Trump Surges, Canada’s Immigration Website Crashes

Post-Election Stress Syndrome?

It didn’t take long for Americans to get nervous. Sometime after 9 PM Eastern Time Tuesday evening, the media projected that Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump was winning in some key states, including Michigan, Ohio, and Florida.

Not much later, The New York Times announced, “Trump Takes Florida, Closing In on a Stunning Upset.” It showed him in the lead with 244 v. 215 for Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton.

And already, our beleaguered compatriots are trying to bail out. The nearest and most obvious place to bail out to for many of them is Canada. It’s a great place to go anyway. And according to media reports, the official website of the Government of Canada’s immigration office – Citizenship and Immigration Canada – unceremoniously crashed,

The site comes in English and French, and both are dead. Here is what I got when I checked it just after midnight Eastern Time.

The English part of the site looks like this:


The French part of the site looks like this:


It seems we’re seeing an epidemic of Post-Election Stress Syndrome sweeping across the country.

I’m logging off to spend some quality time with a good IPA.

On a more serious note, so to speak: Since Carl Icahn disclosed with much fanfare and media hoopla his stake in Hertz in August 2014, shares have plunged 78%, including 22% on Tuesday, as the foundation of the auto boom is cracking. Read… The Chilling Thing Hertz Said about the US Auto Boom

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  120 comments for “Trump Surges, Canada’s Immigration Website Crashes

  1. Merlin says:

    Wolf, much like many of your readers who check-in daily but rarely comment, the silent majority of tax-paying citizens who just want the damn government to stay out of their lives, got off work early and went to the polls and just said “no”!

    I hear that winter starts early in Canada and will freeze the balls off a brass monkey. :)

    • Tom Kauser says:

      Recession won big!

    • nick kelly says:

      60 outside right now and sun, but this is on Vancouver Island. And it has been rainy.

      Here is a ray of hope re: Trump. When he offered Kasich the VP slot, he said you will be in charge of domestic policy and foreign policy.
      Kasich, naturally, asked what Trump would do: ‘Make America Great Again’

      If Trump sticks with this, and subcontracts major decisions we may be ok.

      The danger is that the win goes to his head and starts to believe he knows something about economics, trade, NATO etc.
      Then we’re not ok.

      I wonder what the deal is with the Trump U trial for civil fraud- supposed to start in 19 days- Nov. 28. Is he immune now or what?

      • RepubAnon says:

        No, the danger is that he’ll rubber-stamp anything the Republicans in Congress put in front of him … all they have to do is title the bill with one of Trump’s applause lines. Tax cuts? Estate tax elimination? Ever-shrinking block grants to the states for social safety net programs? Trump will sign them all.

      • d says:

        “I wonder what the deal is with the Trump U trial for civil fraud- supposed to start in 19 days- Nov. 28. Is he immune now or what?”


        Offenses, committed and charged, before election.

        Judge has already ruled he must appear, and it will not be staved off until he is out of office.

        Further, now, I believe he cant go bankrupt to avoid paying, and retain the office.

        “The danger is that the win goes to his head and starts to believe he knows something about economics, trade, NATO etc.
        Then we’re not ok.”

        Very true.

        drump will leave pence alone. until pence does something, drump dosent like.

        Wont take long. He always does it. Thats why his entity’s go broke.

  2. d says:

    Last US savior, the electoral colledge.

  3. ML says:

    I predicted Trump would win. But hey what woukd I know? Here in UK I voted Leave in Brexit.

    My assessment is that the liberal media is inclined to assess from the top down. But life is about bottom-up. If you don’t know what is happening on the ground because you ate out if touch with the groundswell of personal (private) thinking then when it comes to the crunch hardly anyone will take any notice of you.

    That is one reason why Wolf Street is growing in popularity. Tell it like it is.

    Good luck

    • Tom Kauser says:

      I predict the UK will have to raise a much bigger military
      So save a couple Bob from your winnings to pay for your own security?

    • Jonathan says:

      Exactly, even if I dislike Trump I will still vote for him as a gamble because having another dynastic Establishment figure into office is a far worse option.

    • Intosh says:

      Well said. That’s why I chuckle when I hear people say being shocked and read news stories about being baffled by the result. Ignorance is bliss until reality hits.

  4. JerryBear says:

    What a fine kettle of fish! I don’t have any serious issues with the government , what I want off my back is the whole mega corporate complex. I didn’t foresee this, but considering the huge turnout, this does represent the will of the American people. I foresee huge struggles between President Trump and a Republican Congress. I am still not certain he is competent to hold the office, we must go forward in darkness for the time being. There is no question that what the American people have voted for is CHANGE!
    Already stock markets worldwide are dropping on news of his victory.

    Wolf, what do you think is going to happen economically? Especially if he ends the free trade deals?

    • d says:

      “but considering the huge turnout, this does represent the will of the American people.”

      Look at the popular vote numbers, almost even.

      It dosent represent the will of the people, it indicates a country in conflict.

      Will several states having less than a 2% margin.

      The will of the people indicated, in an election, is a landslide, with a huge voter turnout.

      Again turnout was also low, as may stayed home, dismayed by the process and the choice.

      Economically 1 thing “donny little hand’s” will bring, is volatility. lots of it sporadic, and illogical, just like him.

      The world has been looking for a fall guy, for a financial, reset for some time.

      “donny little hands” could be it.

      Personally I can see him going for a ride in an open top car. So I must research Pence.

      “donny little hands” wont start war, he could however, be easily induced to fire the first shots, in one of several that are ongoing, but not yet hot.

      “Most wars start, long before the shooting does”

      The world’s leaders, will need to handle him with kid gloves, and extreme care, like none before him.

    • Lindsay Berge says:

      If the people voted for change, why is the Senate and House of Representatives almost completely populated by incumbents?

      • Dave says:

        Yes Lindsay, people didnt vote for change. The 2 parties presented terrible choices to vote for and people chose the percieved lesser of two evils. Both parties deserve to lose if this is the best that they could offer. Anyways the world isn’t going to end.

        Whats interesting is how manipulated the polls are leading up to the elections in an effort to influence or manipulate peoples decisions. Should be interesting to see if the swamp starts getting drained. If that happens we’ll see what lives and what dies!

        • d says:

          Wont be any swamps drained.

          Wont be much change beyond the repeal of the aca, and less taxes on corporates, real-estate and the wealthy.

          For the reasons others outlined the vast majority of both houses are incumbents.

          trump will do what house republicans want, or he will achieve nothing, as he is the flavor of only a small % of the total elected.

          Just because they won, dosent mean the civil war is over, in the Republican party.

          Winning, could in fact, make it worse, as the centrist, could repeatedly vote with the Democrats to defeat the trumperters.

          I will have to go and talk to the fish about this “Donny Little hand’s” scenario a few times, as it wasn’t really taken as a serious possibility.

          What is a serious probability is that O bummer will no longer be the most securely guarded POTUS of all time.

        • polecat says:

          I voted for absolutely NO incumbents …… guess that makes me an outlier !!

      • Jungle Jim says:

        Lindsay, the answer to your question is simple. Many of the House incumbents are in districts that were gerrymandered specifically to provide them with a safe seat. The boundaries of some of them are actually funny. As to the Senate, the cost of running is so high that it is nearly impossible for an outsider to raise the necessary capital. The party bosses dole out money and support only to candidates who toe the party line.

        • Thomas H Belstler says:

          It’s a totally money driven system with all the attendant problems that brings no matter which side one is on. Whether Trump gets anything done will depend very highly on how he presents his programs to the public. Reagan always threatened to go to the court of public opinion when he wanted something and Congress failed to give it to him. The few times he actually did that, the Congressional switchboard overloaded and the USPS had to use dump trucks to deliver the mail to the politicians. Nowadays it will be the Congressional and personal internet servers of the politicians that will upchuck.

    • Meme Imfurst says:

      “what I want off my back is the whole mega corporate complex. ”

      “Especially if he ends the free trade deals?”

      Just who do you believe benefits from such deals?

      It is never ‘free trade deals’ it IS corporation controlled trade deals.

      Please understand that no one who is elected president held the office before…so how can one know what the competence level can be, will be or is?

      • d says:

        He is the first for a long time to have no previous experience in Government Administration.

        His understanding of foreign policy and defense make, O bummer and Carter, look like foreign policy genius,

        • Lee says:

          Poor d, please relax, take a chill pill: the world isn’t going to end.

          Look at all the ‘experience’ the Zero had and somehow the USA managed to survive.

          The Zero wasn’t a leader. His cabinet was one of the worst in history.

          If Trump manages to get rid of Obamacare, control the borders, and keep the USA out of any more crap in the ME he will have done more than the Zero has done in the past eight years.

      • Silver Rock says:

        Duh, like we’ve had “competence in presidents?”
        Oh, that’s right, they were competently working for the globalist cabal. How could I forget…? Very competent, indeed, at wrecking the real economy in favor of us being serfs.

        Me, I want them off my back too, since I actually work & have no entitlements. What’s really funny is that the “liberals” actually think they are in the club.

        Bring on the change, I have nothing left to lose.

    • Wolf Richter says:

      >>>”Wolf, what do you think is going to happen economically? Especially if he ends the free trade deals?”

      I’m already busy reading my jumbled-up tea leaves. I don’t think Trump will end or renegotiate the trade deals currently in place (such as NAFTA). That’s going to be one of those broken campaign promises.

      However, the new generation of trade deals (TTIP, TPP, etc.) may continue to be in trouble. It’s Congress that now has to vote on them, and that might not happen.

      • Markar says:

        Wolf I disagree. This guys loves nothing more than to negotiate. And he knows he’s good at it. I believe he will consider it a mandate to renegotiate NAFTA. China will be a different story considering how much US debt they are holding. Then again, who better to negotiate a bankruptcy, than Trump? God knows, he has the experience.

        • EVENT HORIZON says:

          Interesting that ALL OF YOU have underestimated Trump.

          HE went up against 16 other “professional” Know-It-All Politicians and out negotiated, our bid, and out foxed ALL of them.

          He went up against a corporate media and beat them all. When he was condemned for talking like ALL MEN DO with his love of Pussy Cats, he got MORE support from women (since smart women know ALL MEN talk like that and it is funny as hell)

          He beat an established “female womyn” with 35 years of International support, funded by Saudi Arabia….and Donald is barely worth 1 Billion at that….and he beat them all back.

          I am sure his first phone call is to Putin. “Hey,dude, let’s talk”.

          For the first time since Theodore Roosevelt, we have a MAN as President and he will act like one. No more metro-males, sandal wearing peanut farmers.

          Finally, we are Serious. Unleash the Kracken and lets fix this mess.

        • Ptb says:

          He’s very good at getting others to pay for things. MSM basically paid for his advertising campaign and they hated him. He’s also defaulted on banks. What’s not to like?! He beat all other “professional” politicians at their own game. All the while the “experts analysts” were befuddled. I’d say he’s drastically underrated.

        • Intrigue says:

          To Event Horizon: “When he was condemned for talking like ALL MEN DO with his love of Pussy Cats, he got MORE support from women (since smart women know ALL MEN talk like that and it is funny as hell)”

          He didn’t “talk like that” – he bragged about sexually assaulting women. DOING THAT. Please do not assume that “ALL MEN” are as disgusting as you are. Perhaps you would be more at home on zerohedge; wolfstreet readers (in general) make educated, respectful comments.

      • Maximus Minimus says:

        I expect, the free trade agreement between Canada and US is not in trouble, however, not sure about Mexico. Canada and US are on the same page (logically nor politically) when it comes to Mexico. NAFTA may need repackiging.

      • Tom Kauser says:

        I hear he has trouble making the final payment even after he has discharged much of the initial debt.
        I really believe that this morning George Soros has been dry humping anything not nailed down?
        Treasuries seem to have taken a dislike 4 our check kiter in chief?
        Thank you Gary Johnson were ever you are!

  5. Tom Kauser says:

    The fed balance sheet would make a great stocking stuffer over at social security and you could fire the fed in the process.
    Since you can’t sell the balance sheet back to the people maybe you could become chairman/president while you update the documents?
    The balance sheet is the real prize and it just sits there on a zip drive in the chairpersons top drawer?
    5 trillion dollars and no need for armoured cars.
    Think big you ugly amazing creature president Donald Trump!

  6. RalpZ says:

    Looks like the world is going to change now… are we going to see a more isolationist USA ?

    However, guys, I want to point out two MAJOR issues that went completely under the radar due to US-election-media-tsunami-coverage :

    1) An indian AI had foreseen the result, despite all the polls in favor of Clinton. The AI already knows people better than statisticians… and if an AI can know us better than ourselves, we’re in big trouble.

    2) India again : in a surprise move, the Indian governement is replacing all the 500 and 1000 rupee banknotes. ATMs will close down for a couple of days, withdrawals are severely limited, and everybody will have to either deposit his banknotes savings or trade them against new banknotes. Anyone turning up with too much money will be asked questions, as the move supposedly “serves to combat corruption and crime”.
    I see this as a major and extremely dangerous precedent in the war against cash money.
    The Eurozone had already decided to halt printing 500 euro bills… just imagine if in a surprise move it would decide to take them out of circulation overnight ?

    • Silver Rock says:

      Trump is a negotiator, so he can repair the hatred the rest of the world feels for the US leadership, which has destroyed so many countries. The list of true US friends is very, very short.

      More like vassals….Japan, UK, Germany, etc. Vassals, all. Bullies don’t have friends & allies.


    did the gangsters take it in the shorts?

    oh, how i hope so.

    it would be nice to see a trump regime cleaning out DC.

    is he crazy enough to renounce the power so as to do that?

    only time will tell.

    will he extract the clintons from their power base. we can only hope so.’

    and we can only hope that he takes out the bushies as well.

    a clean sweep would be so desirable, don’t you think?a

  8. TONYA PARNELL says:


  9. MT says:


    Brilliant and congratulations to the USA on a Trump win, its time a fox went into the chicken house.
    I also voted for Brexit and predicted a Trump win.
    Is he Qualified to be the President of the USA I hear?,
    Yes is my answer, get in there and cut out the dead wood.

    Great work Wolf Street.

  10. AlbieOk says:

    The 60s finally ended last night. With a thud and a gasp.

    • d says:

      No you just got a rerun of Kennedy’s election.

      Except this time the FBI fixed it, for the republicans, instead of the mob fixing it, for Kennedy.

      And the Global geopolitical ground is eerily similar.

      Further “donny Little Hand’s” has already done, what Kennedy did, and upset the majority of the establishment.

      • Tom Kauser says:

        Ticker shock?

      • robt says:

        Actually the impression given is that the administraion possibly tried to fix it for Hillary. The October surprise was to they would reopen the case; big downer, outrage, then two days before the election: ‘She’s Innocent’ on every headline. Not enough boost though, or maybe folks are too wise, though It didn’t hit me for a little while.
        It was a brilliant play, even though it failed, but it did reek of desperation. I first thought Trump was cooked.

        • d says:

          “The October surprise was to they would reopen the case; big downer, outrage, then two days before the election: ‘She’s Innocent’ on every headline.”

          Great “no it was hillarys team” spin.

          Or you believe what you wrote.

          Which means the republicans have you, hook line and sinker.

          She had him.

          Republicans were getting nuked in the down ballot.

          Then came comey, republicans retain the senate, and donny just makes it.

          Look at the popular vote #’s

          It wasnt about donny, it was about the down ballot.

          If you cant see that, then you have a problem.


          I didnt want O bummer with a spine (Hillary). I wanted a descent republican.

          They didnt field one.

  11. Diane says:

    America has unleashed the Kraken and it will be ugly.

    • EVENT HORIZON says:

      If you think a nation with borders is ugly, then yes

      If you think a nation that honors “Law & Order” , then yes

      If you think a nation that wants to encourage free enterprise, then yes.

      What do you mean by “ugly”? Borders? Law? Respect?

      • Smingles says:

        My question is where will all the cries about spending go when Donald comes out with massive fiscal stimulus and makes Obama budgets look austere by comparison?

        Oh that’s right, we’ll get another repeat of the Cheney mantra… “Deficits don’t matter” to Republicans as long as a Republican is in office.

        What will be the excuses this time? Just how hypocritical will you get?

      • Tom Kauser says:

        A third party enabled outsider won a presidental contest and instantly he has a following demanding respect?
        The promises made to the Republic were few and far between and promised nothing in the way of measured reforms on any level?
        The initial fear that laws and attitudes toward the country will continue to be ignored is as strong this am as any am?
        The sixties are dead and so perhaps the long bull market in credit!

  12. Make America Great Again says:

    To those leaving, please share your ride with Ruth Bader Ginsberg, Barbara Strisand, AL Sharpton, Whoopi Goldberg, and an illegal. We don’t want the mass migration to damage the environment.

    • r cohn says:

      Don’t forget Cher ,who said that she would move off of planet earth

    • ERG says:

      I’ll volunteer to drive since most of them, like Hillary, have not be behind the wheel of a car in decades.

      I promise to make sure the screen door hit them in the ass on their way out.

      • EVENT HORIZON says:

        Uh, since you are kind enough to admit you haven’t driven a car in decades…..I hate to inform you…… don’t come with screen doors…….sorry to have to point that out……………….(Oh, speaking of cars, I just ordered a 2017 Durango, Hemi engine, gas sucking SUV with dual DVDs, second row “captain chairs with console” for my two “Privileged snotty kids…….but they had no “screen door” option……)

    • Argus says:

      Speaking for myself, I don’t want any of them in Canada. We have enough flakes of our own.

      Congratulations to the US. I’m heartened that, as in the case of Brexit, the ‘little people’ voted as they deemed fit despite a total media onslaught and other shenanigans against their preference. Thank goodness for the blogosphere that enabled some of the truth to be revealed.

  13. Meme Imfurst says:

    My hope is that the war drums gets put in the closet, that all this hysterical extra sensitivity junior high school behavior is put to rest in a nice “safe place’ under lock and key, and that Americans finally take an active roll in the direction this nation takes as well as calling out the ‘so called news media’ on their lies and propaganda.

    Americans have always given each new President a holiday, this one deserves one too.

  14. Markar says:

    A message to all you misguided Hillary supporters:

    This country has been under imminent threat of takeover and destruction by foreign and corporate interests. Your candidate, a career criminal was put in place and paid by them to finish the job. So get over it, and be thankful that despite the ballot stuffing, the rigged polls and voting machines, and shameful propaganda from the mainstream media, the American people finally woke up and put a stop to it. So come out of your safe spaces and buck up. World War 3 may well have been averted by what happened last night and we can all breathe a sigh of relief.

    • Smingles says:

      “So get over it, and be thankful that despite the ballot stuffing, the rigged polls and voting machines, and shameful propaganda from the mainstream media, the American people finally woke up and put a stop to it.”

      When the counting is all said and done, Hillary will likely have won the popular vote. The outcome is a result of our somewhat odd electoral system where voters in swing states have an outsized influence. Millions of voters on the coasts are made irrelevant by thousands of voters in Michigan, or Ohio. The margins in many of these swing states were razor thin, hence Hillary actually still winning the popular vote but losing the election.

      That being said, I believe most of what we heard from Trump over the past few months was rhetoric designed to fire up a base he needed to win the election. I think– in the words of Event Horizon below– Donald’s “useful idiots” (the vast majority of his supporters– the white, male, uneducated vote) will be sorely disappointed with his Presidency. No wall. No manufacturing jobs. More cronyism. More trickle down economics. Of course, with a Republican-controlled Congress, my question is how they will continue to blame all of life’s ills on Democrats.

    • Mike G says:

      Your delusion is that Trump surrounded by Republican party hacks like Christie and Gingrich and disinterested in policy, will do anything to stop corporatist power. I expect a rerun of the incompetent, feckless and aggressively warlike and stupid Bush/Cheney cabal, with cronyism and corruption cranked up to 11.

  15. EVENT HORIZON says:

    When I learned that that sleazy Hilary REFUSED to even address her (useful idiot) supporters last night, I knew the public made the correct choice in TRUMP.

    Her REFUSAL to say thank you to (useful idiots) who worked hard for her, just RE-confirms what a dirt bag sleaze she IS.

    • Edward E says:

      Man I have a cracking ‘Hoptical Illusion’ headache, slept in late, exhausted from all this heavy work. Is Hillary in jail yet? Or maybe Bill & Hillary were just really too busy last night trying to come up with a real job that Chelsea can do… wonder if Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Emirates, etc have any refundability agreements with the CF?

  16. Petunia says:

    I told you!

  17. RD Blakeslee says:

    Hope Canada gets their immigration machinery working again, and quickly.

    No malcontent should have to live in a country where the electorate at large disagrees with him.

    • Nicholas says:

      After the first social experiment was began in 2008, I spent several years in China as I didn’t want to be part of the country due to my convictions and what I knew would be a disaster. A large percentage of what Obummer said to get elected, particularly regarding ObummerCare, was just lies or ignorance and as a healthcare professional I didn’t want any part of it. If someone says they are “leaving the country” as a threat, I say go ahead and do it….I am happy for my time spent abroad. I think it made me a better man and I had a lot of awesome experiences there. The USA has enough people already if sustainability and standard of living is important (vs. the “growth” corporate America pines for) so to anyone I hear saying that I tell them “go ahead, you are probably making a good decision and we won’t miss you.”

    • ERG says:

      They may not be very successful.

      You see, Canada actually ENFORCES their immigration laws.

      • Nicholas says:

        Haha…good one….China does too. It was nice to live in a country that puts their own people and interests first.

        • Ptb says:

          Try immigrating to Mexico. Very difficult. You can get geezer visas, but that’s about it.

      • M.C. says:

        Wait… why can’t the illegal immigrants here just move up to Canada? That’s just so unfair to them, they should be able to move right across and settle there, I’m sure Canada will be much more welcoming than the US. I heard Canada even has universal healthcare. If that doesn’t apply to illegals, does that mean the Canadians are discriminating against migrants?

        Just like how Canada is much more welcoming of their Chinese immigrants who are driving up the property values in Vancouver. Tax the ever loving S*** out of them.

    • WTFrogg says:

      RD: They have enough “Village Idiots” in the Great White North already….no need to import more. Up there they call them Lieberals and New Democratic Party. ;) Damn, they take good “selfies” though. Lol

  18. Paulo says:

    Canadian here, (born in US).

    Merlin said it very well. Frankly, the population of many countries are fed up with everything designed to enhance corporate wealth with most of the profits going to just a few. The history of Canada and much of the northern States suffered the ravages of the Hudsons Bay Company as European settlement was based solely on increasing corporate profits with focused persecution upon indigenous people(s) for the benefit of a few back in England. Indeed, HBC forts stretched as far south as SF, Yerba Buena. Vancouver WA was a stronghold for the entire west coast of the continent.

    As the US election drew to a close I remarked to my wife that it reminded me of The NDP loss in the BC Provincial election 3.5 years ago. At that time all polls suggested an NDP rout, and the leader started to campaign as if the outcome was certain, even campaigning in very much right wing bastions. He got creamed.

    As they say, pride goeth before the fall.

    Hubris, on part of the Democrat Party, did not a successful election make. My sister, a US citizen and resident of WA west coast, will be freaking out this morning and I fear that a depression will set in. When I mentioned to her a few weeks ago that people are very angry and that Trump might do well, better than assumed, she did not believe me. My American neighbour right now is ecstatic with the outcome. He is a retired iron worker and beyond fed up with corporate power. Totally. Fed. Up.

    It is not so easy to move to Canada these days. (My Mom was a Canadian and a veteran, that was why I was allowed in at age 12). There is a firm immigration process, and a recent poll of Canadian citizens indicated 80% of Canadians are NOT in favour of changing the entrance criteria for upset Americans. This is no longer the ’60s with open arms for Draft Evaders. I suppose if Trump does what he campaigned to do; mass deportations, walls, persecution of minorities, Muslim ban etc, and the hate starts to manifest itself in overt policies, our immigration policy might change as a result. But right now most Canadians will be shaking their heads in disbelief, giving thanks to be living in a mosaic of multi-culturalism, happier than ever with a parliamentary system (despite its flaws), and still proud of its enviable health system. We will be worried for our American friends and neighbours, and afraid of an orange-haired lout with a bad comb-over. Our sincere wish will be if he truly screws up and feels he must pre-emptive launch, that the professional military will refuse to do so.

    Wolf, I hope your IPA helped. I hope your country will get through this, okay….for all our sakes. Trump is bad news, but then I keep seeing the face of an older but smarmy slick Willie standing beside his wife and understand that the Democrat Party fix that torpedoed Bernie Sanders for the benefit of Lloyd Blankfein(s) and Jamie Dimon(s) ensured there had to be a day of reckoning. The election of Donald Trump was a ballot box pitchfork.

    • Petunia says:

      Last night Cspan was broadcasting the CBC and I watched for a few minutes. The woman speaking was talking about how the Canadian govt is setting up some advisory board to deal with the ramifications of changes to NAFTA. I hate to tell you this, but it looked to me, like the Canadians were willing to cave to Trump or US on whatever we wanted.

    • kitten lopez says:

      that was the politest canadian “thanks, but no thanks” i’ve EVER seen about shooing away migrating americans.

      what i love is: americans are the mexicans now. THAT’s hilarious.

    • EVENT HORIZON says:

      Trump does not “hate” anybody.

      He loves America.

  19. Ptb says:

    DC voted 92% for Clinton. Kinda says it all.
    MSM strongly discredited.

    • Smingles says:

      Errr… you do realize that the vast majority of DC insiders live in Virginia, not DC, right?

  20. r cohn says:

    Under Obama, Nato has constructed a “so called’ defense shield on the Romanian border and is due to place another one on the Poland border in 2018.If Trump is able to convince Nato to move these facilities away from the Russian border,he will make the world considerably safer.

    • Paulo says:

      Indeed. He may interrupt the beginning of WW3. I think Hillary was spoiling for war to increase corporate profits.

    • EVENT HORIZON says:

      AND, he will force these NATO countries to pay their share. What is so wrong with that?

      IF these 2nd rate NATO nations don’t want to share in the defense (who, by the way is the enemy?), then we, America, should correctly pull all our troops out and let them cry, whine, whimper and live in fear of the big bad Bear. Why should the “Ugly” American defend these metro-males?

      Bring our troops home and let these snotty arrogant Europeans defend their countries…….if they still have a country.

      Hey, go to Youtube and look at the riots in the streets of Paris. Seems the “refugees”, all single military age men, are a bit upset.

    • You diminish the essence and impact and prestige of O’Bama’s Nobel Laureate Peace Prize with your disrespectful and disparaging comments.

      Our wonderful Peace-loving President has managed to avoid the painful burden of Peace for eight full years.

      Quite an accomplishment I’d say – – – and worthy of high respect.


  21. TLS says:

    It’s amazing that ones ideology can blind them from facts.
    Trump is not dumb and will pick good people for his
    cabinet. He will have a learning curve for sure, but the liberals had no problem electing a “community organizer” for their
    last President. How did that turn out ?

    • Silver Rock says:

      Guantanamo Bay prison still open & force-feeding detainees, last I heard.
      Mr. Hope & Change was a NOPE, NO Change.

      • Wolf Richter says:

        Congress (run by Republicans) blocked every effort by the White House to get the Gitmo fiasco resolved. So you need to blame the correct entity.

        • M.C. says:

          I would comment that the Democrats were equally at fault for not getting Gitmo closed. Remember, they had 2 years of full Democrat control of Congress. Otherwise, there would’ve been no ACA. Like the ACA, that closure could have been rammed through, but admittedly it was lower priority.

          Now I fully expect the Republicans to make the same mistake the Democrats did when they had two full years of control, they will try to ram everything through, and piss off the electorate, and that should usher in a Dem controlled Congress in ’18.

          On a different note, does this mean that property prices are going up in Canada with all of the people moving up there? I mean, if so, that doesn’t really bode well for the US property markets.

        • Hi Wolf,

          Serious Question :

          Has Congress kept America mired down in endless unwinnable wars for the last 8 years ? Or did O’Bama – – the COMMANDER IN CHIEF – – have some input into that stasis ?

          Not one day at Peace during O’Bama’s reign.

          Just sayin’


        • d says:

          “Or did O’Bama – – the COMMANDER IN CHIEF – – have some input into that stasis ”

          Most definatly he did.

          From his red line speech in Syria that he failed to back up. After his cut and run from iraq,

          Russia, iran and china have done basically what they wanted, as they knew O bummer the weak would not do anything about it.

          America is still in iraq fighting, as O bummer would not do what had to be done when he took office, which was not, cut and run, then go back.

          The question is can the Russians take Aleppo, before drump takes office.

          The world will be safer if they can.

        • PrototypeGirl1 says:

          Republicans blocked every effort to bring the detainees to US soil… Yea republicans!

        • Wolf Richter says:

          OK, but then DON’T BLAME Obama for a problem that Bush (Republican) has created in 2002 and that Republicans in Congress have steadfastly prevented Obama from resolving, and that they themselves have refused to solve in any way shape or form.

    • Smingles says:

      “He will have a learning curve for sure, but the liberals had no problem electing a “community organizer” for their last President.”

      That’s a little dishonest, TLS– but do you really care? My guess is no. Obama was a community organizer in the late 80s, literally almost thirty years ago, prior to being elected President– in the mean time, he was President of the Harvard Law Review, taught constitutional law at the University of Chicago, practiced law, was a state senator from 96-04, and US senator from 04-08.

      In my estimation, that experience is just a teeny weeny (like the size of Donald’s hands) bit more relevant than a businessman who slaps his names on gaudy hotels and was reality TV star. Somehow I think you’d still manage to disagree, but I digress.

      • Lee says:

        Ok, let’s look at that so called Obama ‘experience’……..

        Community Organizer: in other words ripping off a variety of levels of government for funding that was spent on dubious projects for his buddies.

        President of Harvard Law Review: must have been spent smokin’ the herb because he never published one article in the Review.

        University Lecturer: well he must not been very good as shown in his inability to give a decent speech without the use of teleprompter. I spent 10 years teaching at the university level and can tell you that he ‘presentation skills’ basically sucked.

        US Senator: Oh, yeah “Mr No vote” – what bills did he sponsor? Can’t recall one.

        And President: “Mr $100 million vacation man”. We’ve already saved the country a fortune by electing Mr. Trump.

        IMO most business people running the local McDonalds could have done a better job running the country than the Zero.

  22. Dan says:

    I believe both parties, no , one and a half parties were strong armed into picking the person from the power of life politicians. That said, historically, the founding fathers did not believe life politicians were in the best interest of the country and that the office of the president was not intended to be as powerful as it is today. You can thank we, the people, for allowing this to happen due to the root cause of failing America. PAC’s. We need to abolish them and maybe our poiticians will not be held hostage to their influence. People from all different parts of the world are running our country.

  23. Smingles says:

    “You can thank we, the people, for allowing this to happen due to the root cause of failing America. PAC’s. We need to abolish them and maybe our poiticians will not be held hostage to their influence. People from all different parts of the world are running our country.”

    Given that we’ve now got a Republican President, and Republican Congress, expect the Supreme Court to be stacked with more right-wing crony capitalists who will further entrench the rights of corporations as “people.”

  24. Kevin says:

    I hope we have finally cured ourselves of believing in Polls….seeing how both sides have now ridden them right off a cliff.
    Just because software has enabled us to do more in-depth analysis and statistical modeling (ala politics, finance, baseball), that doesn’t mean it will produce useful conclusions.

    People cannot be accurately modeled.

    • Petunia says:

      The polls are like the bond ratings, you get the outcome you pay for. When liberal NBC pays for a poll, do you think any one other than a liberal democrat will come out ahead. Just in case you do, the correct answer is NO.

  25. walter map says:

    You were going to get screwed either way. It was only a matter of exactly how you were going to get screwed.

    You were going to lose Social Security and Medicare no matter who won. Hope you weren’t counting on them. Wall St. is already counting their gains. ACA and your ‘health care’ was always going to be a scam. Bigger and better wars. Catastrophic climate change is a foregone conclusion.

    With Trump you’re also guaranteed more tax cuts for the rich, across the board, so more national debt, more bankrupt cities, lots more poverty, more austerity, and so forth. Also lots more pollution and a reversal on green tech. Reversals on civil rights and women’s rights. Ethnic cleansing and institutionalized racism.

    You won’t enjoy the corporate totalitarianism but you’ve been voting for it for forty years, thinking you were voting for something else. Now that you’ve done your duty the pretenses of ‘democracy’ can be dropped in favor of improved efficiency.

    As nightfall does not come at once, neither does oppression. In both instances, there is a twilight when everything remains seemingly unchanged. And it is in such twilight that we all must be most aware of change in the air–however slight–lest we become unwitting victims of the darkness.

    – William O. Douglas

    Good night. And good luck.

    • NotSoSure says:

      I think that’s called life. Sometimes you are screwed, and other times you are doing the screwing by voting/liking or whatever it is muppets think they are doing.

      “Hell is other people.”

    • Terry says:

      Please come off your high horse and stop pretending like either side is any better when it comes to protecting entrenched crony capitalists. Try hard to remember that it was Slick who dismantled many of the protections that kept Wall St. in check for generations.

  26. Chicken says:

    Parasites Be Lost.

  27. interesting says:

    “Catastrophic climate change is a foregone conclusion”

    you forgot the /sarc………you are kidding, right?

    I hope Trump doesn’t turn out to be like a lineman that gets the interception at the 50 yard line and runs out of gas at the 15…….

    • walter map says:

      “you are kidding, right?”

      No. One of the major motivations behind the appearance of climate change denial in officialdom is the certain knowledge that the catastrophe will kill billions – not millions, billions, and maybe all. Naturally people are going be very upset when the die-off starts and your leaders want to get ahead of the problem so they can try to manage it, so they downplay it for the proles.

      DOD has issued statements on the issues for years. They are very practical and they are very smart, and they will change denier Trump’s mind. And so The Education of Donald Trump begins, one shadow government agency at a time. He’s not used to having his strings pulled, so that’s going to be a new experience for him.

      I’m giving up commenting on issues, maybe permanently. I’m just going to hang back and observe, and maybe visit sometimes to look at the article titles.

      • Chicken says:

        The DOD is a gargantuan industrial complex all it’s own lacking the ability to logically account for a vast sum of it’s operations. This has been going on for decades causing great strife on a global basis. I cannot agree with everything Trump has planned, said and perhaps done but at least there’s reason to believe he’ll reconsider and scale back on and/or reassign resources accordingly. Recall Reagan presided over the ending of the cold war, he also had “no foreign policy experience” as if common sense accounts for less than a PhD for instance.

        The bond market collapsed today, in what could only be described as a resumption of free market capitalism and perhaps the ending of a long period of financial repression while just yesterday it was feared a Trump Presidency meant a continuation of the Great Depression.

        How misleading is that?

      • Terry says:

        QUICK!, run to your bunker and hide it coming! its coming!

  28. RickRod says:

    It would be nice if Donald turns out to be the messiah that some think he is. I’m pretty cynical and am expecting more business as usual.

    • M.C. says:

      Interestingly, the bar for Trump has been set very low, so he has every opportunity to exceed the expectation. Although, more likely than not, he is going to be mired with problems in no time flat.

      Now, literally hope is all we have going for the leadership of this country. Because as of last night, the dog has caught the car… I’m not sure he has any idea what to do next.

      • kitten lopez says:

        “Because as of last night, the dog has caught the car… I’m not sure he has any idea what to do next.”


  29. JerryBear says:

    To the unreflecting followers of Donald Trump: I realize you can hardly resist the temptation to gloat, but I wonder how long it is going to take you to realize you have been screwed? Nobody plays his cards closer to his chest than Donald, and nobody has any idea what he is going to do, least of all the Republicans. I do NOT peg him as a far-righter eager to implement ultra-conversative policies that are guaranteed to tear this nation apart. Trump for all his unpredictability has no desire to be the last President of the United States. The real vote was exceedingly close and shows how severely divided our country is, to a degree not seen since the eve of the Civil War. We must try to unify the nation or we face destruction. Now is not the time to fan the flames of partisanship as Trump has very clearly signaled. Remember, the people did not vote for Trump so much as they voted against business as usual and the Washington Establishment which Hillary all too faithfully represented, Do you really think Bernie would have lost had he been the one running against Trump?

    • Chicken says:

      This will be Trumps biggest challenge yet. Trust me, you have no idea of the meaning of self-entitlement and hubris that exists inside the beltway.

      • JerryBear says:

        I have to agree with you, but I am beginning to catch on.

        • Chicken says:

          I’m quite serious about this, consider the cubed root of infinity with an imaginary numerator and you’re less than halfway there.

        • Chicken says:

          That is, I meant denominator. Another example would be the broken marriage where one spouse is suspicious but gives the benefit of the doubt until the day the other is caught red-handed but still insists on denying his/her infidelity even in the courtroom.

          Like the man who beats his wife simply for the purpose of causing her to divorce him so he doesn’t have to pay alimony.

    • ERG says:

      You sound just like the GOPe who think it should have been Jeb.

      The problem is the same: they have to win the primaries first. Bernie is NOT a made man in either the Obama or Clinton crime families so he never had a chance. Right now he’s too busy enjoying his $600K lakefront in Vermont. Apparently, complaining about income inequality has many benefits.

      • Chicken says:

        Hillary probably could’ve won if she’d asked Bernie to run as vice-president, surely the suggestion was made?

        I’m not sure is saying this disqualifies me as GOP shill but I’ll add I did vote for Obama b/c I couldn’t stand Romney.

        • JerryBear says:

          The places where the Demos expected an easy win but ended up losing are the same places Bernie won big over Hillary.
          P.S. Your math problem works out to negative imiginary infinity.

        • d says:

          sanders has already been quoted as saying, “he is happy to work with president trump”.

          drump didn’t win, He didnt even win the popular vote, Hillary lost, mainly thanks to sanders and comey.

          The leftist chased all the other demographics, and ignored the one, that they needed, working blue-collar white men, and interestingly.

          The Demographic that elected O bummer, did not come out for Hillary, in anywhere near the same numbers.

      • Petunia says:

        While Hillary is gone, Bernie is going to be the chairman of the budget committee. How’s that for ironic.

  30. bead says:

    The Republicans are rewarded for checking Obama at every turn. That’s creepy. We are headed into strange days. Trump will want to borrow and spend and will end up cobbling together an odd coalition because Ryan and his cabal really don’t want infrastructure spending. The Democrats will vote for it if they can make some deals and it will be interesting to see what those deals are. I am making some assumptions, one of which is that the campaign was show biz. Wall Street is mostly happy. Other than a few thousand construction jobs I think the Trump chumps will be left to stew in their chumplitude. And that will be the end of that voting bloc.

    • Petunia says:

      There will be a lot of infrastructure spending because that’s what builders do. Besides with all the monuments Trump has already built to himself, why would he stop now that he is the most powerful man in the world.

  31. Paulo says:

    My buddy sent me this one. (I hope it is not true). To be honest, there was little choice. Didn’t Lindsay Graham coin the phrase, “choice between getting poisoned or shot”?

    “As democracy is perfected, the office of the President represents, more and more closely, the inner soul of the people. On some great and glorious day the plain folks of the land will reach their heart’s desire at last and the White House will be adorned by a downright moron. sic[buffoon]”

    ~ H.L. Mencken (1880-1956)

    • Chicken says:

      So perhaps you’re saying your bud’s still sitting there bewildered, wondering what happened, why and how.

  32. nick kelly says:

    A grotesque, sinister and nauseating event.

  33. JerryBear says:

    Elect a moron? I thought that happened with Bush. They should have called it the “Cheney Presidency”.

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