Don Quijones

Round Two of the Global Financial Sector’s Takeover of Spain

By Don Quijones: When it comes to dodgy landlords, few have it quite as bad as the tenants of a number of housing projects in Spain who were notified that the government had sold their units to an innocent-sounding investment fund called Cibeles.

Christine Lagarde, The Most Powerful “Yes-Woman”

By Don Quijones: Christine Lagarde, former economy minister of France, now Managing Director of the IMF, by pledging her undivided allegiance to the dark interests of those she serves, has inflicted untold devastation on families and communities across the globe even as she’s tangled up in a sordid corruption affair in France.

We Are Sleepwalking Towards A Cashless Society

By Don Quijones: Governments are seeking to reduce cash transactions. The reasons are obvious: as most countries struggle to rein in public spending, governments are frantically surveying their surroundings for anything of value to steal or pawn.

Impunity and Excess, Desperation and Violence: Two Worlds Collide in Spain

By Don Quijones: Normally these two worlds co-exist relatively peaceably, barely cognizant of the other’s existence. Every now and then, their paths may intersect, only to quickly decouple. But this week they suffered a head-on clash.

Financial Tiki-Taka: Ugly Side of the ‘Beautiful Game’ in Spain

By Don Quijones: On the surface and on the pitch, Spanish football has never been better. The national team of once-perpetual underachievers has won two European Championships and one World Cup in the last six years, a feat unmatched by any other European nation.