Don Quijones

For Love Nor Money: The Bank That Nobody Wants To Buy

By Don Quijones: The Spanish government is desperately trying to offload one of the bailed out, nationalized, and supposedly fully restored banks. The problem: no one wants it.

Spanish Judge Crosses Line by Sending Bank CEO to Jail

By Don Quijones: The Spanish magistrate Elpidio Silva is just about the only judge in the Western hemisphere to have sent the CEO of a bailed-out too-big-to-fail bank to jail. Turns out, that was huge mistake.

Mutiny of the Lab Rats: Europeans Grow Weary of EU Experiment

By Don Quijones: Europeans are pushing back against the EU Super State. Tired of being treated as lab rats in a dysfunctional economic and political experiment, a large minority will vote for euroskeptic parties in the nearing European elections.

Liars, Damned Liars, and Spanish Banks

By Don Quijones: “Spain’s banks are back on track,” the Spanish Banking Association announced to great fanfare. That’s the official story. But these banks reported financial results that “bear no relation to reality.”

“Uncreative” Destruction: The Troika’s Hostile Takeover of Europe

By Don Quijones: The story is now playing out across Europe’s bailed-out nations. The losers are by and large the poor and middle classes, while the beneficiaries are the same as always: the world’s largest multinational corporations and banks.

Another Day, Another Political Scandal In Spain’s ‘Mafia State’

By Don Quijones: Political corruption has already become synonymous with political leadership in Spain. But now there’s a spectacle of political hubris and impunity so farcical and obscene that it leaves no doubt in one’s mind: Spain is run by a mafia state!

Peaceful Indignation Turns to Violent Rage in Rajoy’s Spain

By Don Quijones: It was the first nationally coordinated grassroots response to repressive social and economic policies and widespread corruption of Spain’s ruling political caste. But it descended into violence – as the government is playing a dangerous game.

Which Country Is Europe’s Biggest Narco State?

By Don Quijones: Revelations of a dirty, big business in Europe, and of the role banks play to make it possible. In fact, during the financial crisis, European banks “were as good as saved by the global drug trade.”