Bianca Fernet

Argentina Kowtows To “Paris Club” on Debt, Thinks It Won

Bond markets are abuzz about Argentina’s deal with the Paris Club of creditors on US$9.7 billion of arrears from the 2001 financial crisis. Economy minister Kicillof emerged, in his mind and that of many, victorious. Brilliant diplomatic showmanship.

Broke Argentina Socks It To Warrant Holders, Saves $3 Billion

By Bianca Fernet: “Head in hands” photos or “plunging value” graphs that are traditionally displayed when markets fall were selected to accompany news that Argentine warrants tied to GDP crashed when the government revised 2013 GDP growth down to 3%.

Paul Krugman Flip-Flops And Finally Agrees with Stilettos-On-The-Ground Economist Bianca Fernet on Argentina

Paul Krugman, undisputed celebrity of the scintillating world of economics, shocked with an article accusing Argentina of “macroeconomic populism” – for following the very policies he’d advocated for years, now that there’s an economic meltdown.