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Total Abenomics Fail Slams Japan Where It Hurts Most

Japanese corporations no longer even try to invest in Japan, but they’re falling all over each other grabbing the Bank of Japan’s freshly printed dough to invest it overseas.

No Money, No Problem, Bank of Japandemonium Takes Care Of It

Just before Christmas when no one was supposed to pay attention, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and his ministers agreed on a budget for fiscal 2014. It’s a doozy. Instead of slowing down the fiscal fiasco, Abenomics is speeding it up. With an elegant solution.

Bank of Japandemonium Killed And “Sacrificed” The JGB Market

“The JGB market is dead,” announced with finality Tetsuya Miura, chief bond strategist at Mizuho Securities, one of Japan’s 23 primary dealers that have to bid on government securities. It had been “sacrificed” by the Bank of Japan, said another industry heavyweight.