TESTOSTERONE PIT (My Soul) Gets A New Name

Friends and Readers,

Big changes are in store for TESTOSTERONE PIT. No, I didn’t sell out, though I had an offer. Don’t worry, I won’t go mainstream. Or go soft on Wall Street. Hype still won’t be allowed. And I won’t water down my sarcasm like Maker’s Mark tried to water down its bourbon last year – something I couldn’t let them get away with.

But it’s time to take my site to the next level.

I’ve had it with all the problems that the name TESTOSTERONE PIT is causing you and me. Some ISPs are blocking links of my articles. Even good friends of mine cringe when they do receive them in their work email, sent by an overenthusiastic colleague. Practically no one dares to read TESTOSTERONE PIT at work; they might get caught and end up mortally embarrassed.

One of my very regular readers told me that he’d emailed his daughter, who works at the New York Fed, a link to one of my overly brilliant articles, and she just refused, and I mean, REFUSED, to click on it. “Dad, I’m not clicking on this,” she must have emailed him back after the third try. I don’t think he ever got her to click on it. Her own dad!

And I still don’t know how to spell “testosterone.”

The name was supposed to evoke a raucous trading pit, of the type that is becoming rare these days.

It’s also the title of one of my books – a short raunchy novel, the insider story of the car business. A saleswoman said it as she approached a bunch of yakking salesman standing around with nothing to do. She was going to call the EPA, which was in charge of cleaning up testosterone pits, she said.

Even my wife hates the name.

But it seemed like a good idea at the time. And I have a history of not listening to her.

So now I have a new name for the site, and a new URL. Even my wife likes it.

Rather than doing everything myself, I will have a professional build the website. I promise: it will be better than the current site.

There will be more content – more excellent content, I hope – as I gradually bring some people on board.

As always, my new site will be free. If you really want to spend some money, and you’re out of other options, buy my books. As e-books, they cost almost nothing. So it’s hard to spend a lot on them :-]

And if you’re an Amazon Prime Customer, TESTOSTERONE PIT, The Novel is actually free. I still don’t know what kind of business model that is, but hey.

I’m proud of BIG LIKE. That’s how you have to say “love” in Japanese because “love” does not exist in Japanese. It’s a “memoir,” so very personal. People have told me it’s one of the most insightful books on Japan they’ve ever read. They also said it was fun and a page-turner. Go figure.

After the new site is up and running – maybe in July – TP will go dormant. All the good stuff is going to happen at the new site. I will keep you posted. Until then, TP will remain active, as always.

And the new name and URL? I’ll tell you in the sequel – when the site is a little closer to reality. Stay tuned. I would love for you to make the transition with me over to the next big thing.

The Comments section below is open. Comments, suggestions, recommendations, etc. are very welcome. Gripes are limited to one per person. I’d love to hear from you. You can also email me at testosteronepit [at] gmail.com

And THANKS for coming to my site (despite its name).



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  19 comments for “TESTOSTERONE PIT (My Soul) Gets A New Name

  1. Franjacapa says:

    Autolimitación ( restraint )

  2. Chuck Ponzi says:

    The law of unintended consequences.

    I have the same problems with my name.

  3. Walter Bazzini says:

    "Don’t worry, I won’t go mainstream. Or go soft on Wall Street. Hype still won’t be allowed."

    I'll let others jump on any bandwagons that rebel against the name change (for the record, personally I think, perils and misunderstandings aside, Testosterone Pit was a great name for what – and whom – this site covers), but as for the above quote, we're _all_ going to hold you to it.

    That being said, good luck with the metamorphosis!

  4. konstantin kayes says:

    This was a good name for a better site. On target, since testosterone stands for competition, the fuel of our culture. Hopefully you are up to a better one.

  5. Smarta$$ says:

    Since your tag line is "Where the truth comes home to roost," I suggest a new site name such as The Reality Cockpen. That will solve all your website name problems.

  6. Franjacapa says:

    I do not want to compete, want to live

  7. Franjacapa says:

    But it is not the name of the site is important, but what is said.

  8. Keating Willcox says:

    I thin your decision is very sound. There is so much porn on the internet, it is best to avoid any references which suggest that your site is adult oriented.

  9. tom kauser says:

    I hope you wear the pants on the new title! From your expose it would seem the women are pulling your chain? You do know the VIEW is taken!

  10. Wolf Richter says:

    Thanks for your thoughts and concerns.

    Tom, let me assure you that the new name is as testosterone-laced as the old one, only wilder, without mentioning the t-word. It's a good one. You'll see.

  11. HD says:

    Personally, I'll miss the name, because it really drew me to your site (and no, I never anticipated it had anything to do with naked women, not even the first time I clicked on it, because I made the acquaintance with Testosterone Pit some years ago through a link on Zerohedge).

    What strikes me, is that I suddenly stumble upon comments on this site, including mine now, or have I missed something these past few years? Does this mean we'll start communicating with you in earnest?

    Continuez le bon travail – veel succes verder (I believe you've resided in my native country for a while). I'll keep following your endeavours. And could you please send me a signed photograph of Bianca Fernet? Pretty please?

  12. Wolf Richter says:

    HD, I'll ask Bianca Fernet….

    Indeed, I resided in your country for a while, and loved it. But unfortunately, I only speak two of its three official languages. "Néerlandais" is the one I don't speak (though I can read it a little).

    To be honest, I like the name, TESTOSTERONE PIT – and I will miss it too. But there are just too many problems with it. And the new name is even better….

  13. Wolf Richter says:

    Mea Cupla: for some reason, the comment section closed automatically – and stayed closed until a reader told me about it via email. So I re-opened it manually (with a crowbar). Not sure why it happened. Sorry.

  14. Shoeguy says:

    Be sure to keep a Housing Bubble 2 section! That's one of the main reasons that I found your site and it's always the first link I click on to get an update on Housing Insanity!

  15. Wolf Richter says:

    Shoeguy – I'll keep my eyes on it. At least until the mainstream media are all over it. And they're now gradually discovering it.

  16. Bill Susel says:

    Enjoyed your book, "The Big Like" immensely, but the ending begged for a sequel. Did you wind up with your girlfriend from Japan?

    I look for ward to reading "Testosterone Pit" on the way to Europe in a few days. (BTW, I paid the full outrageous price of $2.99 ;)

    A suggestion: I would enjoy more readers comments. Some are very informative.

  17. Wolf Richter says:

    Bill, thanks for the kind words about BIG LIKE. The sequel is almost finished – has been almost finished for a couple of years – but I just don't find the time to wrap it up and self-publish it (problem: it takes a lot of time and doesn't make any money).

    I'm thinking seriously about your suggestion on reader comments. Other people have mentioned the same. I had many problems in the past – so I'm not sure. I might experiment some and see how it goes.

  18. Corto Norvegese says:

    Love your site and the insightful and well written articles here. Make sure the current URL continues to exist as a pointer to the new one! Also, will you still be twittering under "testosterone pit"?

  19. Wolf Richter says:

    Corto – your words are music to my ears!

    I'll put up a big bold message at the top of the TP homepage with a link to the new site as soon as the new site is active. It will be obvious.

    I'll change my Twitter handle. But according to Twitter, if you're following @testosteronepit, you will then automatically be switched to my new Twitter handle. The "Wolf Richter" part and the image will stay the same. So in theory, it should work out. I will announce the new Twitter handle once it's active. I've never changed a Twitter handle, so this is going to be a bit of an experiment.

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