Bill Bonner

How Capitalism Dies

How is it possible for the average American to get poorer at a time that should have been the most productive and prosperous ever?

Avoid This “Hideously Expensive” Market

Driven by central bankers who are “wiser than God.” But it might get even more hideous before this story ends.

Poor Ron Paul…

The further the country goes in the wrong direction, the more people there are who have a financial interest in staying on the same road.

Roll Out the Fire Hoses (Here Comes QE4)

Never before in the long, comic history of mankind and its money have central bankers taken such a keen interest in asset prices. Now they create money, out of nowhere, for the express purpose of pushing them up.

Dow at 8,000

We’ve spent our entire life in a credit expansion. We began life when the cork came out of the credit jug. We’ve all been pulling hard on it ever since. Heck, we’ve lived on it. “Hey, we’ll pay you later,” we said. But what if “later” is now?