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By Wolf Richter for WOLF STREET.

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  65 comments for “Dear Readers, Please Donate to Support WOLF STREET: Spring Reminder

  1. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and opening our eyes and minds to the follies of markets .
    Donated via PayPal

  2. ed hargadon says:

    Wolf Street is one of the few financial sites worth the money.

  3. curiouscat says:

    Gee, if you have to switch to a different mug the originals will become collector items.

  4. DR DOOM says:

    After flapping my beak in a recent comment on my SQQQ sale at $50 during the Vlad The Mad bottom I would proabaly self shame if I don’t make a contribution especially due to the “taint” of proceeds from a short. Don’t want to F around with Karma. My donation will meet the Heck Mug threshold and if WS gets new stock , and policy permits it, I want WS to gift it to Depth Charge because he keeps me fired up on why the Fed Sucks. Check is in the mail.

    • Wolf Richter says:

      Depth Charge,

      Please read DR DOOM’s comment. His mug is for you!

      Depth Charge, please contact me via email so I can put you on the Mug List.

      DR DOOM, Thank you!!

  5. Kenny Logins says:

    If things go to heck in a straight line, will the mugs get a re-work?

    Oh for UK postage.

    I’ll donate. In lieu of a mug can we have an optional log y axis toggle on charts? ;-)

    Thanks for the continued financial reporting!

    • Auld Kodjer says:

      The man lives next to the San Andreas Fault.

      Leave him to his Richter Scale.

      • Wisdom Seeker says:

        But sadly, the seismologists’ Richter Scale IS a Log scale!

        I understand log scales vs. nominal, but I support Wolf generally in avoiding the use of log scales here because:

        1) Nothing goes to heck in a straight line.

        2) Some things DO go to heck exponentially.

        3) On a log scale, exponential trends-to-heck look like a straight line, which violates Rule #1… and is misleading to most people, including most of those who know enough math to know better.

        4) On top of that, many of the exponential trends-to-heck are driven by the ongoing Fed-sponsored “2% inflation = Stable Prices Mandate” (progressive currency devaluation), and that Really Ain’t Right.

        5) By showing it like it really is, Wolf resists giving in to the bogus framing by the inflationists that exponential behavior is “normal”.
        In reality, exponential growth is unsustainable on a finite planet.

        P.S. I plan to contribute more articles, in lieu of cash, based on the assumption that articles both generate ad revenue and help build this fine community of like-minded market skeptics.

  6. Michael Gorback says:

    If you change the mug temporarily they will be like WW2 steel pennies later when you switch back. Going rate depends on condition but you can get $2-5 for a steel penny. Certain variations go for thousands. A 1943 Lincoln Cent Struck on Bronze Alloy sold for $164,000 10 years ago so make some batches with rare collectible defects.

  7. andy says:

    Thanks Wolf, always enjoy your commentary
    Donated via paypal
    andy, Melbourne, Australia

  8. Khowdung Flunghi says:

    Maybe Wolf can do a “mug shot” display to show all us happy original “Nothing goes to Heck” mug owners. More exclusive than Club 33 at the Mouse House.

    Yes, a few pictures of dead presidents headed Wolf’s way via PP.

  9. Wolf Richter says:

    Upon popular demand, here are some Mug Shots that donors have sent me. I love them all.

    The image of the beer coasters from around the world shows the red WOLF STREET beer coaster that commenter RIPP did for us. We’ve been out of them for a while. I used to send them out with the mugs.

  10. Rob says:

    Thank you for your work.

  11. phleep says:

    I am further calibrating how much moolah this site has helped me make, with all these deep insights. Will continue to donate much as I can.

  12. JWB says:


    You make us money and make us laugh.
    I hope lots of us are sending in donations!


  13. PinotNoir says:

    I happen to have bought two Wolf Street Mugs when they were first released and have one that is still completely unused and wrapped in its original packaging. The other one has served me well, both with its capacity to hold liquid, and as a visual reminder of its underlying mantra when trading in a volatile market.

    As part of this Wolf Street spring donation campaign, I posted my remaining brand new original Wolf Street mug on ebay this afternoon. I will donate 50% of the proceeds of this auction (Sale price minus ebay fees and shipping costs) to Wolf Street.

    Starting bid is $250 – the current unofficial BID online at Wolf Street. I offered this mug to one member of the community who was looking for a mug for $250 plus a $250 donation to Wolf Street (the current unofficial ASK here on Wolf Street). The poster wanted to know the true market price of a Wolf Street Mug. If Wolf will allow this reply about the ebay posting on his site, we will all get to see what that market price is.

    Note to international folks — Auction is USA only, with free shipping. I will send internationally, but only if you pay shipping costs on top of the winning bid.

  14. Marbles says:

    Wolf has not made me a dime, but that’s fine with me, because I’m not here to make money. Since 2007 I have struggled to make sense of what is going on. I fault the Federal Reserve, and Congress for allowing , or promoting of all the theft of the hard working people in this country. And yes, the people are to blame also.

    I especially appreciate the work that has been put into the articles here. The mostly no bullshit way of dealing with some of the comments when they get out of hand.

    I’m not a stock trader, or financial whiz guy, but I know bullshit ( I also own a ranch) when I see it. A good example was the PPP loans, and I saw that 1st hand.

    Wolf, I just want to say, thank you, and this time I’d like a mug when you get one. The check will be in the mail tomorrow.

    • Wolf Richter says:

      Thank you!

      The mug shortage has been the most frustrating thing ever. Never once in my life did I think that we’d have these kinds of problems in the US economy. In my case, it’s just mugs. Homebuilders cannot finish houses. Automakers cannot finish cars. Truck makers cannot finish trucks…. Really looking forward to the moment when these shortages are over.

      • Marbles says:

        I can attest to all of that. I supply homebuilders. I also have more than 200 truckers that I deal with on a regular basis. Steel prices continue to rise, fuel, truck parts, etc. Oil and filters alone are sky rocketing. Theft has become a major problem.

  15. Paul says:

    How about adding a lightning payment option for donations?

    • Duke says:

      Yeah Wolf, we want to send you BTC micropayments, with no transaction fees. It’s the future. And here now!
      Just create a Cash App $Cashtag and start building your BTC inflation hedge. Ha!

  16. shubbey says:

    I am not a regular poster here, but I have been reading daily since 2021. This site is simply phenomenal. It is so difficult to find sites that accurately describe the true workings of the financial machinery in this country without diving into bat** crazy right-wing conspiracy theories. I happen to be very liberal but I think that the Fed and the Treasury have been corrupt at least since the 80s when Reagan put Wall Street in charge. But I didn’t think there were like-minded thinkers out there until I discovered this site. Expect a donation soon. Thanks!

  17. yuanshan says:

    Wolf, thank you for your hard work. I come from Beijing, China. Wolf street has broadened my horizons. Although I can’t donate money to wolf street through the above three ways, it makes me feel a little uneasy. All I can do is say thank you again!

    • immenuru says:

      Hey yuanshan. I’ll double my contribution to Wolf’s great site, half from you and half from me. Check to Wolf will soon be on its way. No mug needed Wolf and thank you for all you do.

  18. Janna says:

    Can I be a rebel and send a USPS money order instead of a check? Truly appreciate all you do!!

    • Wolf Richter says:

      Thank you. Yes, no problem.

      • Janna says:

        Thanks Wolf! Will send it out this Tuesday.

      • Dan Romig says:

        Last time I was in San Fransisco was Saturday, 29 December 1984 to hustle tickets for the 49ers vs Giants playoff game. Damn, that’s been a while I reckon. If I am ever back in town, I will make my biannual donation in, in the immortal words of NFL Hall of Fame member Randy Moss, “Straight cash, homey.”

        But until that time, I am proud and happy to contribute via a check in USPS mail, “A buck a day, six days a week, fifty-two weeks a year.” – Dan the TicketMan (retired).

        Seems like a good deal, and a bargain since Wolf lets us put in our two cents worth of our opinions of events that shape the world we live in.

        Thank you Wolf.

  19. Willem says:


    Just wanted to say thanks.

    I’ve been donating for a few years and always appreciate the depth of commentary and the variety of topics covered. Particularly the debt/housing bubble charts.

    It’s a sad reflection of the state of the MSM that I wouldn’t dream of subscribing to it as the value is so poor here in the UK. It amazes me that a small site(no offence) like yours produces more relevant material/coverage in a month than something like the Daily Telegraph does in a year.

    Thank you again

    PS particularly appreciate your pieces on who’s buying US debt.

  20. Doubting Thomas says:

    Hi Wolf,

    I am not a frequent commenter, but I read every word you write. I appreciate your fact-based, rigorous analysis combined with your entertaining writing style. You make difficult things easier to understand. You cut through the spin and bias that I see almost everywhere else. Some of your commenters are nuts, but that’s usually part of the fun. Thank you.

    I just made a donation. No mug necessary for me, as I already have one of those fine drinking vessels.

  21. Halibut says:

    Hi y’all

    Just testing my new name ;-)

  22. Martok says:


    Thanks so much for all the very insightful articles about subjects I wasn’t aware of, and saved me from making some terrible financial decisions!

    I also want to thank all the insightful posters who have really helped open my eye (Martok only has 1 eye) – only in the show – LOL – really I have two.

    The “House of Martok” proudly sent you a donation.



  23. Cold in the Midwest says:

    Just donated Wolf. Please continue your fine work. It is appreciated.

  24. jbs200 says:

    Thanks for all you do, Wolf – I’ve made a donation.

    Also, really appreciate many of the commentators, especially about actual ground reality on supply chain issues/inflation in various industries.

  25. jo6pac says:


  26. Swamp Creature says:

    Wolf, keep up the good work, donated $50 a couple of weeks ago. Mrs Swamp is using your housing data in her appraisal reports.

  27. Cold in the Midwest says:

    I think I should mention what I appreciate most about this site. Wolf has not “sold out” in order to sell more advertisements.

    When I say “sold out”, I mean altering the content in a manner that may attract more page views/advertising placements but is no longer the unvarnished (and sometimes unpleasant) truth. As Doubting Thomas said above, this content cuts through the rampant spin and bias so prevalent on many business and economics web sites now.

    I don’t mean to imply that I always agree with Wolf or that I think he is always right. However, his due diligence and fact/data based reporting (accompanied by his substantial economics and business knowledge) are well worth the support.

    Keep on truckin’ Wolf.

  28. Flea says:

    Waited to long ,to donate ,my fault .u are only site I visit really like my view your site not owned by billionaires is factual, the rest of American news sites are mostly manipulated.1 sr donation on the way THANKS

  29. John H. says:

    I am sending a check, payable in U.S. dollars, which are also payable in US dollars, etc., etc., etc….

    Thanks for for service. Your work is not a “little” thing you humbly claimed a few days ago!

  30. Sean says:

    Wolf, you mentioned buying Treasury securities that mature within 1-month to 2-Years to park your cash.

    Where could I buy these as retail investor, besides the I Bond program?


    • Wisdom Seeker says:

      You can buy normal Treasuries as well as I-Bonds directly from the US Treasury. TreasuryDirect-dot-gov is where to go. It took me about 20 minutes to set up my account and link it to my favorite bank account. Then the usual ACH clearing time for the bond purchases.

      One can also buy individual Treasuries in brokerage accounts and IRAs, and sometimes in 401Ks.

      P.S. If you like I-bonds, keep a close eye on the TIPS yields. Those Treasury Inflation-Protected Securities also pay out “CPI plus a yield” and the yields have been improving recently. Shorter-term TIPS aren’t as good as I-Bonds right now but that could change. Also, if you’re in a higher tax bracket, you might prefer to own TIPS in a retirement account… in a taxable account they won’t actually keep up with inflation because of the taxes on the payouts. But shorter TIPS can still be much better than a bank account when inflation rages.

    • Wolf Richter says:

      You can buy Treasury securities (other than savings bonds such as I-Bonds) at your broker, both in the secondary market and directly as issuance.

      But I buy all Treasury securities directly through my account at (account type for retail investors). My little company also has an account there. This works for me because I buy at issuance and hold till maturity. I don’t trade Treasuries. It’s very convenient for me. has lots of info about the different securities you can buy; and the portion that I deal with is designed for retail investors.

  31. Anthony A. says:

    Wolf, sent the Zelle donation and “inflation adder”. Also asked for another mug when you get them made someday. I need a matched pair!

  32. sydneycollin says:

    I don’t make many donations, but feel so fortunate to have Wolf Street as an unbiassed market resource that I am more than happy to do so here!

    Thank you, Mr. Richter!!!

  33. Kevin says:

    Donated via paypal. Wish I could have made a big donation because I really appreciate Wolf’s insights that you can’t get from MSM, but I lost a lot of money in the past year shorting this crooked market from UVXY. Next time when my short made money, I am going to make a larger donation.

  34. Dorothea Lange says:

    Donated. I’m not sure it’s enough to even get you a sandwich in SF, but I sent what I could (broke person). I appreciate what you do tremendously.

  35. Anonymous says:

    Will donate if you promise to stop censoring my posts. Don’t need your mug, just a promise to allow the free exchange of ideas. Will check for answer in two days.

  36. Elven Piper says:

    Hey Wolf,

    I am pretty stoked that i recently uncovered your website.

    I have been seeking out people that truly “get” what is happening within our financial system and I believe I have found that within the community you have been curating here and your awesome articles.

    I have a donation in the mail to show my appreciation.

    I am eager to dig in and get some good discussions going, and who knows, maybe we can come up with a tangible nuts and bolts solution as opposed to just complaining about everything thats wrong with the existing system.

    Maybe we produce something so good a 3rd party political movement takes hold of it and makes it law?

  37. Karen says:


    I still feel happy and proud to have started this ball rolling. You should know that virtually all of my “charitable” donations go to journalists and bloggers who bring a measure of truth and sanity to this crazy world. You inspired me!

    Keep up the good work and thank you, so much.

    • Wolf Richter says:


      Thank you! Yes, you got the ball rolling here. I’m so grateful for that. The donations have produced immense personal satisfaction for me because I get so much encouragement and love from my readers through this channel — in the comments, by email, in the mail — that I would not otherwise have known of. It makes the endless hours I put into this site super-worthwhile.

  38. Karen says:

    Yes, that was the idea – because faith and encouragement are worth so much more than money. Apparently, even on a financial site that’s becoming obvious to everyone :-)

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