That’s Me, “not Willem Dafoe,” on the Keiser Report

When Max Keiser tweeted the Keiser Report, he let his followers know upfront that, all appearances to the contrary: “No, that was not Willem Dafoe we interviewed on latest KeiserReport!”

In this episode of the Keiser Report, Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert discuss the Fed’s efforts to manipulate “fear” in the markets, and how it’s like jamming “a giant knitting needle of market manipulation” into the brain of America “to perform a mass lobotomy” – followed by other financial issues dogging the economy. Pepto-Bismol becomes a metaphor for QE, and even Stacy has to laugh out loud! Priceless.

My part starts 13 minutes into it … the bloodbath in Real Estate Investment Trusts, the negative feedback loop that their high leverage and forced sales of mortgage-backed securities have triggered, and its impact on the housing market.

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