Everything Bubble

Yellen Warns Investors

Yellen pokes at bubbles in momentum stocks, leveraged loans, threatens to end ZIRP sooner, more rapidly “than currently envisioned.” Fasten your seatbelts.

‘It’s Like We Have Developed An Inability To Even See Risks’

My convo with a wealth manager at a megabank who’s been at it for 30 years, has seen three crashes while on the job, but unlike others in finance, hasn’t re-forgotten the lessons for the third time.

How Wall Street Manipulates The Buy-to-Rent Housing Racket

The smart money had a goal, which it now reached via the “multiplier effect” by which a small number of sales can have extreme consequences in price for the rest.

UBS: The Secret Reason The Fed Is ‘Tolerating’ Bubbles

“Asset prices have reached stunning levels, obviously out of line with ‘fundamentals.’ The “most dangerous” are housing bubbles; when they burst, they “wreck whole economies.”

Federal Regulator Details Crazy Risk-Taking By Banks, Blames Fed

Banks are again taking the same risks that triggered the financial crisis, and they’re understating these risks. It wasn’t an edgy blogger that issued this warning but the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency. And it blamed the Fed’s monetary policy.