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Dang, The Wine Bubble Implodes (It’s China’s Fault)

Many in the industry believe that in China, 90% of the high-profile wines, like certain Bordeaux, are fake. Devastating thought if you keep wine in a refrigerated vault as an asset class. And prices have collapsed. But it’s not all doom and gloom, not with California wines.

Turns Out, Even The Price of Beer Is Rigged

Everything is rigged. Stock markets, forex, interest rates, gold, silver, oil…. After battling that rigged world all day, you finally get to take that first big gulp of beer to heal the wounds, knowing that it’s the one thing that hasn’t been rigged against you. Or so you’d think.

Oktoberfest Dips Into Beer Recession

The Oktoberfest, one of the biggest beer binge events in the world, is closely watched for economic trends. Alas, this year was the second year in a row when, despite Teutonic organizational ingenuity and marketing muscle, the number of visitors and, most crucially, beer consumption “unexpectedly” dropped (as if we didn’t have enough bad news already).