Aussie Comedians Clarke & Dawe: Government Is Your Fault

Brian gets a court summons.

Lawyer: “Did you vote in the last election?”

Brian: “Yes, but I can’t be held responsible for the outcome.”

Lawyer: “No, it doesn’t say that you’re solely responsible. The charge is that you did aid or abet in actions deleterious to the best interests of a sovereign nation and in lowering the quality of life as we know it.” There’s a schedule of failures of the government that was elected that day.

Brian: “And if you could establish that you voted for the opposition?”

Lawyer: “There’s a schedule of failures too…”

And so, a hilarious defense begins to take shape (2:30 minutes to make your day).


After any bubble, it’s always: “Nobody predicted the crash….” But people do see the bubbles – they’re huge and easy to see – and they do predict their crashes. Yet, they’re pushed aside and made the most unpopular folks around, and they’re expelled from the herd, and their warnings are ignored. Happens every time. And it happened during the Australian iron-ore bubble, whose spectacular crash suddenly “nobody was predicting.” Ha! Read… Australia’s Bad Bet on China

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  2 comments for “Aussie Comedians Clarke & Dawe: Government Is Your Fault

  1. robert h siddell jr says:

    Wouldn’t you be nuts if you thought voting made any difference; every sane person knows that TPTB makes the decisions years in advance and no ID’s, electronic voting etc weren’t even acceptable to the Russians. 86% of voters say they would never vote for Hillary; she’s a cinch and the explanation is Christians, White males, Southerners and Westerners either didn’t vote or went 3rd Party. Might as well go ahead and give her the Nobel Peace Prize.

  2. Ray says:

    What exactly is funny about my money being used to pay for political skits on public television? Then you’ve got these yahoos from the Macrobusiness website claiming they “knew” all along that things are going to go to hell “long ago”, but in reality leading the Fascist gubbermint propaganda charge to strip the people of Australia of their wealth.

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