Twin eggs!

 Double Yolkers!


I admit, the two smaller but complete yolks in one egg are beautiful, and if I were God, I would have designed them that way from get-go, but it’s bizarre nevertheless.

I can’t remember ever having seen twin eggs in my life, and now, suddenly, in the span of a year, I see my fourth one. Here is a pic of …

Another set of Double Yolkers



Makes me wonder whether the chicken farm is close to our Diablo Canyon nuke that might have some problemitas they’re not telling us about….

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  3 comments for “Twin eggs!

  1. mulesrule says:

    Jumbo eggs are more likely to have double yolks, for obvious reasons. Maybe you've started buying bigger eggs and that's why you're seeing more of them …

  2. addison says:

    Hello, I raise organic free range hens, no chemicals at all. Young hens can sometimes produce double yolked eggs when they are first beginning to lay eggs. Their reproductive system hasn't quite perfected egg laying and they can ovulate twice while producing just one shell. So don't worry your eggs are radioactive! Just hyper active hormones in a young chick!

  3. Barchetta says:

    Saw a double cantelope at a farmer's market Saturday… it weighted at least 5 lbs. And my chickens lay some double yolkers from time to time, but it's been about a year since I've seen one.

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