly betting on the fragility of the global house of cards we’ve built. Last night, somebody just pulled a big card out from near the bottom.

  17. Petunia says:

    I hope you all realize that Hillary just lost the election with the Brexit vote.
    Just like McCain lost the day he voted for TARP. Just pointing it out.

    As for the bookies, the bets where mainly in favor of Remain, but the bookies would never have taken them if they thought they would have to pay out.

    As for the markets, the fed will prop them up the way they have been doing it since 2009.

    • Paulo says:


      I think it may depend on a few other things as well. If the uncertain swings continue, the US might be inclined to vote for ‘more of the same’, as it equals apparent stability.

      Plus, I read yesterday Britain is 67% white. People of colour in the US are supposedly Hillary suporters. They sure won’t vote for, “they all really love me”, bankrupt boy Trump. But just my opinion.

      Plus, there are 4 months to ‘stroke’ the message if Hillary has a brain.

      People sure are angry and have had enough. Roll the dice again, because we’re losing at this game.


      • Petunia says:

        Mrs. NAFTA is a globalist at heart and the tide has now officially turned. If she had any credibility the voters might fall for the turn on a dime she will now make, but she doesn’t, and they won’t. You can expect the Bernie supporters to abandon her as well. Trump seems to be on the right side of many issues and now he has the wind at his back.

      • Petunia says:

        P.S. While it’s true blacks will vote for Mrs. NAFTA no matter what, the same can not be said of Hispanics. Before I get banned for this comment, I will refer you to Dick Morris’ book Vote.Com on voting in America. He states that the democrats don’t do anything for blacks because they get the vote anyway.

        Hispanics are much more sophisticated voters than the black voters. I consider the Cubans the most sophisticated voters of all. They control both sides of the aisle and barter their vote every election. That is why they became more powerful in Florida in 50 years than blacks did in 150 years.

        I have been a Trump supporter from the beginning because I am tired of all the BS.

        • d says:

          “I have been a Trump supporter from the beginning because I am tired of all the BS.”

          Trump will simply get your more and worse BS.

        • Wolf Richter says:

          Petunia, let me just remind you that Trump’s BS is legendary.

        • Ptb says:

          Every Politicians BS is legendary.

        • TheBloomIsOffTheRose says:

          “While it’s true blacks will vote for Mrs. NAFTA no matter what, the same can not be said of Hispanics.”

          Apparently, you haven’t read Mr. Trump’s Immigration Reform platform. Mr. Trump points the finger at Hispanics and immigrants, for societal ills created and abetted by corporations. He intimates that all immigrants are criminals.

          Hard working Hispanics are going to vote for a 70 year old arrogant entitled white supremacist , himself an unprosecuted criminal?

          Direct from Trump’s website.

          1. A nation without borders is not a nation. There must be a wall across the southern border.
          Make Mexico Pay For The Wall

          For many years, Mexico’s leaders have been taking advantage of the United States by using illegal immigration to export the crime and poverty in their own country (as well as in other Latin American countries)

          The impact in terms of crime has been tragic. In recent weeks, the headlines have been covered with cases of criminals who crossed our border illegally only to go on to commit horrific crimes against Americans.

          2. Defend The Laws And Constitution Of The United States
          Triple the number of ICE officers
          Nationwide e-verify.
          Mandatory return of all criminal aliens
          Detention—not catch-and-release
          Enhanced penalties for overstaying a visa
          Cooperate with local gang task forces.
          End birthright citizenship.

        • nick kelly says:

          And he’s on trial for his BS re; Trump U.
          But at least that trial is for civil fraud.
          Let’s see what happens if the 25 K payment to Florida AG Pam Bondi gets investigated.
          She was so stupid she didn’t realize that you have to wait a decent interval for your money.
          The Texas AG knows how the game is played- he dropped his case, ready to go to trial and prepared at great expense. His
          35K came 3 years later.
          Why does the money have to come after the favor- because money can wait.
          You can say: drop the probe and years later I’ll give you money.
          You CAN’T say: give me money and years later I’ll drop the probe.
          By getting the 25K up front and dropping the probe 3 DAYS later. Bondi created a smoking gun.
          Bribing an AG is not only a serious crime- it is a ‘high crime or misdemeanor’.

        • Lee says:

          Trump is a businessman.

          Hillary is and always been a leech on the government.

          When a businessman/woman take risks and they fail they go bankrupt. Trump’s success rate/failure must be up in the 90% range in terms of ongoing vs failures.

          When a politician/leech fail they get another government post or a job at some foundation or think tank.

          So far as I know Mr. Trump hasn’t killed a single person. The same can not be said about Mrs. Clinton and her policies in the ME along with her former boss, the zero that have resulted in the deaths of numerous people.

          I’d rather have a businessman/woman running the USA than a corrupt, lying, leech.

        • nick kelly says:

          The House of Representatives approved NAFTA, by a vote of 234 to 200 on November 17, 1993, and the Senate voted 60 to 38 for approval on November 20. It was signed into law by President Clinton on December 8, 1993.

          So all three branches approved NAFTA. The Senate vote, supposedly the house responsible for resisting popular fads, was especially overwhelming.

          But since in the somewhat antiquated, quasi- monarchical, US system, ONE person is a co-equal branch of government ( the ‘Cabinet’ being mere employees) we do have to apportion some blame ( if there is blame) to that person.
          But why blame their spouse?

          BTW: in Canada NAFTA is also blamed for everything by many people, mostly those on the left.
          But since, the overwhelming amount of trade affected was between the US and Canada, for critics on both sides to be correct, the treaty was a lose-lose.

          This seems unlikely.

        • JerryBear says:

          Los Hispanicos have a keen sense of pride and Trump has directly insulted them and dishonored them directly again and again and is still keeping it up. They will NOT forgive him! Trump has an amazing 70% disapproval rating, something of a record for a presedential candidate. This is the real reason Hillary will end up getting elected. You are dead wrong if you think that Hispanic vote is going to change its mind. I hear that Trump pinatas are wildly popular.

      • Chicken says:

        “People of colour in the US are supposedly Hillary suporters.”

        This is an interesting point. IOW, are you saying people of color turn a blind eye to corporate cronyism and insider trading by special interest groups because people of color prefer low wages and high unemployment?

        More of the same, we like it?

        I’m of the belief the Clintons made a real effort to ship manufacturing jobs offshore, consider Wal Mart corporate headquarters are just down the road from Hope Arkansas….

      • John Higson says:

        Britain is WAY MORE than 67% white! 87% is much closer to reality.

        • d says:

          “Britain is WAY MORE than 67% white! 87% is much closer to reality.”

          NOT anymore especially in the major city’s where it count’s at election time.

          In leed’s unless you can speak Hindi you are wasting your time.

          Whole suburb’s in London and other city’s have been taken over, by non English speaking people.

          The people who voted out are the white non urban English who want their country back.

          In a general election, their votes are buried, in a referendum they count.

          Look at the regions that voted out in England. Almost a classic town v country result. Scotland and wales made in look good. The English result was hugely for out, many of those who voted out were not English simply wanting a place free of EU regulation’s and the growing long arm of EU law/Regulation..

          A segment of the White Population, growing since 1945 is also not inherently English.

          Americas problems are obvious Colour problem’s, many of England’s problems are religious and cultural. Colour does not show the divide, it is simply an obvious element of it..

          I know a lot of “White” Tunisian’s, Algerian’s, Moroccan’s, Lebanese, Lybian’s, Former residents of the Balkans’s, Iranian’s who look perfectly, “White English”, walking down the street or at work. Their thinking however, is closer to that of the current ruler’s of tehran, than White English 1950’s London.

          White English 1950’s London, where the big Immigration mistake decisions were made by the left who wanted the votes of the Immigrants and their children for a generation or two. LOOK AT THE MESS, THOSE LEFTIST decisions HAVE MADE. 60 years on. They have successfully taxed the majority of the wealth of the wealthy white English out of the country, and driven many of the white English middle class to Australia, New Zealand, and Canada.

          An England Outside the EU with a collapsed welfare state due to a big recession. Could be a good thing for England, Long term. As when the welfare state collapses, many of the Immigrants will run of to somewhere where there are more freebie’s, or they at least dont have to pay to rebuild the country they have almost bled dry.

          Two Examples, of how not to do immigration.

          England and Japan are small Island nation’s. With large population to land mass ratio’s. One has and always has had, a serious “Racial Purity ” thing happening. The other has been destroyed. By Mass Immigration. Of Culturally Incompatible people. Who do not wish to integrate or Assimilate any of the country they have invaded with the intention of Milking and Colonising.

    • bead says:

      Not sure you are correct. Voters may flee to safety. While there is a desire to uproot corruption I can’t tell how serious voters are. Plus Trump isn’t offering anything more than “trust me.”

      • Petunia says:

        Trump is offering a history of doing things and making things.

        Mrs. NAFTA is offering a history of well, NAFTA.

        • W.H. Brewer says:

          Don’t forget the Balkans and Libya, fine legacies there as well.

        • TheBloomIsOffTheRose says:

          Trump is no Carnegie, Ford or Gates. He is not even self-made, having inherited hundreds of millions.

          On the contrary, Trump offers a history of money making through deceit risking OPM, never his own, with a series of spectacular failures.

          He has many similarities to G.W. Bush, also the scion of wealth, also dangerously ignorant and arrogant. Trump acts out GW’s statement, “If this were a dictatorship it would be a heck of a lot easier… as long as I’m the dictator. ”

          I am praying for divine intervention at the Democratic convention. I don’t want Hillary for U.S. president but would vote for her over notably ignorant and emotionally unstable Trump any day of the week.

        • d says:

          “Trump is offering a history of doing things and making things.

          Mrs. NAFTA is offering a history of well, NAFTA.”

          Must be adjusted for balance to

          Trump is offering a history of doing things and making things. Then going bankrupt, whilst protecting all of his gain and personal asset’s “Repeatedly”.

          Mrs. NAFTA is offering a history of well, NAFTA.


          NAFTA ,gets the blame. For the results, of the American Globalized Vampire Corporation’s, and their chinese allies. First enabled by Nixon, exporting job’s to china.

          Again, Blaming NAFTA and Clinton is an unbalanced, anti trade deal trade deal, Knee-jerk.

          Neither Clinton or trumpty dumpty are good candidates. I dont like either of them. She is simply a WAY WAY better candidate, than “trumpty “the professional bankrupt” dumpty”

          Trumpty does not understand.

          You can not put a country into chapter 11, whilst protecting all your assets from your creditors. Without HUGE Ramification’s that will resonate for decade’s. And harm the general Population, for much longer.

      • ERG says:

        Assuming Hillary is the nominee (I’m not; see my comment below), this election will be like choosing between two surgeons. One has EVERY patient die after operating and the other has never operated before.

        Which one would you choose?

        • TheBloomIsOffTheRose says:

          Trump has indeed operated before. See the carnage of bankruptcies, divorces, lawsuits, the buffoonery of “The Apprentice”. The latter showcases Trump in the role of CEO. Check it out.

    • ERG says:

      I’m still of the mind that Hillary will not be the nominee.

      After the Republican Convention, Obama/Lynch will indict Hillary. While she’s being fit for an orange jumpsuit, O will make a pitch at the Dem convention to transfer all her delegates to Biden – (Warren?). The Dems don’t say no to O. Forget Bernie; he isn’t a made man in either Crime Family – the Clintons or the Obamas.


      [1] H and O HATE each other. That’s more than enough right there. If Hillary becomes president, O will not even be allowed to visit the WH as a tourist.

      [2] O wants a third term and having Biden on a string gets it done.

      You heard it here first!

      However, the outcome of the election is another question…

      • Petunia says:

        Under your scenario I would think the obvious nominee would be Michelle. Even I like her.

      • Nicko says:

        HRC is still leading in key swing states, that’s all that really matters.

        • marty says:

          Not sure that the witch is leading anywhere. the vote fraud was rampant. she is nearly universally hated, receiving much backing out of fear. Nevertheless, we’re probably stuck with her, heaven help us all.

      • nick kelly says:

        Obama is one heck of good actor, endorsing Hillary, saying he’ll campaign for her.
        He knows you have to ‘hold your friends close, but hold your enemies closer’
        He is just waiting for the right moment to strike

    • VegasBob says:

      I’m not convinced that Trump winning is a good thing.

      But I am certain that Hillary losing will be a good thing. If anything Trump said about the lying termagant Hillary Clinton is true, it is that she is arguably the most corrupt presidential candidate in history.

      I lived in DC during the entirety of Tricky Dick Nixon’s Watergate affair. I listened to the daily revelations from Sam Ervin’s Senate Committee, and I read the daily revelations in the Washington Post.

      Without question, Nixon was crooked. In my considered opinion, Hillary is WORSE.

      • marty says:

        Nixon was a pip squeak and watergate a nit by comparison to the endless crimes of the hillbillies.

        • Lee says:

          Yes, and IMO that was the last time that the USA had much of anything going for it in terms of economics, the federal deficit, the rule of law, an independent press, some politicians that were actually statesmen, and a generally well educated population.

          Over the years the population in the USA has become a bunch of idiots, the MSM press a bunch of a** lickers for the democrat party and progressives, the congress a bunch of losers that have become a reflection of the stupidity in the USA (If you move the Marines to Guam won’t it sink? ….ilk), a current president that fails to enforce laws, ignores the courts, and has put back race relations 60 years.

          If a country can not or will not control its borders or enforce the laws on the books that protect those borders then it has no reason to exist as an independent nation state.

          Under the current administration and one under the former Sec State that is exactly what we have/would continue to have.

          (1. A nation without borders is not a nation. There must be a wall across the southern border. )

          Sounds great to me as the USA has been unwilling to take action to control its borders.

          Maybe we should just adopt the same laws Mexico has in regards to illegal immigration ………………)

          2. Defend The Laws And Constitution Of The United States

          Triple the number of ICE officers
          Nationwide e-verify.
          Mandatory return of all criminal aliens
          Detention—not catch-and-release
          Enhanced penalties for overstaying a visa
          Cooperate with local gang task forces.
          End birthright citizenship.

          Sounds even better.

      • TheBloomIsOffTheRose says:

        “If anything Trump said about the lying termagant Hillary Clinton is true…”.

        Why would you imagine anything that Trump says is true?

        Republican playbook:
        1. Accuse others of that which you yourself do, before they can turn the tables.
        2. Repeat often
        3. Mix-up facts with fiction, making arguments against your position more difficult and understanding of your true agenda almost impossible for the average person.
        4. Repeat often
        5. Present yourself as savior of the middle and lower classes, while secretly promoting policies that only enrich your own.
        6. Repeat often.
        7. Use word-smithing to hide your true agenda. Term the estate tax = the death tax. Hollowing out K-12 curriculum = No child left behind, single-payer health care = death squads.
        8. Repeat often
        9. Use phrases that make you appear to be a moral authority, e.g. Hillary’s a fraud. Hillary is a proven liar. Mrs. NAFTA (apologies, Petunia) . With such attacks, Republicans take on the mantle of ethics crusaders viewing the world from the lens of good and evil, and only they are in the position of getting rid of the evil.
        10. Repeat often.
        If only rank and file Democrats were as devious.

        • TheBloomIsOffTheRose says:

          Termagant definition:
          1. a harsh-tempered or overbearing woman.


          2. an imaginary deity of violent and turbulent character, often appearing in morality plays.

          If Hillary is a “lying termagant”, what is Trump?

        • Lee says:


          Funny, but can’t recall I single post you have put up here before.

          Are you one of those paid trolls that jump on different web sites to protect Hillary and bash Trump?

        • TheBloomIsOffTheRose says:


          “Are you one of those paid trolls that jump on different web sites to protect Hillary and bash Trump?”

          Funny. You must have missed my previous posts, which number more than a few, over several months. I am not a Hillary supporter. Far from it. I pray daily for a miracle.

          I don’t see much difference between the parties, except in deviousness. Republicans have a lock on that.

        • VegasBob says:

          I detest most of the Republican agenda, but the flip side is that the Democrats stopped being the party of working stiffs back in the 1970s.

          But the Democrats ARE just as devious as the Republicans. After all, it was the Clintons that invented and perfected the ‘politics of personal destruction.’

          Democrats are just as good at nearly all of the items on your list as the Republicans are. They just don’t think as big as Republicans when it comes to the volume of dollars they steal.

          And if you believe that Hillary really opposes Obama’s trade agreements, I have some bridges in New York to sell you. Her public statement against TPP goes like this: “I don’t support TPP as it is presently written.” This equivocation (lie) means that there are a thousand different versions of TPP that she will support, if just a few sentences are re-written.

          Petunia is right. Mrs. NAFTA will sell this country out in her first 100 days if she is elected.

        • chris Hauser says:

          right out of the goebbels playbook.

          on the other hand, some of what they say is true.

      • nick kelly says:

        And she is presently charged in what law suit?
        If there is one thing present in all these anti-Hillary posts it is a lack of specifics.
        BTW: no one outside the US can understand the witch hunt over these freakin emails.
        Ever hear of Snowden? He leaked from the most secret US agency the NSA. Maybe Hillary’s stuff was safer because it WASN’T a government server.

        But the Donald who IS on trial, is trying to prevent the specifics coming out, lashing out at the judge who has decided to make testimony public.

        Who is the bigger flake?

      • nick kelly says:

        I think you have to check your logic. You say you aren’t certain Trump winning is a good thing. You also say Hillary losing is a good thing.
        But unless you are proposing a third alternative, either Hillary wins or Trump wins,
        So you are saying that Hillary losing is a good thing but the alternative might also not be a good thing.
        Then you say: ‘if anything Trump says about Hillary is true..’
        Bucko; Trump is facing a suit by the government of New York state for fraud. They are saying he is a liar.
        So don’t rely on his info.

    • nick kelly says:

      Taking Palin on board didn’t help.
      When they were prepping her on foreign relations the campaign manager tossed her a sample question: The British feel burned by having joined us in the invasion of Iraq. How would you help sooth this rift?
      Palin: “The senator has a good relationship with the Queen and they would talk it over and..”
      Manager: ‘The Queen doesn’t make those decisions in Britain.
      Palin: “Who does?”
      Manager- after puzzled pause: “The Prime Minister”

      Of course, I’m taking this from the docu-movie made about the VP’s campaign, but since her actual manager helped make it, I’m assuming she said the above.
      Maybe having tried to put this woman one creaky heart beat from the launch codes should disqualify the Republicans from office for 20-30 years, until a different crowd takes over.

  18. Ptb says:

    Oh goodie. Panic brings bargains. Keep a sharp eye out. The lemmings are on the move.

    • MC says:

      One can only hope this is a case where there’s a true decline in prices and not merely a one-day dip followed by such a mass buying as to deny any bargain that may be had.

      All Euro stocks I have on my home banking watch list are still seriously overpriced (between 20 and 30%) even at present post-Brexit prices. Let’s see if panic buyers manage to ruin this one as well…

      • Ptb says:

        If the talk of other exits heat up, which probably will, this may fuel an extended correction reflecting the instability of major systems. Trump, sanders and exits, etc…this is looking like a trend wth traction. This will prolly bounce, but then head down with more separatist activities. That’s my guess anyway.
        Collecting USD is something I’m doing right now as it will be attractive to all the uncertainty evolving.

  19. frederick says:

    Dont say İ didnt warn youall said the other day to get some gold and silver Wonder if anyone in the UK was listening?

  20. bead says:

    This appears to be another rinse job. Blow out the stops and rally in glory. My favorite new acronym TINA!

  21. dave says:

    wolf now i have a question for you. uk leaves and people are saying other countries will follow. now with draghi buying everything he can get his hands on through the ecb, if the EU ends up folding who gets stuck with the ECB??? not sure if they owe money or will receive money but to me this is the scariest part. would this be considered a grenade in a trench and who is going to fall on it.

    • W.H. Brewer says:

      Old Testament Jubilee. Get your popcorn ready…

    • ERG says:

      The US Federal Reserve – aka the US taxpayers wallet.

      Who else would it be?

    • Chicken says:

      My guess is, German taxpayers are on the hook.

    • Wolf Richter says:

      The ECB belongs to the central banks of the Eurozone states, and to a lesser extent to the EU members that are not Eurozone states (such as the UK). The proportion is determined by a formula (“Capital Subscription”) based on the size of the economy of each country. The German Bundesbank owns the biggest slice at 18%. The Bank of France is number 2, with about 14%. And so on.

      Ultimately, it’s the central banks of the member states, based on their fractional ownership, that have to deal with any fallout from the ECB.

      And those central banks will ultimately make taxpayers eat the bill.

      • Petunia says:

        The ECB must be kicking itself for not having rolled all the debt into an SDR. Now they won’t be able to saddle China with its portion, about 11%, I think. I can see China walking away from this mess.

  22. ML says:

    Perhaps the most surprising realisation to emerge from Brexit so far is from France. Apparently the French are amazed that the Brits have have had in us to do something constructive about the EU.

    According to your President Obama, the UK will be last in the queue for trade agreements. I wonder whether that will be the case when the US discovers that China is lining up to be first!

    As I write this, I note your Dow Jones index is down about 515.5 points. Our FTSE 100 was down by about the same first thing today (Friday) but recovered to close at just under 200 points.

    Interesting times ahead.

    • Nicko says:

      Uh….they’re both down about 3%.

    • Chicken says:

      I’ve felt from the start, that Brits would refuse to accept Brussels control of their destiny. Two things that surprise me most are the narrow British majority and, markets aren’t embracing the concept yet. I guess the reason for this is markets are run by and for elites, thus a tantrum is called for. To me the market response simply confirms the good judgement of Brits.

      Cheers to Britain for leading the way out of the quagmire by choosing the right course of action.

      For all I know, criminal enterprise are responsible for bidding up gold in response, one mechanism I’ve long suspected they use to swindle and extort taxpayers.

  23. Mike Cassidy says:

    Why are the bookmakers wrong the make a market, and after the “tissue” wagers drive the market The market maker stays “overround” so he makes a profit its the punters who get it wrong just read this article from yesterday

  24. Shawn says:

    B T F D !!

  25. chris Hauser says:

    essentially, it was the british working class giving london, paris berlin and bruxelles the middle finger.

    right back atcha, said they. kind of reminds me of getting rid of that pimple james, and bringing in good king william.

    • nick kelly says:

      A true Brit would not touch bruxelles sprouts- better a plate of mushy peas with the bangers (extra bread crumbs in those please) washed down with a Watney’s Red Barrel.

  26. ML says:

    Wolf is wrong about the bookies. According to Ladbrokes head of political betting, the average bet on remain was £475, the average bet on leave £75. The bookies didnt cut the odds as a prediction of the outcome, but to protect themselves from a massive payout in the event of remain. The stock market also misinterpreted the reason for the bookies odds. So when as the polls had predicted rhe leave vote won, it was only a shock to those who had been taken in.

    The question one should be asking is where did the money come from to bet so much on remain. Vested interests in the remain camp wanting to sway voters?

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