Whose Oil Will Quench China’s Thirst?

As the world’s biggest net importer of crude, China is in a vulnerable position: utterly dependent on oil imports, at a time when its economy is beginning to wobble.

‘Steal Less, Invest More’ Advised At Ukrainian Energy Forum

Steal less, invest more, run a fair game, and sell off the pipeline system that Moscow is using to keep Ukraine in line — energy experts at a forum in Kiev.

In Search Of Russia’s Lost Fracking Boom

Gazprom’s mega-deal with China sent shockwaves around the world. But Gazprom might not be able to honor the deal if shale reserves are not tapped soon. And that might not happen because capitalism à la russe is a harsh mistress.

What Iraq’s Disintegration Means for Oil Markets

Executive Report, ISA Intel: OPEC’s 2nd largest producer has the 5th largest reserves in the world and is one of the last places with enormous amounts of underexplored low-cost oil.

Are Oil Traders Missing the Gravity of Mosul’s Fall to Insurgents?

By Nick Cunningham: OPEC’s second largest oil producer, Iraq, is in severe disarray just as the world has come to rely on its oil for greater energy supplies.

The Questionable Staying Power Of The US Fracking Boom

US oil production surged 64% since 2008, natural gas production 42% since 2005 – driven by the shale revolution. BP and Exxon saw the US as energy self-sufficient in 20 years. But three major red flags should curb this unfettered enthusiasm.

The Big Losers in the California Shale-Oil Fiasco

Executive Report with ISA Intel: Slashing the smoke-and-mirrors hype of the Monterey shale by 96% socked not only oil companies but also the state of California that was dreaming of $24.6 billion a year in revenues and 2.8 million jobs, now dissipated into thin air.