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Wolf here. I would love to hear from you. You can send me an email to this address:

howlatwolfstreet [at]

I may occasionally post some particularly informative, striking, and relevant sections of your email on the front page, in the “Econ Rumblings” column (right sidebar). If you send me your excellent 3-paragraph analysis of an issue and do NOT want me to publish it, please let me know that it’s for my eyes only! Unless I hear from you otherwise, I will use your first name or the initials of your name (or alias). I will tell you when it’s posted. You can look it over and suggest changes, including to the name I used in the attribution.

However, I will never publish your email address.

If you have a blog, include a link. I will post that as well.

If you have unique and interesting info, links, etc. that might help me put together some good stuff, or that should see the light of the day … I’m always game. That said, I never publish unverifiable materials from anonymous sources.


If we haven’t had contact before, please use this email for initial contact.

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