“When Will China Be More Expensive Than The US?”

With wages increasing and strikes engulfing the country, the cheap labor force that fueled China’s economic boom by underselling competitors is coming to an end. The game is to move factories into the interior. But costs of land, water, energy, and shipping are also rising. So, offshoring to cheaper countries. But….

Colorado’s Fracking Industry At Threat From The Floods?

Colorado, one of the most densely fracked areas in the US, is experiencing some of the worst flooding it has ever seen, and people are beginning to worry about the stability of those fracking sites and wells, many of which have been completely covered by the floodwater and are leaking (with video of leaking wells).

The Shale by Rail Revolution: A Lasting Phenomenon

The US shale revolution is leaving its marks. In 2009, the US surpassed Russia as the world’s largest producer of natural gas. In May, production exceeded imports for the first time in 16 years. In 2020, the US might overtake Saudi Arabia as the top oil-producing nation. But there aren’t enough pipelines in place to handle it.

Libya, An Energy Asset Security Nightmare

Contributed by Jen Alic of Oilprice.com. Libya—awash with roving militias and undergoing a near-total evacuation of Westerners from oil-producing Benghazi—is doing its best to make cosmetic security changes in an atmosphere of growing uncertainty. But much of the country’s south and half of its border regions are not even under government control.

US Power Grid Vulnerable to Just About Everything

As Washington hunts ill-defined al-Qaeda groups in the Middle East and Africa, and concerns itself with Iran’s eventual nuclear potential, it has a much more pressing problem at home: Its energy grid is vulnerable to anyone with basic weapons and know-how.