Hilarious Video by Australian Comedians Clarke & Dawe on Budget Deficits, the Dollar, and the US Economy

Comedians Clarke & Dawe pile into the Australian budget deficits (ah yes, even in Australia), the Australian dollar, the US dollar, and then delightfully shred the US economy … which seems to have emerged from its recent “difficulties.”

“With people stealing billions at the top?”

“No, I was referring to the technical difficulties.”

“They printed $4 trillion.”

“They did, and it was quite successful.”

“Yes, it prevented it from becoming a free market.”

You get the idea. 2 minutes 28 seconds of economic hilarity.


And here are Clarke & Dawe on the European debt crisis, explaining just who will do all the bailing out. Enjoy…   Clarke and Dawe: European Debt Crisis

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  3 comments for “Hilarious Video by Australian Comedians Clarke & Dawe on Budget Deficits, the Dollar, and the US Economy

  1. Dead at 18, buried at 65 says:

    Have you all not noticed how the governments – under the beloved auspices of Keynesian economics – always targets the unemployed, the poor and disabled, when they want to make cuts? Yet, they always have vast amounts of money – immediately available – for bailouts, sending emergency aid abroad, assisting refugees, buying foreign bonds and doing currency swaps.

    • lew says:

      The unemployed, poor and disabled do not make campaign contributions.

      What is your metric for ‘deserving’?

      • The Rabble says:

        A small child sick and hungry with poor or no parents.
        A disabled war veteran.
        Another human being suffering through no fault of their own.
        Any combination of the above.

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