Dear Readers, Please Donate to WOLF STREET: Spring 2024 Reminder

Thanks to your generous support, WOLF STREET has been free and open to all, not hidden behind a paywall.

Dear Readers,

Your support is crucial for WOLF STREET to remain free and open to all, not hidden behind a paywall. Anyone anywhere should be able to read Wolf Street. And you have been very generous to make that happen. Many of you donate throughout the year, year after year; and many of you started donating more recently. Thank you all for your generous support!!!

Your donations show me that what I’m doing here in my little corner matters to you. Your donations have become crucial to the site, and I appreciate each donation immensely.

More and more websites are hiding behind paywalls – and it totally makes sense. It’s a matter of survival. Many sites, big good websites with plenty of traffic and loyal readers have shut down because internet advertising is broken and gets worse every year. Some sites have switched to AI-generated content because it’s cheaper than human-generated content. Other publishers have erected a paywall. Others are bombarding readers with ever-more aggressive ads that make reading the site nearly impossible. Readers have responded by using ad-blockers.

Your generous donations over the years have allowed Wolf Street to become less reliant on ads. I’ve reduced the number of ads and removed the most intrusive types of ads to make the site reader-friendly.

There are 3 ways to donate:

  1. Zelle(if you use it): fast and free for both of us. Please contact me at to get my Zelle info.
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Tip: On that initial PayPal page: first, enter the amount; second, click on the WHITE button, “Donate with a Debit or Credit Card”:

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I will send you one of our 12-oz glass mugs (see photo below) to thank you for your very generous donation of $100 or more if your address is in the US, and if you would like a mug.

San Francisco artist Erika “Kitten” Lopez created the wraparound art on the mug: a funny wolf howling the WOLF STREET dictum, “Nothing goes to Heck in a Straight Line.”

If you would like a mug, please email me; include your shipping address in the US (I cannot ship outside the US) and phone number (FedEx will not deliver without phone number). Send the email to:

Thank you, Dear Readers, for your generous support over the years, for coming to WOLF STREET, and for your 508,956 excellent and fun comments!!

Wolf Richter

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  55 comments for “Dear Readers, Please Donate to WOLF STREET: Spring 2024 Reminder

  1. Dan Romig says:


    Thank you for your work & this site.

  2. John says:

    keep up the good work sir

  3. Dano says:

    Ask & ye shall receive!

  4. Alain says:

    Done. With my everlasting appreciation for all that you do.

  5. Jeremy says:

    Donated £20 from the UK. Thanks for the website Wolf, its excellent

  6. JWB says:

    Wolf, thank you for helping us make and hang onto our money. Donation sent. Smiles!

  7. Carlos says:

    Thx for the site!
    And when can we buys some Wolf Street T-shirts?

  8. Wolf Richter says:

    Quite a few loyal readers and donors have suggested that I put up a paywall because the content is too good to give away for free – and that people would gladly pay for it. A loyal reader and donor suggested this again just now in an email. These are important things to think about. And I think about them.

    Here is how I feel about it:

    1. My #1 priority is to reach as many people as possible; and my #2 priority is to enjoy what I’m doing. Once I put up a paywall, that can no longer happen. I will still reach many of my regular readers, but not the universe.

    2. Once I put up a paywall, I have to induce people to pay; I have to spend time, energy, and resources on marketing to pull in new people. Newsletters get fairly aggressive with that because they have to. I really don’t want to do this. I want to do what I love doing — which is doing the research, creating the articles, and interacting with readers. I have reached that stage in my life where I want to be picky with how I spend my time, and marketing a newsletter is not one of the things I want to do.

    3. People are very generous. Many people are. The magnitude of the donations ranges across the spectrum. The beauty of donations is that everyone can donate the amount that they feel comfortable with. So it works out for everyone.

    4. Donations make me FEEL really good. It shows people value what I do. I’m just really happy with that.

    So for me, at this stage in my life, keeping the site open for all and encouraging donations to make it work is the ideal solution. I absolutely love my job, it’s the best job I’ve ever had, and I want to keep doing it until my brain freezes over. I probably make less money than I would with a paywall, but that’s not really the point at this stage in my life. I want to continue loving my job, and keeping the site open is a big part of that.

    • CWSDPMI says:

      The primary reason I am a $100 donor and will continue to do so is I want you to continue to provide your data driven, fact based analysis to people who might stumble upon the site and learn something. I am fortunately aligned with your goals. Continue the excellent work. When I see something not published somewhere else I FEEL good also.

    • Yaargh says:

      A public and open internet is much preferred over paywalls/subscriptions. Keep getting those paid adverts like you’ve had recent, though, and I’ll click every damn one unlike the ads for back braces and the like. I don’t need a reminder that I’m old and crusty. Shoot, might even clear the cookies and hit up the local fast food wifi just for some extra clicks.

    • Khowdung Flunghi says:

      ” My #1 priority is to reach as many people as possible” – Wolf, really REALLY wish more people thought like this – such a refreshing attitude!

  9. Jon says:

    Thanks WR for all thr articles

    My contribution on your way soon

  10. AV8R says:

    Seriously? Until my ability to post is unrestricted by board moderation, I’ll continue to shoplift your content.

    Treat me like a criminal I think I’m at liberty to act like one.

    All the best,


    • Wolf Richter says:

      1. You’re not “acting like a criminal” by reading the site without donating 🤣❤ Many people read the site without donating. It’s perfectly normal.

      2. Just a reminder in general, one of the big ground rules here, because this comes up occasionally: no one can buy their way into the comments.

      • AV8R says:

        I just want equal treatment for equal contribution.

        • Wolf Richter says:

          Ok, but then you have to stop tossing hand grenades into the comments. The reason why your comments started going to moderation is so that I can remove the hand grenades before they blow up. I’ll give it a try.

    • Home toad says:

      That’s something my x wife would say. But I still see past it all and help her when she needs it.

  11. James says:

    I will send a check,only a recent reader but entertaining and actually at least I at times am forced to think about economic issues and how they are doing,not a huge amount but as us preppers say”The smalls add up”.

  12. San Francisco Native Son says:

    Look pal I donated my money and I love your work.

    Now when in the heck are we going out to dinner?

    Just kidding, I don’t want to cross any boundaries. But just so you know it’s an open invitation.

  13. Ray Phoenix says:

    Long time reader and 1st time commenter. I learned about buying t-bills and I-Bonds right here and made $$$ and still making $$$ hence a donation is mandatory. Thank you WR

  14. Harry says:

    Great content
    Soon on its way

  15. Harry says:

    Just sent $20
    From UK
    Would have sent $100 to get a mug but am in the UK

  16. Jedi82 says:

    I appreciate the laid back type of deep diving into topics that have click-bait headlines on other sites. And so good to hear you really love what you do without the need to squeeze the profit. Big thanks from Germany

  17. Cold in the Midwest says:

    Done. Once again pleased to contribute to an online source that provides unfiltered and incisive analysis. Without the inherent bias and distortion of the mainstream media.

    I do this despite that I now live in mortal fear of the letters RTGDFA. Had a recent unsettling nightmare about that very thing. It was about a pack of wolves each of whom had those letters branded on their side.

    Now let’s all pony up for Wolf. Remember, living in San Francisco is expensive. I heard 7-11 charges $35 for a slurpee out there now. $40 if you want a straw.

  18. BruceAForbes says:

    Coming soon and I hope to add to my mug collection in LA.

    All the best.

  19. BruceAForbes says:

    Coming soon and I hope to further add to my son’s mug collection in LA.

    All the best.

  20. J says:

    Can I send a USPS money order? Asking for a friend… Thanks for all your wisdom-filled articles and keeping the comments clean of junk!

  21. bulfinch says:

    Just chipped in my bit. Thanks Prof Wolf for creating your always-sober, trenchant analysis, garnished by the occasional and entertaining knuckle thwacking.

  22. John says:

    Hey Wolf, I’m curious as to your traffic flow these days? Spoke with a blogger the other day who said he’s averaging around 18k DAU’s which I think is pretty impressive. I assume yours is much higher based on the content of each site, hence my curiosity. Thanks.

    Also, if you’d like to make a custom sign/flag or use some of my art to generate a little revenue I’d enjoy that conversation.

  23. dougzero says:

    Just donated. Thanks for all you do. Please have a beer on me. No one works harder (or more competently) on a website than our host.,

  24. Debt-Free-Bubba says:

    Howdy Lone Wolf. For decades when my wife would put down the car window to donate, Lyons club, Firemen, on the street. I still will power up the window as we get close so she cannot donate. Would cause an argument in the early years but in time became a funny joke to each other to this day. Its just how I have always been. Your website has me very close to donating but am just not ready yet. Pretty incredible that the Lone Wolf has me almost donating.

    Hard to remove the squirrel out of the Bubba.

    THANKS for doing what you do………

  25. Paul says:

    Thank you Wolf,
    The quality of information in the articles and your gift for breaking down and simplifying confusing topics is truly impressive.
    Just as amazing is the amount of articles you publish and how quickly they come out sometimes in response to a news event.

  26. Seba says:

    A little less than usual Mr. Richter, sorry about that, but USD is really kicking ass and I get paid in CAD. Hopefully still of some help. While I understand suggestions of paywalls I’m glad this site isn’t, there’s a near 100% chance I never would have signed up if I hadn’t at least read a few articles to realize how valuable what you do is. Now that I know ofcourse if you do go paywall I will subscribe.

    GL whichever way you decide to go, I’ll pay up, this is the only reading material I put hard earned money towards anyway.

  27. dang says:

    ” Your support is crucial for WOLF STREET to remain free and open to all, not hidden behind a paywall. Anyone anywhere should be able to read Wolf Street. And you have been very generous to make that happen. Many of you donate throughout the year, year after year; and many of you started donating more recently. Thank you all for your generous support!!!

    Pretty strange language sentence structure that suggests that Wolf was not the author. While at the same time wanting to repay Wolf for the perspective that he illuminates the economic landscape.

    How do I donate cash.

  28. dang says:

    One dollar per week, 52 dollars per year for a presentation of the economic facts. Two bucks is $104 per year, for a premier web site that may slink into obscurity if not properly funded.

    Unless Wolf is actually already funded by dark money.

  29. anon says:

    Is there a way to make ANONYMOUS donations?

    Asking for … myself 🤪

  30. jo6pac says:

    Sent fiver. It’s a treat to learn about $$$$$ from here.

  31. Z2b says:

    Thank you for writing these articles, Wolf! I have learned a lot from reading your blog. :)

  32. Kenneth says:

    Wolf has accelerated my pace to capture critical data for the past 5 years. Which promotes me to be ready to stand and deliver as a PM. Wolf is irreplaceable and one of four super smart people I lean into to sharpen my understandingS.

    35 years ago, my professor of Multi-Variant Calculus taught me convincedly, to stop attempting to memorize, as all of math is just various dialects of language.
    Just learn know where to go, to apprehend the mathematical arguments & needed inputs, to design the algorithms to solve the problem at hand.

    In the world of financial economics, Wolf Richter supplies me with the data and economic-algos to solve for my PM diversification solutions.
    What a game changer in this day and age.

    I pay more, because well he makes it way more probable I am able to stand & deliver.
    Thank you Wolf :”)

  33. Sea Creature says:

    $100 Donation made.

    Worth every penny!

    • Sea Creature says:

      It seems every message I post goes into ‘moderation’, even the donation message above.. I wonder why..

      Still worth every penny though!

  34. WolfFan says:


    Keep on doing the good work and no paywalls please. I just donated for the first time, and with a paywall, I would never have become a committed reader. You’re in the middle of educating multiple generations of readers some with more or less knowledge of the economic data, deciphering that data and the institutional decisions that directly or indirectly effect us and the rest of the world. Bravo brother!

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