The US and the World: Wolf Richter on the Keiser Report

“These things can go on for a long time — until they can’t…”

Here I am with Max Keiser on the Keiser Report, tackling the global schemes of our crazy times: the shifting economic relationships between the US, its allies, and China whose authorities are trying furiously to keep the precarious bad-debt-burdened financial system from imploding. Enjoy the video…

The upside of the control Chinese authorities have over their banking system is fake stability. The downside is too ugly to contemplate. Read…  So When Will China’s Debt Bubble Finally Blow Up?

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  65 comments for “The US and the World: Wolf Richter on the Keiser Report

  1. Ambrose Bierce says:

    I don’t see how you can separate Chinese debt from American debt. We have hired these guys to make our stuff and they aren’t managing their debt, (and their GDP is our GDP) we’re going to lose more than a few container loads of widgets.

    • TJ Martin says:

      ……..not to mention the Chinese own a fairly large part of our manufacturing and economy and what they don’t own outright they own the loans on .

  2. Stevedcfc72 says:

    Talking about putting you on the spot Wolf with the first question.

    The guy on this programme keeps going on how good Germany is but if the USA-China catch a cold with their economy, Germany will follow.

    Anyone want a German car at the moment?

    Less than one trillion dollars in debt in NPL’s- that’s good news then for China!!

    • d says:

      “Less than one trillion dollars in debt in NPL’s”

      That you can see.

      Look at MDP, in italy. The undiscovered NPL’S just keep on coming same in Greece and Spain..

      Anywhere there is a hidden NPL problem, the story is the same. The projections were not even within 40 % of the true numbers.

      china is THE GLOBAL poster child of hidden NPL’S combined with NPL’S turned into equity at State instruction and still grossly overvalued.

  3. Christoph Weise says:

    Interesting interview. I disagree with Wolf on the excellence of the German export policies. Contrary to what has been said the German goverment is not paying any attention to success on export markets and it puts geopolitics before exports. This is very well demonstrated by the German governments destruction of german companies trading with Russia. Billions of investments have been wasted and most of the markets in Russia will be closed for German companies in the foreseeable future. The cost of the Russia / Ukraine policy to the EU is at least 40-50 billion a year. It should also have been mentioned that China is paying a huge price for its cheap money policy because cheap money makes businesses less competitive – an illness that meanwhile occurs globally with very little exceptions such as Russia which I believe is the only larger country at this time pursuing a reasonable economic and financial policy.

    • Wolf Richter says:

      Russia, whose economy is smaller than that of California, is only a relatively minor export target of Germany. The big German exporters, such as Siemens, Volkswagen AG, BMW, etc. have barely noticed the difference. Sure they complained at first. But they also understand.

      You claim, “This is very well demonstrated by the German governments destruction of german companies trading with Russia.”

      Last I heard, all the big German exporters are still around. Overall German exports for the first six months of 2017 are 5.7% higher than in the same period last year, and they’re on track to set another all-time record, beating even 2016, which had been an all-time record.

  4. John Doyle says:

    Mark Blyth explains why this comes about. Europe and China are export led economies. Perforce they need an importer and that is what the USA does. These three units are inextricably interwoven.

    • TJ Martin says:

      Mark Blythe ? Seriously J.D. ? Talk about logical inconsistencies .

      • John Doyle says:

        I only detected one big inconsistency. He understands that federal governments create the money supply and can’t go broke [banks create credit] yet he says we should pay more tax, which cannot be used for revenue, and is not part of the money supply. It cannot be both. You either “get” it or you don’t. He doesn’t.
        He gives a good overview of how the economies of today got to where they are. That knowledge was new to me and not generally understood.

    • Willy2 says:

      – The USD being the world’s reserve currency (commodities prices in USD) FORCES Europe & China 1) to become a net exporter and 2) subsidizing the US (consumer).
      – If the Euro would become the world’s reserve currency then the US would be FORCED to subsidize the Euro-zone/Europe. Then the Euro-zone’s Current Account Surplus wouild turn into a Deficit within say 1 to 3 years.

      • Justme says:

        >> The USD being the world’s reserve currency (commodities prices in USD)

        • Justme says:

          The above is not really the definition of “reserve currency”. The real definition is “the currency whose corresponding government debt is deemed the most desirable or unavoidable debt to hold”. Which also means that said debt is the most acceptable form of “payment” for any international sale of a good.

          This is why the US will topple regimes and start wars to protect the US Treasuries as the preferred debt product of the world. Imagine what would happen if the world would rather hold German, or Japanese, or Chinese, or Russian government debt?

        • d says:

          The world would rather Hold German ort Japanese Debt. They would all prefer more Swiss Debt.

          However there isn’t enough off it available.

          There is plenty of Russian, Argentine, and chinese debt Available nobody with more than Half a brain wants it

    • John M says:

      John Doyle

      There’s a major flaw in Mark Blyth’s thinking. He ignores the trade deficit. The US has been running a trade deficit since the 1960’s (effectively since the finish of US corporations rebuilding Europe after WWII) in all bar two or three years until now.

      I like to look at charts and in particular parabolic charts because eventually the parabolic chart breaks and collapses. Blyth thinks (as does Yellen) that we can’t get inflation and that we all will sit around a campfire singing Kumbya. I say poppycock to that idea.

      This link to a chart

      Shows the parabolic nature of US debt. That is going to collapse. I can’t say when, i’m not smart enough to know or I’d be short all the US debt I could. Yet in trading surpluses of China and Asia, the folks that control that money will want a return on their money plus the return of their money. So Yellen’s claim of no new financial crisis ‘our lifetimes’ will be shown by historians as absolute drivel.

      That Gold has poked its head above $1300/oz and remained there is proof enough there’s a bull market afoot in precious metals. It may take some time but it is coming..

      • d says:

        “That Gold has poked its head above $1300/oz and remained there is proof enough there’s a bull market afoot in precious metals.”

        A bull market.

        Or a fear driven rush to deliberately over priced perceived safe haven.

        The larges and lowest yielding per ton gold mines in the world are predominatly owned by russians and chinese.

        And the Russians in particular are doing all they can to drive the price of oil and gold UP, as it keeps their wells and mines profitable.

        Putin didn need to make those comments about war and korea the other day or reinforce them by staying away from the UN GA meeting where he is not popular.

        This is not helpful to the global situation unless you are a Russian or chinese gold mine operator.

        Those Russian mines in Africa producing only 4 grams per ton. Now have over a $350.00 margin on their $900.00 + per Oz production costs again.

        Goldi is only money if you buy it at the correct price.

        unwind the divergence from silver and you will see the near to correct price for gold.

  5. Rose says:

    I thought this would be a good time to say thank you, Wolf, for your website and all of your cutting-edge, well-researched articles. Your readers also are a cut above and have interesting comments to add.

    Your discipline and work ethic amaze me – you seem to have articles posted every day, even on Sundays!

    I always look forward to seeing your new topics. Thanks for your great contributions!

    • kitten lopez says:

      yes, i second that emotion. you think you’re “just” a money site, but it’s about finding solid ground–some kind of collective Reality –in an era where the art of bullshit is so pervasive, it’s even practiced by the most innocent newborn now.

      this isn’t small. you’re the van guard to me, as artists have become not the rebels i thought we were supposed to be, but often the first on their knees for a little nod or credit or props.

      sometimes you think narrow like a regular white guy, and do things like let racist things like “yellow” bastard get through when i can’t say the negative colloquial of negro to explain how we’re ALL being treated now, BUT you TRY and that’s ALL you can ask for.

      so i’d rather have you try and fuck up occasionally, which is hard out in the open–especially nowadays in the land of twitchy cranky people— and be yourself and be REAL. thank you for this. it is no small feat to share oneself in a rampant unapologetic insatiable vampire age. i hate the internet and what it’s done to society and real life even though it is magical. and your site IS one of the magical examples to me.

      and thanks for letting me get pissy and mad or indignant with you and we can just carry on. this is why i LOVE you “regular guys.” one bad day and i’m not relegated to being chained in the backyard and made to endure therapy for six months only to have ME lose even more ground at getting to just be myself.

      and Wolf- i listen to you enough to remember that you don’t like it when my 3rd or 4th generation responses get this long



      is just

      thanks, Wolf. this is holy work to me, what you do here, because what i’m expected to do to survive in today’s world is in direct opposition to my very soul and i struggle to at least sorta win by lining up as much as i can so that i can give back all i can in the little time i’m on this earth, without getting gang raped by Reality and going insane just to make it to the end.


  6. Nick Wojtow says:

    Whenever I see any articles, blogs, forums, what not on the state of the economy and prediction I just say to myself…….$20 trillion in debt and climbing, $20 trillion in debt and climbing, $20 trillion in debt and climbing…..

    LOL….what a joke…..

  7. ft says:

    Well stated Rose; I second that.

    • TJ Martin says:

      I’ll toss in my third

      • alex in san jose says:

        And me, too. I think Wolf’s somehow making his living doing this thing, as astounded as I am at the idea of anyone making a thin dime on the internet. It’s certainly a “top dog blog”.

  8. AV8R says:

    Is it possible “Carmegeddon” just got postponed by half a million or so cars becoming insurance claims due to Hurricane Harvey?

      • Frederick says:

        So that’s what you look like Wolf Good interview I’m a fan of all three of you Max seemed medicated Not his usual ADHD self

    • michael w Earussi says:

      We’ll see. I have relatives there and right now (and into the near future) many have no income because the company they worked for is under water (and may or may not recover). In fact full recovery may take many months.

      In the meantime those with full coverage will eventually get at least partially reimbursed, maybe even enough to buy another car. But those without will be far worse off than before, and without any near term income won’t be buying anything.

  9. Thomas H Belstler says:

    I Think that Rose has expressed the sentiment of many of your readers including myself.

    Thank you so much for your continuous time and effort in producing this column. It is one of the very few that allows reader comments that I look at daily. Many of your readers are very knowledgeable, express themselves very well and I learn a lot from their comments.

  10. Gershon says:

    The long-deferred financial reckoning day day is slouching closer. Yellen’s efforts to jawbone up the dollar and suppress the price of gold by incessant claims of a mythical pending rate hike have failed as gold has blown through the $1300 resistance line and the dollar is dropping faster than Bristol Palin’s prom dress. Investors are belatedly wising up to the fact that clueless Keynesian academics are running the Fed with worthless “models” and a tenuous (at best) grasp of fiscal reality. As gold blasts through the bullion banks’ manipulation, the contrast between its performance and that of our debased FedBux is going to start getting noticed. Investors are going to demand more yield for buying securitized debt that Yellen intends to print away in any event. When the bond vigilantes force Yellen to hike for real, that is going to implode the Fed’s Ponzi markets and asset bubbles.

    I picked up a bottle of premium cognac today, and am going to celebrate in style when the Fed’s financial house of cards implodes under the weight of its own fictitious valuations and artifice.

    • Charlie R says:

      If you’d bought that cognac with the same intent in 2008 it’d still be on your shelf – much to the surprise of some “pundits” back then. But … to everything, turn, turn, turn. Bailers and can-kickers must succumb to gravity sometime … soon?

    • michael w Earussi says:

      I take it you’re on a self-sufficient homestead where you can safely toast the collapse of the American economy?

      • Gershon says:

        Hardly. And I won’t be toasting the collapse of the “American economy.” That has been already been looted and hollowed out by the rapacious oligarchs who have had free rein ever since Bill Clinton repealed Glass-Steagall.

        I will cheer the implosion of the Fed’s Ponzi markets and the financial destruction of the fools who took on reckless levels of debt to buy into the central bankers’ insane speculative bubbles. I will cheer because we will not have honest markets and sound money until we end the Fed, and we won’t end the Fed until the great mass of the American sheeple find out the hard way what grifters they let control our money issuance and monetary policy – and how complicit “our” enforcers and regulators were in the racket.

        I will cheer the thought of Yellen the Felon, Zimbabwe Ben Bernanke, and the rest of these Keynesian fraudsters in shackles and orange jumpsuits in front of an honest judge, on trial for debasing the currency and racketeering. I will cheer at the prospect that We the People might finally establish a central bank that works for us instead of being the chief instrument of plunder of a corrupt and venal .1% in the financial sector.

        • Ri says:

          Massive Racketeering on an unbelievable scale!!

        • Lindsay Berge says:

          You mean Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act sponsored by three Republicans and passed with a veto majority?

          “The three co-sponsors of the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act were:

          Sen. Phil Gramm – R
          Rep. Jim Leach – R
          Rep. Thomas J. Bliley, Jr. – R

          In 1999, the Republicans held a majority in both the Senate and the House of Representatives.

          The final version of the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act passed the House by a vote of 362-57 and the Senate by a vote of 90-8. This made the bill “veto proof”, meaning that if Clinton had decided to veto, the bill would have been passed anyways. Having said that, if Clinton truly didn’t want the bill to become law, he could have vetoed the bill in a symbolic gesture, but this did not happen. “

      • Frederick says:

        I think you misinterpret Gershon He will be drinking to the demise of the criminal FED and its minions not the good people of the USA Big difference and you should too

        • Gershon says:

          “If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation, then by deflation, the banks…will deprive the people of all property until their children wake-up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered…. The issuing power should be taken from the banks and restored to the people, to whom it properly belongs.” – Thomas Jefferson in the debate over the Re-charter of the Bank Bill (1809)

          That’s you, Janet. You are what the Founding Fathers warned was going to happen to us.

    • Frederick says:

      Gold is now 1322 helped along by a missile launch by NK and all the talk of civil war online perhaps

    • intosh says:

      It is “Keynesian” only on the surface.

    • fajensen says:

      I don’t think the FED cares much for the price of gold or anything at all. They are symbol-manipulators, model-builders. The goal of the FED is to align reality with their models of reality so that the FED will not be proven totally wrong and have their nose rubbed in it.

      The prime directive of institutions is to never be wrong, the second is that if they must be wrong, they are wrong in a way where nobody in particular can be blamed for it.

      The whole decrepit machinery can and will go on for decades more.

      • Gershon says:

        The prime directive of the Federal Reserve since its clandestine 1913 founding by the robber barons of the era has been to transfer the wealth and assets of the middle and working classes to its oligarch patrons. Since 2008 the accelerated pace of this private banking cartel’s ripoffs against the 99% has indicated we’ve entered the end-stage of predatory capitalism, as Trump’s election was a clear signal that millions of people have finally had enough and are pushing back against the corrupt crony-capitalist status quo.

  11. michael w Earussi says:

    Actually we’re on a “stuff” based monetary system (as opposed to a pure fiat currency). The green pieces of paper we use only have value because of what we can exchange them for.

  12. R Davis says:

    First off – I have to say that I love Stacy Herbert – her analogy of Hillary Clinton & Baby Jane – & what ever happened to her is so apt.

    Max refers to A New World order – leaving the US behind
    Q: – What New World Order ?
    The Global Establishment is still playing the Adventures Of Biggles – come – James Bond 007 Games – today it is with the threat of mini-nukes as a deterrent – an idea thought up by the Pentagon.

    “these economies competing for super power status” say’s Max.

    The US – EU – & Australia went into China / the Asia Pacific Region offering free gifts – the manufacturing industries of the above mentioned nations – consumerism has fallen off dramatically – as no one in the above mentioned nations currently has a job – Dommage, Dommage –
    China has fallen into the toilet bowl along with it’s Western collaborator.

    For the toilet bowl that the one world order is.

    • R Davis says:

      Welfare money – food stamps – coupons are the currencies of the nations of the Almighty New World Order.
      Welfare money – food stamps – coupons make up the lucrative profit margins of Corporate – US – UK – Australia – Germany – France – in fact – the whole of the Western business & banking conglomerate’s.
      Boy – we’er talking about a lot of pennies here –
      The Think Tanks that thought up moving jobs off shore to Third World workers are lucky no to be arrested & tried for treason.

      • Frederick says:

        R Davis Give the people alittle more time and you may see just that or worse History tends to repeat or rhyme

  13. BobT says:

    RT is my ‘go to’ news source these days. As a Brit it took a long time to wean myself from the BBC, but they sure gave me a helping hand over the last 5 years.

    • Frederick says:

      As an American I quit the BBC when they predicted the collapse of building 7 a half hour before the actual event Knew right then that they were part of the conspiracy along with all the other usual suspects The Jimmy Savile debacle just confirmed mt belief They are pure evil

      • Wolf Richter says:

        Frederick, I know you don’t want to hear the facts about this issue, you prefer to believe in your theories. But this is close to home, so here is one last effort…

        I knew people who had an office in Building 7. They evacuated before the building collapsed because it was very close the burning North Tower, which was dropping burning debris on Building 7. I had an appointment there that morning with them, but by the time I got near the WTC, both Towers had already been hit, and I didn’t go closer.

        Here is what everyone knew and why everyone evacuated the buildings:

        There were emergency diesel generators, transformers, and other equipment on floors four through seven to power the Mayor’s emergency command center, which was in that building. There were 25,000 gallons of diesel stored in the building to power those generators, and the fuel distribution system went up to the ninth floor.

        When burning debris started hitting the building, everyone thought about the 25,000 gallons of fuel, and they evacuated in no time. When the North Tower collapsed, part of the burning tower fell on Building 7 and damaged it. Fires broke out inside Building 7. But the electrical pumps for the sprinkler system were powered by the generators in the building, and they didn’t work anymore because the fuel system had caught fire. 25,000 gallons of diesel is a LOT of fuel inside a building, and when the fuel caught fire, the building was done.

        If the BBC knew half an hour before the building collapsed that it would collapse, it was way behind what people knew who worked inside the building. Once fires broke out inside, that building was toast.

        • Gershon says:

          My brother personally witnessed the plane that flew into the Pentagon – it went right over his head at low altitude – yet the willfully ignorant persist in believing the Pentagon was struck by a missile fired by our own government.

        • Frederick says:

          Why didnt you post my response to your ridiculous theory on building 7 Mr Richter? Alittle too factual to fit he agenda huh?

        • Wolf Richter says:

          You can believe whatever you want. You can believe that the earth is flat. I’m fine with that and I respect that. But you cannot post those believes here. I said this before.

      • Ri says:

        They are pure evil

    • Dan Romig says:

      I too choose RT as my news source. Thank you Wolf for being on the Keiser Report.

      • Gershon says:

        RT is a Russian government-funded media outlet that purveys a heavy dose of pro-Kremlin propaganda. That said, they do a lot of good reporting on stories our corporate media (which is far more biased, IMO) won’t touch. Also like al-Jazeera (English version). Both do some hard-hitting investigative journalism, although I have no illusions that they are independent and objective media sources. Max Keiser is brilliant – it’s a shame no mainstream media outlet would ever give such a truth-teller a platform. Enjoyed seeing his interview with Wolf.

  14. Stevedcfc72 says:

    The Brexit debate finished the BBC off for me, so one sided was the coverage of the whole debate when it should have given both sides the respect it deserved.

    I think if the BBC had been more impartial and told some of the truth the vote would have been far higher than 52%/48% split.

    The only thing that puts me off RT is that for obvious reasons it makes out Russia to be the shining light and Trump’s America as the complete opposite.

  15. michael Engel says:

    Wolf, so happy to finally see you !
    In the last 9 month, since Dec 2016, the Dow is drinking the finest champagne.
    The shoeshine boy lost his job because we wear – snakers.
    The elevator men to AI.
    If you look close, – tiny candles on millions of bubbles (gaps).
    The DOW is tilting up, in a delicate touch of the invisible fingers.
    But if you look at 20 years chart ==> a snake was born !!

  16. Sean says:

    At around 22:20 of the video, Max is talking about basic economic theory, and how as banks lower interest rates there is a shortage of credit. I thought we had just the opposite problem – Credit given out too freely to people who have no business getting credit. To wit, the sub-prime auto bubble, the (second) sub-prime housing bubble, student loans etc.. So where and when are we going to see this credit crunch?

    • d says:

      ‘I thought we had just the opposite problem – Credit given out too freely to people who have no business getting credit. To wit, the sub-prime auto bubble, the (second) sub-prime housing bubble, student loans etc.. So where and when are we going to see this credit crunch?’

      You had a QE system as rates were lowered.

      He was talking about a non QE system.

      Talking the textbook. not the reality on the ground.

      You have the reality on the ground money given to anybody who could breathe and would take it.

  17. George McDuffee says:

    I have watched the video, and reviewed the posts, and with other data such as the static to falling inflation adjusted U. S. median wage, have several observations:

    (1) Both globally and nationally we do indeed have a rapidly growing “brave new word order” [BNWO] with new/novel dynamics that few, possibly no one, understands.

    (2) We are a clueless as to what is occurring as the hunter-gatherer was when fixed location subsistence farming and animal husbandry were becoming the dominant socioeconomic organization, or when the industrial revolution occurred and feudalism was replaced first with mercantilism and then by capitalism, with and without “free markets.” It should be noted that while the change to subsistence agriculture required millennia , and the mercantilism/capitalism industrial revolution required centuries, the development/imposition of the BNWO has required only decades, well within the living memory of a single generation, that is the “baby boomers.”

    (3) The “mindset” of both capitalism (all varieties), and Marxism are increasingly obsolescent and counterproductive in a socioeconomy/culture increasingly dominated by the BNWO.

    (4) We seem to be living through an era when [rapidly] increasingly sophisticated/effective big data analysis and artificial intelligence are being employed, not by the largely clueless nation-states, but by the supranational corporations, particularly the financial services sector including the shadow/quasi banks embedded in the nominally non-financial supranational corporations, for their own short-term profit/power.

    (5) If “We, the people” are to avoid a new neo-fudelistic BNWO future, our nation-states must first (cooperatively?) establish agencies to collect the easily available data [for example SWIFT money transfer data, stock/bond/commodity/FX exchange trading data, major bank loan data including NPLs, aggregate credit card activity, student loans, etc.] and compile/analyze this data using the best currently available “big data”/artificial intelligence methodology, and then and only then establish policy/regulation/legislation based on this “data driven” analysis, rather than obsolete, fantastical and increasingly counter-productive economic theories, models and ideologies for example the discredited “efficient market hypothesis,” and that Yeti like persona of the “rational economic man.” [see Behavioral Economics, et al.]

    • d says:

      “f “We, the people” are to avoid a new neo-fudelistic BNWO future, our nation-states must first (cooperatively?) establish agencies to collect the easily available data”

      You were doing well until you got to there.

      The nation state, is simply a modern incarnation of the original robber baron, taxing others to cross the land he occupied and claimed by force.

      Those robber barons, cooperated with nobody, until somebody much stronger came along, and forced them to

      Look at the EU, as a true example of the ability of nations to cooperate for the common good.

      Or as the case glaring is, not cooperate, unless “they” gain.

      The nation state, is hampered, by self interest, corrupt,Politicians, and Bureaucrats.

      It can not move fast enough, to counter, the globalised vampire, corporates currently allied with china.

      The Genie was let out of the bottle, when nation states embraced globalizstion, with out first setting 1 global rule book, for all.

      An attempt to belatedly do so, TPP has been dumped by Trump and congress, which is owned by the globalised vampire, corporates currently allied with china.

      The last thing the globalised vampire, corporates, currently allied with china want, is 1 set of rules for everybody everywhere.

      I dont know any more ho wthat Genie gets restrained much less put back in teh bottle.

      If it sint, The average human is in for a vey long and unplesant ride as he becomes a corporate slave.

      These globalised vampire. corporates currently allied with china, have greater turnover and financial resources than most countries.

      Long term they are currently a far greater threat to humanity than china with is almost out of control DPRK Nuclear attack dog.

      (China has been playing the US with DPRK since 1950.

      It is playing Trump with DPRK like a violin.

      The potential for china to loose control of both its attack dog and its financial house of cards in the same time frame. Is high as both DPRK and the US are currently lead by unpredictable, irrational, petulant infants ,armed with nuclear weapons, in adult bodies.

      Kennedy and Khrushchev almost lost it, they were both very intelligent rational men.

      • kitten lopez says:

        “You were doing well until you got to there.”

        D i adore you!!!!

        THIS is why i LOOOVE this site. everywhere else is remedial and not even up to Reality 101.

        the belief in constant growth and progress and the Reality of our most basic (propaganic-inspired) ASSUMPTIONS is the last belief in santa claus we claw to KEEP no matter what… like desperate scratch marks along the bottom of a well next to our skeletons.

        • kitten lopez says:

          correction: i meant to write (or make up) the word/term:
          “propagandic-inspired” assumptions

          writing back to “d” above took out my “d”

        • d says:

          Thats nice.

          Somebody gets something from what I write sometimes.

  18. willy2 says:

    – One should watch the entire video, not only the 2nd half with Wolf Richter.

  19. Frederick says:

    Evidently I gave Wolf too much credit for honesty and transparency Censoring my responses isn’t cool just because you disagree or they don’t fit an agenda sir I worked in those towers in the early 80s while working as a project manager for Slattery Associates who specialized in heavy steel and reinforced concrete work all over the country but mainly in the trip state area and I had the opportunity to physically see those towers The official story is fiction

    • Gershon says:


      There are plenty of sites that delve into the unanswered questions surrounding what happened on 9/11. This, alas, is not one of them, and you accept that by frequenting this site. It focuses on business, finance, and money. Wolf on his own time and initiative provides a lot of invaluable yet freely given information, insights, and perspectives. A modicum of gratitude wouldn’t go amiss.

      Accept and appreciate the site for what it is, and don’t try to turn it into something it isn’t and doesn’t need to be. And don’t slag the blogger – it’s bad form.


  20. Andrew says:

    Nice video interview.
    I wish I could talk like that.

  21. Stevedcfc72 says:

    Hi Wolf,

    Did you see the story from Russia of the government bailing out Bank Otkritie for 14 billion dollars?

    They had a big banking run in June-July due to a ratings downgrade.

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