Is the Giant Siberian Oilfield to be Developed by Russia and China Radioactive?

By Joao Peixe of The deal between Rosneft and China National Petroleum Corp to jointly develop a giant oilfield in Siberia may be tainted. I’m not talking about corruption or illegal activities, but rather the potential that the oil and gas in the field may be contaminated with radioactive materials from nuclear explosions.

China’s Back-Door Natural Gas Supply

By Dave Forest, One of the most critical changes in global energy flows we’ve seen for years happened this week.

Ukraine & Turkey: The European Energy Coup

By Analysts of Oil & Energy Insider: The Ukraine controls the transit of 90% of Russia’s natural gas to Europe and dependents on Russia for 60% of its own gas consumption. Russia is using its gas stranglehold on the Ukraine to gain control of its transit system. The EU is involved too. An epic struggle. But now, a deal with Turkey might usurp it.

Another Canadian Oil Train Derailment Punctuates The Crude Transportation Debate

By Rory Johnston, of Early Saturday morning, a 134-car freight train carrying crude oil and liquefied petroleum gas derailed and exploded outside of Gainford, Alberta. The third such CN derailment in the past month. And three months ago, the tragic Lac-Mégantic disaster claimed 47 lives and incinerated the center of the town.

The Multi-Billion Dollar Reason Argentina Can’t Be Venezuela, Yet

By Bianca Fernet, Argentina, The Bubble: I bring up Venezuela because I am frequently asked what I think is going to happen in Argentina. Venezuela provides a very sobering cautionary tale, because their economic policies look like Argentina’s on steroids.

California To Grapple “Indefinitely” With Nuclear Hangover

The costs of nuclear accidents can be catastrophic, for generations. But there are also the routine costs after reactors are shut down, when decommissioning expenses pile up, for timeframes beyond human comprehension. True costs are unknown. Now, the scandal-plagued San Onofre plant in Southern California has become a test case – indefinitely.

After Snatching Olympics, Japan Suddenly Admits Fukushima Not “Under Control,” Begs For International Help

As the Fukushima fiasco hobbled from cover-ups to partial revelations, mega-utility TEPCO – famous for its parsimoniousness with the truth and lackadaisical handling of the fiasco – always pretended the situation was under control. But days after Tokyo scored the 2020 Olympics, that pretense fell apart. Now Prime Minister Abe begged for international help.

The End Of Nuclear Energy In Japan?

“I’m calling for zero nuclear power,” said Junichiro Koizumi at a lecture in Nagoya. Hugely popular prime minister from 2001 to 2006, he’d groomed Shinzo Abe to become his successor. Abe, now again PM, is trying to restore the scandal-plagued nuclear industry to its former glory. But Koizumi’s words ripped into his policies – and are having an impact.

Investors Of Japan’s Most Hated Corporation, TEPCO, To Be Bailed Out Forever

TEPCO, owner of the Fukushima nuke, whose lackadaisical handling of the fiasco is a fiasco itself, was bailed out by taxpayers after the disaster. It got another bailout as the government decided to deal itself with the radioactive groundwater leaking into the ocean. TEPCO should be bankrupt. But to add insult to injury, the government said, let’s not hurt investors!