APHA: Aphria Inc. Stock

SIC 512227 – Cannabis and Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

Market Cap ($M) 5,651.59
Enterprise Value ($M) n/a
Book Value ($M) n/a
Book Value / Share n/a
Price / Book n/a
NCAV ($M) n/a
NCAV / Share n/a
Price / NCAV n/a

Profitability (mra)
Return on Invested Capital (ROIC) n/a
Return on Assets (ROA) n/a
Return on Equity (ROE) n/a

Liquidity (mrq)
Quick Ratio n/a
Current Ratio n/a

Balance Sheet (mrq) ($M)
Current Assets n/a
Assets n/a
Liabilities n/a
Debt n/a
Equity n/a

Income Statement (mra) ($M)
Revenue n/a
Operating Income n/a
Net Income n/a

Cash Flow Statement (mra) ($M)
Cash From Operations n/a
Cash from Investing n/a
Cash from Financing n/a

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Short Volume
Market Date Short Volume Total Volume Short Volume Ratio
2021-02-26 2,109,589 14,000,600 15.07
2021-02-25 3,597,716 20,831,445 17.27
2021-02-24 4,954,009 20,632,262 24.01
2021-02-23 3,742,738 25,904,240 14.45

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